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  • Wednesday, 19 September 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 19th September 2018 Written Update "Raman-Ishita's Plan Successful Sudha's Plan Revealed"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 19th September 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 19th September 2018 Written Update "Raman-Ishita's Plan Successful Sudha's Plan Revealed".

    The episode starts with Sudha preparing to give a donation of twenty lakh for Sagun's charity. Rajat wants her to be sure before giving such a huge amount. Sudha tells him that she is ready to do anything for the sake of this hospital as they are already in stake due to his foolishness. She is donating money for the charity as she believes in doing that. She wants this invitation to be a blessing for her.
    Alia is seen getting out of her car and
     talking to Ruhi over the phone. While taking the file she notices the man's bracelet.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 19th September 2018 Written Update 

     She gets irritated for thinking about him.
    Sudha's assistant shows her the invitation she got from Sagun. Sudha thinks it to be a great move and hopes to convince Sagun of dropping Raman's case against Rajat. Meanwhile, Sudha gets a call from Ishita. Ishita tells her that they are ready to accept her compensation. Sudha gets happy and thanks her for lessening her burden. She also asks Ishita when to give her the cheque. Ishita says that they are busy now about Sagun's event. Sudha pretends to get a surprised hearing that Sagun is her relative.  Sudha says that she is also attending the event. Ishita tells her to meet at the event and she will take the cheque there. Sudha considers it to be a good plan and agrees to meet up tomorrow.

    Alia and Ruhi talk about the file and while talking the bracelet falls from Alia's bag. Ruhi asks her about the bracelet but Alia ignores her. Ruhi asks her again who the man was and Alia says it was of the man with whom she got stuck in the road. Alia tells him to a mischievous. Ruhi teases her about the man but Alia gets angry and warns Ruhi not to repeat this. Adi has ruined all her feelings and Alia doesn't think that she can love anyone ever. Ruhi says her to move on in her life.
    Alia ignores Ruhi and tells her to come soon for helping in Sagun's home care event.

    The events start. Everyone has come to attend the event. A couple comes and feels pity for Raman's health. Ishita says that he is being done well now. Raman tries to ignore them and wants to go back home. Ishita calms him and reminds him about their aim to come here. She encourages Raman to fight with the situation. Ishita asks Sagun whether Sudha has arrived. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update

    Mani comes and tells Ishita that their plan is great. Sagun waits for receiving Sudha. After a while, Sudha arrives. Sagun welcomes her and requests her bodyguards to wait outside as she doesn't want her guests to get puzzled. Sagun and Sudha talk pleasingly. Sagun offers her to take a seat as the programme is going to start soon.

    Shagun goes to start the event. She feels great for her NGO for helping the needy women and children. She thanks the audience for joining the event. Then she invites Sudha to come up on stage as she is doing charity for her NGO. Sudha comes and tells of donating twenty lakh for the charity. Shagun thanks her and says that their society needs such a kind-hearted people. The audience claps. Ishita wants to tell few words about Sudha. Shagun welcomes her on stage. Ishita says that Sudha is really a generous lady as she's paying them compensation for Raman's health. Sudha thinks that now her hospital's reputation will be no more in danger. Sudha asks her about the amount. Ishita doubts whether she's going to pay what they want. Ishita asks whether she can give a big amount so that Raman can walk and get back his confidence. Sudha gets puzzled. She says that she feels bad for Raman's condition and also thinks that her proposal is being misinterpreted. So she prepares to leave. 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 19th September 2018 Written Update 

    Raman stops her and declares to her that they will not take the case back for money. Raman says her that she is trying to hide her mistake by paying money. Sudha asks him to give proof against hospital's allegation. Raman says that Dr. Rajat has confessed that he is an alcoholic. Sudha gets in trouble. Meanwhile, Alia gets a call from the man she met near the hospital. The man asks her whether she has stolen her bracelet. Alia frowns and asks him from where he got her phone number. The man tells he doesn't have time to say all these and want her to meet at City 5 star cafe tomorrow to get back his bracelet. Alia says that she cannot come and the man replies that she doesn't have an option accept doing that and ends the call. Alia gets irritated and goes back to the event.
    Sudha says Raman that she has called up for an enquiry committee for investigating against Rajat. Ishita asks her not to give them false hope as she knows well that she is lying. She has heard of Sudha and Rajat's conversation the previous day. Sudha says that she doesn't care about all these and also says that Raman and Ishita are trying to ruin their hospital's reputation. Raman assures her that they will fight the case until it ends. Shagun also returns Sudha's cheque as she doesn't want to take charity from such a fraud person. Raman apologies to the guests for ruining the event and warns everyone from getting cheated from such hospitals. Raman says Sudha that they will meet in court. She feels insulted and goes away.
    Precap For Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News Update 20th September 2018 Written Update :

    Ishita plans to cross-question Rajat so that he confesses the truth himself feeling guilty. Raman says that this is not going to be easy and they should smarty step forward.

    Sudha says Rajat that alcohol will not solve their problem. She is worried but can't let her hospital's reputation ruin.

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