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  • Tuesday, 9 October 2018

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 9th October 2018 Written Update"Shivaay Killed Tej Anika Stands with Shivaay"

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 9th October 2018 Written Update

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 9th October 2018 Written Update"Shivaay Killed Tej Anika Stands with Shivaay" .

    The episode starts with Daadi asking Tej about his sudden plan to go to London. Tej replies I have to go... There's some urgent work. Janhvi asks but you didn't have any such plan how suddenly you thought about London? Omru, Priyanka, Annika, and Shivaay come there. Tej says you may ask that from Shivaay. 

    He fixed my depart. Daadi asks Billu you're sending Tej to London? Tej himself replies and says yes Maa I told you an going for stone urgent work. And he asks Shivaay to explain Daadi the importance of his departure to London. Shivaay says yes Daadi there's some business related work in London. And Tej has to go today. Rudra asks but what's so urgent that you've to go today. 

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 9th October 2018 Written Update

    Tej replies it happens in business. Don't worry I'll return soon. And Tej puts forth a request to arrange a Puja with the family for peace and prosperity. Daadi happily agrees and takes Annika, Priyanka, and Jahnvi with her to make preparations. Tej asks Omru to help him with some shopping. Shivaay asks Omru to help him until he finishes his meeting and then they'll see off him together. Tej gives a list to Omru and they come out for shopping. They see Annika coming back..she seems to be stressed and ask why se returned so soon? Annika says I had some work with Shivaay is he inside? Rudra tells her that he left for office for a meeting. Om asks you had any important work? Annika says yes but I'll talk to him a the phone. Omru gets suspicious.

    Annika meets Shivaay and says I had a strange anxiety. It seems that you are in trouble and you are not telling me. Shivaay says silently. Annika says it's ok if you don't want to tell me. She brings out a Roli and says I did Puja for you and Panditji gave me this thread. She ties it over Shivaay's arm. Annika's concern fills Shivaay's eyes with tears. Shivaay says I had a problem... But it's solved now and hugs Annika. Annika leaves for temple..but still, she had some residual nervousness in her mind.
    Showing Omru's picture to a person Tej tells him their location and asks him to do his work just as he says 'Action'. The man takes the picture and says work will be done. Hiding behind a tree Khanna listens to the conversation and calls Shivaay. He tells Shivaay what he saw. Shivaay asks his driver to drive back home.

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 9th October 2018 Written Update

    When Shivaay returns home he sees Tej enjoying his drink. He says I didn't know you can fall so low. I thought you realized your mistake but you contracted to kill Omru? Shivaay asks Tej to call that person and ask him to cancel the plan. Drunk Tej says am relax Shivaay shouting isn't good. It panics me. Just relax. Shivaay again asks Tej to call. But he doesn't. Shivaay feels that convincing Tej is useless as he became blind for money and power. He takes out his phone to call the police. Tej takes out a pistol... points it towards Shivaay and warns Shivaay that if he'll call the police he'll listen to the voice of this bullet before he listens to the dial tone.

    Tej is pointing the gun towards Shivaay. Raghu, the killer calls Tej. Tej tells Shivaay that he just need to give a sign and Omru will be killed there. Shivaay requests Tej to stop. But when Tej doesn't stop. Shivaay snatches the pistol from him and shoots Tej. Tej falls down. Shivaay is frozen at the realization of what he just did. Shivaay picks Tej's mobile and gives and order to cancel the plan. Omru is safe now. Shivaay tries to handle Tej. Everyone returns home. They get worried to see Tej. Janhvi asks Shivaay what's happened to Tej? But Shivaay has no strength to say anything. Before shutting his eyes Tej speaks  'Shivaay shot me.' Om says what are you speaking? He can't. Tej says 'At least trust me now. Shivaay wanted to get your share. When I learned this he forced me to go to London. So that he can get your share easily. I told you but you nobody listened to me. Now, look at the truth. Your Shivaay is your father's......' and his eyes closes. Everyone cries. Janhvi slaps Shivaay and asks why? Why you killed my husband..? But Shivaay has no strength to speak anything. Om isn't ready to believe that Shivaay did this. He asks Shivaay what happened. But Shivaay stays silent. Om asks Khanna what happened?? Khanna is about to speak the truth but Shivaay gestures him to stay silent.

    Precap For Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 10th October 2018 Written Update:

     Om learns that Shivaay took all stocks under him. Janhvi says Tej always said that Shivaay wants to grab your property but you never agreed. The circumstances go against Shivaay and Shivaay's silence nourishes their doubts. Daadi slaps Shivaay.

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