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  • Friday, 5 October 2018

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 5th October 2018 Written Update "Anika's Muh Dikahayi Tej Vs Shivaay Fight Continues"

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 5th October 2018 Written Update

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 5th October 2018 Written Update "Anika's M, uh Dikahayi Tej Vs Shivaay Fight Continues".


    Tej reveals his seduction in front of Shivaay. Shivaay says if you needed control over Oberoi empire..

    You may just ask me once and I'll move back myself. Tej says you wanted me to beg from you? Tej Singh Oberoi never begs or entreat in front of anyone. Shivaay says it's not like that. You have right over me... This house and the Oberoi empire. You might try once to ask from me. Tej says I don't beg from anyone...I achieve. I thought if I would go to London you can't handle the Oberoi empire. And when I'll return I'll have reasonable control over Oberoi empire. I'll take over. But this didn't happen. 

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 5th October 2018 Written Update 

    You professed this empire 10 times more. You became better than me. Tej Singh Oberoi was the only name joined with Oberoi empire but today Oberoi empire is known because of Shivaay. 'Businessman of the year'-Shivaay. 'Entrepreneur of the year'-Shivaay, 'The greatest achiever', 'The quickest billionaire'- everything Shivaay Singh Oberoi. I've fed up. Even my wife, my children, my mother keeps pic chanting your name. Enough! You defeated me everywhere. But Tej Singh Oberoi doesn't like losing. Shivaay feels cheated and asks you tried to send me prison because of this jealousy? Tej says wrong... Hate... Tej Singh Oberoi hates Shivaay. That's why I wanted to destroy you. But even in this plan, you defeated me.

    Shivaay asks Tej the cause of this hate. Tej says your mistake is that Shakti Singh Oberoi's blood runs in your veins. The reason breaks Shivaay once. Bending over his knees he says but I always believed you to be my father.  Tej teases Shivaay by saying No Shivaay... In relations like ours, property is shared at the place of sorrow.
    Tej's words excite Shivaay. He stands up and says of the matter is of property. Not only you or I.. But my both brothers also have right over this property. Omru future depends over Oberoi empire and I'll not let your hate to play with their future. Because of you Oberoi empire already gave much loss. So please go back to London. But Tej refuses to go back. 

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 5th October 2018 Written Update 

    Shivaay accepts the responsibility of his family and he also doesn't want Omru to know that you are the mastermind and break their tradition with you. I don't want my brothers to yearn for father's love like me. Shivaay asks Tej to go again But Tej refuses again. Shivaay gives Tej a time limit of the next 24 hours.
    Shivaay goes to his room. Annika distinguishes the tiredness over Shivaay's face.

     She asks Shivaay why he got so late.
    Shivaay says I went to make tea. Annika asks but where's the tea? Shivaay says I just forgot. Annika says it's ok to let it go. It's not tea time and we are so tired so we should rest. But Shivaay is still lost in his thoughts. Annika asks Shivaay are you alright. You seem to be stressed and she asks Shivaay to share his problem. Shivaay is about to tell Annika about Tej but while listening to Shivaay Annika falls asleep.

    Next morning Start with Annika comes to Shivaay with coffee and says sorry that she slept without listening to him. Shivaay says it's ok. Everything will be alright. Annika asks everything will be alright??? Means? Daadi comes there. 

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 5th October 2018 Written Update 

    She gives a dress to Annika and asks her to wear the dress today for her Muh Dikhai ceremony. Further, Daadi says to now Billu took care of everyone. He shared joys with everyone. But he never got his joys. So now when you came. The responsibility for his happiness is yours. Annika accepts her duty and asks Daadi to not to worry for Shivaay. As she's always there to keep him happy.

    Annika Shivaay together comes for the Muh Dikhai. Annika comes with a veil over her face. Janhvi begins the ceremony by removing Annika's veil grim her face and giving gifts to her. Annika receives gifts and blessings from everyone. Om, Rudra, and Shivaay talk about no more problems over the Oberoi family. At the word problem, Shivaay remembers Tej and asks about him while finding him missing from the ceremony.

    Tej is plotting to get ask the shares of Oberoi empire under him and eject Shivaay from the company. Khanna informs Shivaay about Tej's plan. Shivaay goes to talk to Tej. Shivaay tells Tej that he's doing wrong. He can give him financial assistance if needed but his this plan can defame Oberoi industry. But Tej says it's not about money it's about the title and the fame that you have instead of me. When Shivaay says your planning will not be successful. Tej puts forth a threat to Shivaay by saying that he's forcing him to kill Omru to occupy their 50% shares in the company.

    Precap For Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 8th October 2018 Written Update :

    Shivaay decides to go for the tough struggle and fight fairly for his family and justice. And takes the responsibility of being Lord Rama for his family.

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