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  • Saturday, 29 September 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th September 2018 Maha episode Written Update "Naira's Operation Kartik gives her Strength"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News Update 29th September 2018 Mahaepisode Written Update

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News Update 29th September 2018 Mahaepisode Written Update "Naira's Operation Kartik gives her Strength".

    Naira goes to Suwarna. Just as Suwarna sees her... Her eyes are filled with tears and she can't stop crying. She says never forgive me Naira. I don't deserve an apology. Watching her condition... Naira's eyes are also moist. She tries to explain to Suwarna that she doesn't need to apologize or very for her mistake. But Suwarna wholeheartedly accepts her mistakes. She says I misunderstood you... Talked wrong about you with people. I filled hate for you in everyone's heart. Naira requests Suwarna to forget the past as the present is better. But Suwarna continuously depreciates herself. She accepts her mistakes and repents.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News Update 29th September 2018 Mahaepisode Written Update

     Suwarna expresses her embarrassment for the torturing Naira and blaming her for Shubham's death.  She feels that she gave her son the biggest grief of his life...snatched his happiness his love away from him. Naira requests Suwarna to calm down as everything is alright now. Suwarna honors Naira for her struggle and requests her to forgive her with joined hands. Naira asks Suwarna to stop apologizing as she understands her. She says if I would be at your place I would have done the same. Only the one who suffers knows the pain. Your pain is the biggest. No other pain can be compared to the pain of a mother who loses her son. 

    When someone leaves he takes a part of us with us. I felt this so long after losing my mother.
    Kartik moves ahead to share their pain. He says I experienced that pain Maa. I was very young at that time. Realised the pain a son faces after losing his mother or a mother suffers after losing his son. Holding Suwarna's hand Kartik says we are commonly responsible and irresponsible for what happened. Our destiny finds an excuse to make it happen. The matter was ruined Judy because of lack of trust. We needed to handle ourselves but we didn't. Naira says and two years of our lives passed in the same way but now not more. Kartik says now we'll not spend a single moment like this. We'll live the ahead with happy faces. And he asks Suwarna Will you smile for me Maa. Suwarna smiles and gets up to sort out the misunderstandings between her and the Singhanias. Just as she moves ahead. Naira feels dizzy and falls down. Everyone gets nervous. They call the doctor. 

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News Update 29th September 2018 Mahaepisode Written Update

    The doctor examines Naira asks says she's fine. It happens normally. It's the impact of medicine. Naira says it's not the impact of a medical doctor. it's something else. And she says. My husband is such a hottie.. so breath will bounce itself.
    Kirti and Naksh feed Naira with custard. Luv and Kush are also with them. Naira Kartik is very concerned about Naira. He says to Suwarna... Love is so strange Maa. It doesn't allow us to be wholly happy or sad. We plan for something else and life goes on with its own different planning. Sometime before I just felt everything is fine. Just forgot that Naira is sick. Naira's sickness is hard for him to see. Suwarna asks Kartik to hold up himself. After finishing the meal... Naira says to Kirti it's been so long since I ate custard. Will I get some? Luv says you just ate it now. Luv Kush shows her the empty bowl. Naksh and Kirti try to stop them. Naira feels bad that she had started forgetting things so soon.
    Kartik sees while family talking to a doctor. Kartik asks the doctor about Naira. Kartik meets Naira's surgeon Dr. Vishal. The doctor tells Kartik that they shouldn't be late in Naira's case. They need to take the decision soon. Kartik says we've decided and asks Manish to arrange his tickets soon as he's going with Naira. Dr. Vishal says but you can't take my patient away without my permission. And tells them that they need to do several medical tests to and if the condition isn't proper then you may take her Singapore or anywhere..her condition can't be improved.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News Update 29th September 2018 Mahaepisode Written Update

     Kartik gets impatient to listen to doctor's words. Suwarna consoles him and explains to him that he need to be strong to support Naira. Kartik determines to be brave and help Naira to get through the trouble. He goes to talk to Naira.
    He Lay down with her on the Bed and Makes her laugh and She Tells That She Even Forget that She Ate Custard.

    He tells her and makes her Laugh Again By Saying Some Cheesy Dialogues.
     Naitik tells to Manish About Doctor who is coming from Singapore Manish Tells Akhilesh to Take Care of Office and Doctor too.
    In their Talk Manish tells Naitik that You Stopped me in Right time otherwise Suwarna will come to Know That This Clot is Because of 2 Years Stress Otherwise Suwarna will blame herself for This.
    Both Manish and Naitik gets Shocked to See Suwarna is standing there and she has to Listen to everything.
    There Kartik makes Naira’s Two Braid of Naira and They Are Having Little Fun Between them.
    Naira Suddenly Asks Kartik about test But Kartik Avoids her talk He Remembers What Doctor Told Him About MRI Test.
    A nurse comes and tells Kartik to go out She Needs to Get Ready for the test.
    Naira Holds Kartik’s Hand.
    There Suwarna is Crying again in front of God That because Her Naira is In this Situation.
    Rajshree Consoles her But Suwarna tells That She Will Never Forgive Herself.
    Dadi and Devyani Too Console her. Rajshree asks her If She Lost this Battle But She Says No She didn’t and She Goes to God Statue and Tie the Dhaga in her hand that You Need to help Me I have Suffered a lot But Now Today You have to be my Strength.
    There Inside the Room Nurse comes with Wheel Chair for Naira and Naira gets Shocked to See Wheelchair.
    She Tells Nurse that She is not that Weak She Argues with Nurse That She won't Go on wheel Chair.
    Kartik tells her that I Know You are Sherni and You can walk But This is Hospital You need to follow Rule But Naira is Not Position to Listen to Anything.
    Love Kush Listen to their Argument and come to inform another Family member who all are already in tension about tests.
    Some are Agree with Wheelchair and some are not.
    There Naira cries and Hugs Kartik That She won't Go On Wheelchair.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News Update

    Naitik tells That He will go and talk with Doctor and suddenly Stops when he sees

    Kartik comes  with Naira in his Arms and He is Swinging her and All Family Members are Happy to See them Like this.

    Kartik takes Naira for medical tests in his lap. Their family appreciates his efforts and wishes All the best the Naira. After some minor tests nurse takes Naira for the MRI test. Naira gets frightened. Kartik himself gets nervous but he gathers the courage to support Naira. He tries to remove Naira's fear and says MRI test is so interesting you'll enjoy it. But frightened Naira doesn't listen Kartik and goes out MRI room. Finding Naira missing from the room Kartik comes out and starts searching for Naira. He tells everyone that Naira ran ways from the MRI room. The whole family gets nervous and starts searching for Naira. They understand that Naira must be afraid of the MRI machine. Kartik finally finds Naira hidden after a sofa. Naira expresses her fear of MRI machine to Kartik and refuses for the test. Kartik tries to convince Naira for the test. But Naira continues requests him to cancel the test. Kartik takes Naira to the MRI room and asks her to calm down. But Naira continuously denies Kartik to take the test. Kartik hugs Naira and tries to calm her down. Their family feels pity for Naira

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News Update 1st October 2018 Written Update :

     Naira finally takes the MRI test. The report comes. Kartik prays to God to bless Naira and hopes for favorable results.

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