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  • Wednesday, 24 October 2018

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 24th October 2018 Written Update"Shivaay-Anika's Romance Shivika Moments"

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 24rd October 2018 Written Update

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 23rd October 2018 Written Update"Shivaay-Anika's Romance Shivika Moments"

    When Annika tries to stop Rudra's misbehavior Shivaay stops her and says since last 5 years Omru handled this business. He has right over this chair. Further, he expresses his happiness to see Rudra on the chair. Watching my younger brother grown. Their manager enters inside and tells Omru that they got Mr. Agarwal's deal. Omru gets happy. The manager tells them that they need the signature of all 3 brothers on the papers. Rudra holds the file and sends the manager outside. 

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 24rd October 2018 Written Update

    He opens the file, keeps it on the table and keeping pen over it gestures Shivaay to sign the documents. Shivaay is about to sign but Annika stops him and asks him to read the documents before signing. Rudra says we already read the documents. Annika says it's not just about reading. Shivaay just returned to office. He should know what the documents are related to. Rudra objects Annika's interference and asks what you mean? We'll sign wrong papers from him deceitfully? We are not like this man who cheated out father, took out shares and murdered my father. Annika says I didn't mean that but the papers are sent by someone else so what's wrong in reading once before such an important deal. Maybe Shivaay can give any suggestion in this.

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 24rd October 2018 Written Update

     Shivaay says it doesn't make any difference Annika. Annika says but you should know what's going in the company. Om asks Shivaay to end the arguments and sign the documents. Shivaay holds a pen and is about to sign the papers but suddenly he drops the pen and leaves the cabin. Annika goes after Shivaay. Rudra determines to get rid of Annika's interference and get the papers signed by Shivaay.
    At night. Rudra talks to Annika. He says I didn't like what happened in the office today. Annika replies even I didn't. You and Om are like my brothers. Further Annika expresses her love and respect for them. And tells him how much Shivaay needs their support and he can't tolerate their anger. Rudra replies if our anger matters to him he wouldn't murder or father. Annika requests Rudra to forget the past and forgive Shivaay. But Rudra says bhabhi I didn't call you to discuss all this but to tell you that what happened today should not happen again. 

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 24rd October 2018 Written Update

    You may do whatever you need for your husband just don't interfere in our business. And also what you want from Shivaay isn't going to happen. Annika asks what you mean? Rudra replies Shivaay is dead. The Shivaay you've been waiting for died. And the one who returned is very weak. So weak that he can't even stand on his own legs. How will he handle the company? Not only the Oberoi empire but I'll erase his name from the whole business world. Rudra's words angry Annika and she challenges Rudra that Shivaay will surely win against the tough circumstances. Further, she warns Rudra to not to hurt Shivaay again and leaves.

    Omru sees Shivaay lying flat on his back in the pool. They get astonished to see this.

    Next morning Annika requests Shivaay to stop running away from her. Shivaay says he doesn't want to be a danger for her again. Annika expresses her concern for Shivaay and encourages him to forget the past and move on. Rudra is listening to their conversation through the door. Annika suggests Shivaay keep himself busy with work. She asks Shivaay to read the documents of that deal and discuss the problem in it with Omru.
    Shivaay reads the documents. When he suspects some loss in the deal he goes to talk to Rudra about it. But Rudra condemns Shivaay and asks him to sign the documents. Shivaay refuses to sign because he knows that the deal can harm their company. Shivaay goes to Annika to tell her about the deal. There he sees Annika messed up with lights. He gets amused to see her this way.
    Rudra organizes a press conference to announce about the deal. Rudra reminds him that Shivaay's signature is important to confirm the deal and he isn't ready to sign. Roop Buaa suggests a way to Rudra to get Shivaay out of his way to the deal. She tells him that if he proves the partner in the deal to be mentally unstable the deal can be confirmed without him.
    Precap For Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 25th October 2018 Written Update

    In the press conference Rudra declares Shivaay as mentally unstable to sign any deal.

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