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  • Friday, 21 September 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 21st September 2018 Written Update "Raman-Ishita Celebrate Ganpati"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 21st September 2018 Written Update "Raman-Ishita Celebrate Ganpati"

    The episode starts with media asking Raman and Ishita how they feel after winning the case. Raman says that it was not any personal conflict and they are happy to get justice from the court. Ishita says that after hearing court's judgement many innocent people who get fraud from such institutions will come forward to fight for justice. She says that person like Rajat and Sudha must not play with people's lives instead of respecting them.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 21st September 2018

    Sudha comes to her chamber and asks her lawyers how did they lose the case. The lawyer says that they didn't know about many details which Dr Rajat didn't share with them. They suggest Sudha make Rajat out of the hospital according to the court's judgement and save the hospital's reputation. Sudha frowns at them for saying things they don't even know. She cannot do that as Rajat is a reputed surgeon of the city. The assistant comes to Sudha's chamber and informs her that media has come to know Sudha's decision about Rajat's existence in the hospital. 

    The media is allowed to come. Sudha answers them that as per the court's order Dr Rajat will not be allowed to do his medical practices as the hospital always gives top priorities to the patients' well being. She apologies to the media for Rajat's mistake. Though the media asks her many questions further she takes leave.
    Raman and Ishita come back home and Bhalla family starts celebrating their winning moment. The press comes and asks Ishita about how they feel. The society people come and congratulate Raman for winning the case. They want him to immerse the idol of Ganpati Bappa. Raman hesitates because of his paralytic condition. Ruhi says that the idol is eco-friendly and can be immersed anywhere in the society.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 21st September 2018

    Sudha looks for Rajat but he is not seen anywhere in the hospital. Rajat is seen in his house listening to the poems his daughter has learnt in school. Rajat's wife says that she has heard about the court's judgement in the TV. Rajat asks her not to worry. He goes to his room for taking rest and says his wife that nobody should disturb him. Meanwhile, Sudha arrives at Rajat's house and asks about his whereabouts. His wife says that he's in his room. Suddenly they heard a sound of gun's shot. They run to Rajat's room and Rajat is found lying on his bed covered by blood all over. The assistant comes and checks his nerve. He immediately calls for the ambulance. Rajat is taken to the hospital. Sudha requests the doctor to make him well and cries by murmuring that Rajat is her only brother and she has taken care of him like her own son.

    The Bhalla fa asmily is seen praying to Lord Ganesha. Everyone is seen happy. Raman takes the idol of Ganesha and immerses it in the water within the society. Alia gets a call from Rohan, the man she met outside the hospital. She picks the call and his secretary talks to her. The secretary informs her that Rohan will not be able to meet her and has asked her to keep the a bracelet as she often does charity. Alia loses her temper and says the lady to inform Rohan that she has thrown it in the dustbin. Ruhi comes to see Alia and asks her what has happened. Alia makes excuses. Romi comes to call both of them as media has arrived.
    Dr. Venkatsh comes out of OT and informs Sudha that they have taken out the bullet from Rajat's body but due to excessive blood loss he's in a critical state. He asks them to pray to God so that Rajat survives the next twelve hours. Sudha breaks down and goes to the hospital temple to pray for her brother. Rajat struggles and the doctors try their best to make him stable. But unfortunately, Rajat couldn't survive and takes his last breath.

    When informed Rajat's wife runs to see Rajat. She cries holding him. Sudha comes and tries to wake Rajat. She goes mad and says that nothing can happen to Chiku, Rajat's nickname. She asks the doctor to check up Rajat again. The doctors are seen as helpless. Everyone tries to control Sudha. Rajat's body is taken by the male nurses. Sudha comes to the corridor sobbing. She sees Bhalla family's celebration on the TV. Sudha gets angry and asks all the TVs to be switched off. She also orders not to take away the idol of Ganesha for immersion and keep it in her cabin. The assistant says that it will be cursed if they don't take Lord Ganesha's idol for immersion. Sudha frowns and says that nothing can be a curse than Rajat's death. As long as she doesn't take his brother's death revenge by ruining Ishita and Raman's life, Ganesha's idol will not be immersed.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 24th September 2018 :

    Ishita comes to see Sudha feeling sorry for Rajat's death. Sudha gets angry saying that Raman and Ishita wanted Rajat to be punished and so Rajat killed himself. Ruhi says to Sudha that being Rajat's sister she should have taken care of his alcoholism. If she would have done this then neither Raman would have been paralyzed nor Rajat would have been dead.

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