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  • Monday, 8 October 2018

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 8th October 2018 Written Update "Shivika Moments Tej-Shivaay's Argument "

     Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 8th October 2018 Written Update

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 8th October 2018 Written Update "Shivika Moments Tej-Shivaay's Argument ".

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 8th October 2018 Written Update "Shivika Moments Tej-Shivaay's Argument ".
    The episode starts with Tej threating Shivaay of killing Omru to go conquer their shares in the company. Shivaay gets angry and shouts don't you dare. I'll not leave you off you'll touch my brothers. 

    I'll forget that you are Omru's father. So go get out from here. Shivaay shouts so loud that the whole family celebrating outside listens to his voice. They rush to Shivaay. 

     Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 8th October 2018 Written Update 

    Shivaay is warning Tej to not to date to hurt his brothers otherwise he'll forget his limits. Tej asks what you'll do? Shivaay says I don't know what I'll do but when it's the matter of my family I notice no limits. Two things that matter to Shivaay Singh Oberoi are-family and justice. And I'll don't let you play with both of them. Whole Oberoi family reaches there. Daadi asks Shivaay what's going on? But Shivaay simply says nothing. Tej giggles and says nothing happened? Let me tell you what happened. Your favourite brother... Your favourite..son... Your favourite grandson is forcing me to go to London. So that he may gain individual control over Oberoi empire. He was warning me that if I'll not go London he'll remove me from the company.

    Omru trusts Shivaay more than Tej and believes that if Shivaay said this. Tej must've done something wrong otherwise Shivaay never talks to him like this. And they ask Shivaay about the matter. But Shivaay doesn't want to hurt Omru by revealing Tej's real face. He makes the excuse of some business issues. And sends them to take care of the guests.
    Annika asks Shivaay about the stress between him and Tej. Shivaay says nothing like that. We've several arguments relating to our business decisions. But Annika still had some doubts. Shivaay asks Annika to sit. He brings Annika's gift for her Muh Dikhai. Annika says you already gave me the biggest present. 

     Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 8th October 2018 Written Update 

    Shivaay asks which?? Annika says you ranked me as your wife. What gift can be bigger than that? Shivaay asks Annika to open the gift. Annika opens it and this is a beautiful dream catcher inside it. Annika says it shows you want that I may not see a bad dream or scream while you are sleeping. Shivaay replies I don't want anything to trouble you even in your dreams. You may have a sweet sleep... With me and also after me. Annika asks after me? Are you going somewhere? Shivaay says no I mean if we get separated ever or... Annika shuts Shivaay's mouth by keeping her hand over his lips. She says we just met and you are talking about separation? Shivaay says ok to leave. Where's my gift? Annika says what will anyone gift you? You have everything. You are still nice that no gift in this world is worth you. Annika praises Shivaay for his endless efforts for his family and justice. Shivaay thanks Annika and hugs her.

     Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 8th October 2018 Written Update 

    Tej tries to provoke Omru against Shivaay. But all his attempts went into vain. At last, Tej says one day you'll realise that your father was right and Shivaay was wrong. But that time your father will not be there and you'll have nothing left instead of regret. Shivaay decides to fight for his family and get a justifiable victory as it's the matter of his family and justice.

    Shivaay works whole night and doesn't sleep. Annika asks Shivaay the reason of his stress. Shivaay again makes the excuse of business issues. Shivaay fires Tej from his company. Janhvi tries to talk to Shivaay but Tej refuses her to do so. He decides to take the revenge in his own ways. Tej is worried that if this news may spread into media.. investors will trouble him more. He has to arrange money within two days to pay his borrowing. He plans to do something grand to arrange the money anyhow. Shivaay ensures that Tej's all shares are taken under him. He asks the lawyer and Khanna to keep the matter secret. Omru comes there and asks Shivaay what's going on? But Omru strongly feels that Shivaay is hiding something from them.
    Shivaay is lost in his thoughts even during breakfast. Daadi asks about Tej? Janhvi says he'll not have the breakfast as he's engaged with some business issues. Shivaay goes to talk to Tej. Shivaay gives Tej the ticket to his flight and a cheque of 50 crores and says you may ask me for more if you need. He requests Tej to accept his favor. Tej tries to make Shivaay an emotional fool and acts as he accepts his mistakes and agrees to go to London.

    Precap For Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 9th October 2018 Written Update :

      Angry Shivaay shouts at Tej that I didn't expect you to fall so down that you'll try to kill Omru. And he fires a bullet over Tej. Omru gets upset from Shivaay.

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