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  • Wednesday, 19 September 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News Update 19th September 2018 Written Update "Kartik Searches Naira and Reaches Singhania House"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News Update 19th September 2018 Written Update "Kartik Searches Naira and Reaches Singhania House".

    Kartik touches Suwarna's Feet and says an going to bring Naira home. Suwarna stays silent but offers a little box of Sindoor to Kartik. Kartik hugs her happily and asks will you come with me? Suwarna replies go and gather your happiness. Kartik holds her hands and asks are you upset about our reunion? Suwarna nods as a gesture of No. Kartik says an going to Naira...again. In a temple. Everyone may be upset but your blessings will help to convince everyone. Just keep Aarti's thaali ready for us.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News Update 19th September 2018 Written Update

    Kartik. Naira both are filled with excitement. They are going towards the temple. Raahatein... Song plays. Kartik is so lost in Naira's thoughts that he gets distracted from driving. Buy fortunately no accident happens. Naira changes her clothes and gets ready.
    Packing a bag Suwarna talks to herself. She says my blessings are always with you Kartik. Am ready to pay any cost for your happiness. You'll come with your Naira. I've also prepared Aarti's thaali. I didn't need evidence for Naira's innocence but for my son's love.

    Kartik reaches the temple and prepares for his wedding. He helps the Pandit and arranges the accessories for their wedding. Kartik hugs the Pandit with excitement. Kartik is waiting for Naira. Pandit comes to him and starts talking to him. Kartik is engaged with the Pandit. Meanwhile, Naira reaches the temple. She opens the door of the taxi. But doesn't come out. She shuts the door again. The driver asks Mam please tell the way you want to go. Naira says take left from ahead. Through the college an road, we'll reach hospital faster. Kartik doesn't even realize and Naira passes ahead from the temple.
    Pandit says to Kartik. The muhrat has begun. Where is the bride? Kartik says she's just  coming. 

    You are precipitant for the marriage than me. Pandit replies I've to go for Puja after this. I told you yesterday. Kartik says you may go.. It's just about a little while. Kartik is waiting for Naira at the temple but she reaches city hospital. Kartik tries to call Naira and asks where she is? But the call doesn't connect. Kartik gets worried.

    Surekha asks Suwarna for a list regarding accessories of Shraad's Puja. Suwarna replies I don't have it. Surekha says don't say this. You had that list. Please try to remember once. Or you may check in your drawer. Suwarna again replies I don't have it Surekha. Surekha says maybe you kept it somewhere else. Please check once. Suwarna shouts. I said I have nothing. Neither list not soon.. Nothing. Everything is snatched from me. I have nothing. Surekha gets shocked at her reaction. Suwarna continues and says please go from here. Don't disturb me am already much stressed. 

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News Daily Written Update

    Surekha thinks maybe Suwarna is getting a panic attack again. She says sorry didi. I'll check it myself. Surekha leaves. Suwarna cries and says nothing is left. I have nothing. Even not my sons. Surekha brings Suhasini to look at Suwarna's condition. Surekha says look Maaji she's talking to herself. This is an anxiety attack. She's stressed because of Kartik. He didn't talk to her for such a long time. She requests Suhasini to ask Kartik to not to hurt Suwarna anymore. Suhasini asks but where he is? In the morning when he went out he had a strange smile on his facing showing something going on his mind. Surekha doubts if he had gone to meet Naira again. Suhasini says please speak well. If it's about Naira then it's a big matter of concern. Not only for Suwarna but all of us including the Singhanias. On the other side Naira's delay is scaring Kartik.

    Suwarna calls Manish and requests him to come home. Manish says he's busy with some work. But Suwarna says it's urgent. Manish agrees. It's 2 o'clock and Kartik is still waiting for Naira. He gets a sign that there's something wrong. He rushes out from the temple to find Naira. Rajshri gets to know that Naira took the Akshara's saree that she wore while leaving the house after her marriage. She feels that something bad is going to happen.
    Manish reaches home. Watching bags packed by Suwarna he asks where she's going. Suwarna says she doesn't know where she has to go but she doesn't want to stay there. Manish asks her what happened Suwarna? On the other side, Kartik is searching for Naira everywhere. Looking for Naira he reaches Singhania Sadan. He rushes inside looking for Naira. Whole Singhania family gets shocked to see Kartik. But unaware Naira is sitting aside with headphones over her ears. Kartik feels cheated to find Naira at Singhania Sadan. He's left with whole astonished and disappointment. He can't believe his eyes.

    Precap For 
    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News Update 20th September 2018 Written Update :

    Kartik goes near Naira. The unfamiliar expressions over Naira's face leave him frozen.

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