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  • Tuesday, 18 September 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 18th September 2018 "Sudha's Offer Ishita and Raman make A Plan "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 18th September 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 18th September 2018 "Sudha's Offer Ishita and Raman make A Plan."

    The episode begins with a feeling of shock in Raman and Ishita's eyes once they discovered that Sudha Srivastava was the owner of the hospital. Sudha greets them and apologises to them for Raman's health condition. She offers them to sit. She once again pleaded for forgiveness and tells them that she will be helping them in solving Rajat's case. She tells them that she has arranged for an enquiry committee. Raman gets annoyed and taunts her whether he's going to be okay after she arranges for enquiry. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 18th September 2018

    She apologies for hurting his sentiment and that she didn't know about the surgery as she was out of the station. She assures that if something really went wrong from the staffs of the hospital, she will take the matter seriously. She says that she will deal with the case personally. Ishita asks Raman not to waste time and go back home and she says that they will meet Sudha after the enquiry has been done. Sudha requests them to take the case back as she wanted to solve the case without the involvement of the court. She cares about her hospital's reputation. She promises to support them and punish the culprit for such a misdeed. Ishita says her that they are not in a situation to take decision anymore. 

    Sudha tries to compensate their loss by offering them money. Raman gets angry and tells her that they are not fighting this case for some money. Sudha tries to make them understand but both of them goes away from her chamber.
    A crowd gathers near the hospital gate. Alia arrives there and gets to know about the fire accident. A man was seen running from the crown carrying a bag. Alia assumes him to a thief. She follows her and catches the man. Alia accuses him of stealing the bag. The man gets annoyed and tells her that he's not a thief. Then he was seen helping a blind lady by giving her the bag. He also offered her some money for her health checks up. The man goes away by car. Alia finds his bracelet loitering on the road. She picks it up and wonders how she is going to return it to him.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 18th September 2018

    Alia reaches to the hospital and asks Ishita and Raman if they are alright after the accident. Ishita says that they are fine and Sudha saved their lives. She says that Sudha is a good person. Raman tells that they don't know whether she is good as she's been trying to compensate them by offering money and wants them to drop the case. Ishita calms Raman and asks Alia to take Raman to the car. She will join them after she denies the offer of Sudha.

    Sudha is seen in her chamber scolding Rajat for masking during surgery. She fowls at her for drinking alcohol during operations. She gets the smell of alcohol from Rajat. She scorns at him and tells her she has done everything to resolve the case from changing the hospital record to attracting the press in their favour. She has even convinced the patient parties in their favour. She wants to answer why the matter has been reached to court. She says that luckily she has saved Raman and Ishita's life from the fire and assumes that Ishita is influenced by her gesture. Though she knows that she has not been able to convince her totally. Sudha says that the fire accident became a boon for her. She is sure that Ishita will convince her husband. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update Daily Written Update

    Sudha knows that Rajat has done the mistake for sure so she thinks that arranging for an enquiry committee will be of no use. She has falsely assured Ishita and Raman to do so to calm them down. She just wanted to earn their trust. She again warns Rajat. Suddenly she hears a door sound. She gets worried and comes out of her chamber and asks her assistant whether she has seen someone there. Finding no one there Sudha goes to her chamber. Meanwhile, Ishita gets to know about Sudha's plan as she was standing behind and heard it all.
    Raman gets angry after knowing Sudha's witty plan. Sahin also takes Raman's side and blames the lady for playing such bad tricks on the innocent people. Raman immediately wants to go to the hospital to confront Sudha but Ishita stops him and tells him to smart actly.
    On the other side, Sudha makes a detailed study of Raman and his family. She comes to understand that Raman cannot be handled by money. She then targets Sagun for making her work easier.
    In the Bhalla house, Sagun receives a call from Sudha Srivastava. Ishita gives her hint silently to take the call on speaker. Sudha tries to impress Sagun by offering her donation for her NGO. She wants to get invited from Sagun for the big event that is going to be organised the next day. According to Ishita's hint, Sagun invited her. Sagun doesn't feel it safe to invite her but Ishita tells her that it's important to know the opponent well. As Sudha was a powerful lady, Ishita wants to know her plan well by getting close to her.

    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 19th September 2018 : Sudha wants to donate twenty lakh and Rajat wants her to be sure about it. Ishita also talks to Sudha over the phone and tell her to meet them in the event so that she can take the compensate cheque. Sudha thinks this to be a good idea.

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