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  • Wednesday, 26 September 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 26th September 2018 Written Update "Raman walks with Ishita's Support"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 26th September 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 26th September 2018 Written Update "Raman walks with Ishita's Support".

    The episode opens in the hospital where Ishita tells Raman to walk. Raman hesitates and tells her that he has tried but failed.

    Ishita tells him saying that he has lost. Raman shouts at her. She reminds him of the promise he did to his daughter.
    Rohan comes to know that Alia is here for a business meeting. He gets rid of his confusion. He says that it wasn't the waiter's mistake as the girl who will be coming from the marriage bureau and Alia both have worn a black suit. He explains her the details. They introduce each other and starts having coffee.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 26th September 2018 Written Update

    Raman is made to walk and he is able to stand with Ishita's support. Ruhi is also happy to see her father able to stand. They both help Raman to walk.
    Back in home, Ishita feels happy for Raman. Raman thanks Ishita for her immense support. He notices Ishita's hand got injured by him while trying to walk. Ishita says this is nothing in front of Raman's paralytic condition. Raman holds her hand and put ointment in the injury. Ishita feels happy.
    Rohan drops Alia home and he makes her his friend. Alia too thanks to him for dropping her hope and apologizes for throwing his bracelet in anger. She wants him to buy a new one. Rohan says that he also misbehaved with her and so what she has done to his bracelet is right.

    Rohan thanks her for doing friendship with him. He suggests her to go for coffee some other day. He even takes her phone and dials his number on it. Alia soon leaves and comes back home.
    The Bhallas are enjoying a tasty dinner for Raman being able to walk. Romi gets a call from Mr. Sekhar, the client Alia went to meet. The client says to him that no one was here for the meeting. Romi gets surprised and tries to make him understand but he disconnects the call. Romi asks Ruhi what was the matter. Alia says that she went for the meeting but couldn't meet him for a misunderstanding. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 26th September 2018 Written Update

    Romi calls her careless and irresponsible. He asks for the file but Alia says that she has left it in the cafe. Romi gets angry. Ishita tries to calm him down. But he leaves. Alia comes out of her house and finds Rohan. She tells him what a Blunden she did. Rohan goes and gets her the file from his car as she has left it on his car. Rohan says that both of them will solve the problem as the mistake was theirs. Alia hesitates but Rohan tells her to keep quiet. He asks her to go to the client with him.

     Alia denies of doing so as the client will be annoyed to see her. Rohan boosts her up and takes her to meet the client.

    Romi tries to make his baby sleep and gets irritated. His wife comes and asks her what he was doing and this is not the time to sleep. Romi shouts at her saying that how he will know when to feed the baby. Raman and Ishita enter their room and tries to make him understand that Alia didn't about how important the meeting was. Romi asks Raman not to take her side. Raman says that it was his own fault that led to Romi so rude. As he shouted at others now and then, Romi also learned from him the rudeness. Ishita says Romi that both Alia and Ruhi are younger. He should show them their mistake as well as appreciate them when they excel. Romi realizes his mistake and says that he will apologize to Alia.
    Rohan takes Alia to the cafe and arranged the meeting with Mr. Chopra, the clients. Alia wonders how he managed to do all this. Rohan says that it's not the time to say all this. Alia thanks him and he also shows her the client's picture. The client gets angry to see Alia and calls her careless and irresponsible. Alia requests him to see the presentation once but he refuses to do so. Alia apologies again but he leaves.
    Ruhi tries to call Alia but doesn't get her response. Ishita asks Romi to call in the cafe to know whether Alia went there. Romi informs them that she didn't go there.
    Alia disconnects Ruhi's call. Rohan tells her that she cannot give up so easily and plans to do something. He takes Alia's hair strand and goes inside the cafe. He orders for soup. As the waiter gives him the soup and goes away, he mixes the hair strand with the soup. He calls the waiter and pretends to be angry. He orders him to call their owner. The manager comes but he insists on meeting the owner. The owner comes and asks him what the problem is. Rohan tells him about the soup being mixed with hair strand. He also threatens Mr. Chopra, the owner that he will post the photo on social media. The owner apologies to him but Rohan doesn't take his apology. He reminds Mr. Chopra of behaving rudely with Alia instead of her apologies. Alia gets worried. Rohan asks him to meet with Alia and do the meeting otherwise her company will be in loose. Alia gets a call from Rohan and he asks her to come in. Mr. Chopra apologies to her and Alia gets surprised.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 27th September 2018 Written Update:  Ishita tells Sudha that she is proud of her family. Sudha tries to demotivate Raman saying him that he cannot walk again. Raman says her that she tried to break them but they are still together.

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