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  • Friday, 14 September 2018

    ishqbaaz latest News Update 14th September 2018 Written Update "Shivaay is Accused Family Supports Shivaay"

    ishqbaaz latest News Update 14th September 2018

    ishqbaaz latest News Update 14th September 2018 Written Update "Shivaay is Accused Family Supports Shivaay".

    Mohit blames Shivaay for Nancy's murder and says You killed the girl I loved the most. Om asks Mohit to stop. Annika says Mohit Shivaay can't do this.  What are you saying? Mohit shouts its just that Annika. Shivaay killed my Nancy. Shivaay says I did nothing Taaj. But Mohit still asks Why you did this? What was my fault that you snatched my biggest reason for living. I loved you more than a brother. Ranked you more than a brother. I trusted you over Nancy...and you returned that in this way. 

    ishqbaaz latest News Update 14th September 2018

    He moves violently towards Shivaay. Om stops him and says we all understand that you are shocked but you can't accuse Shivaay like this. Rudra says he can give his life for someone but he can't take anybody's life. Mohit says if you trust your brother this much then tell.. What Mansi was doing in Shivaay's room. That was Shivaay's bed. Then how Mansi's dead body came into his room? If Shivaay didn't kill Mansi. Who did? Mohit asks them for an answer. He remembers Shivaay's nervousness when he met him in the morning. He says you didn't let anybody enter your room. And you went out without telling anyone. 

    ishqbaaz latest News Update Daily Written Updates

    Annika says Mohit you are misunderstanding Shivaay. He can't do this. Why will Shivaay kill Nancy?  Mohit replies you know the reason. Remember? That day Shivaay coerced Nancy. Shivaay must've tried to do it again and when Mansi tried to defend herself. Shivaay killed her. Shivaay says there's nothing like that Mohit. Mohit shouts shut up. I didn't ask for your explanation. You accused Mansi that time but in reality, your intention was wrong. Shivaay says you are wrong Mohit. Truth is that Nancy was crossing her limits. Mohit warns Shivaay about speaking against Nancy.

    Inspector Bhavya comes there with the police force. Tej tells her that someone is murdered in our house. Bhavya asks murder... whose? Mohit says, my wife. Bhavya asks where's the dead body? Tej says Shivaay's room. Police move upstairs.
    After sometime Bhavya returns downstairs. Bhavya asks an officer to take everybody's fingerprints and search the murder's weapon and send it to forensics. Bhavya says victim's face can't be recognized. Murder killed her very ruthlessly. Murder isn't accidental or done in self-defence. She is murdered intentionally. And the cause can be anger or hate. Bhavya asks an officer to send the body for postmortem. Bhavya says we need to interrogate you all. Mohit interrupts and says why you'll interrogate us, officer? If you want to inquire...inquire Shivaay. He murdered my wife. He's a murderer. Bhavya replies say whatever you want when we'll report your statement.  Shivaay says to Bhavya. Neither I murdered Nancy nor I know how her corpse came to my room. Bhavya replies to Mr. Oberoi you'll get a chance to explain yourself. The investigation just st, art. And I've to take a statement from you all.

    Bhavya inquires Priyanka, Annika, Mohit one by one and asks them what you did after the party? Why Annika went to sleep in Gauri's room? Mohit tells Bhavya that Shivaay was mad after Nancy. Bhavya asks but he's married. Janhvi says yes Shivaay and Annika are married but none of us saw their wedding. Shivaay didn't even rank Annika as his wife. Bhavya asks then do you think that Shivaay's eyes were over Mansi? 

    ishqbaaz latest News Update 14th September 2018

    Om says this is impossible. They love each other too much. Their marriage didn't happen in a normal situation but slowly everything is getting OK. Last night Shivaay was about to express his feelings to Anika. Ok remembers when Nancy thanked Shivaay for the dress. Rudra says yes she did but this doesn't prove that Shivaay murdered Nancy. You know how much Shivaay loves Annika then why he'll go near Nancy? Tej says after the party I saw Shivaay and Nancy together about at 3 or 4 o'clock. Mohit says he told me that he's going to talk to Annika but when he knew that Annika is in Gauri's room then why he went to his room. And he asks Bhavya to check CCTV footage. Khanna says CCTV footage isn't available as the system is down and I told this to Shivaay sir. Shivaay says I can't remember what happened last night. I just remember I was talking to Nancy. Trust me officer I didn't murder Nancy. Why will I? I know all the evidence is against me but still, I request you to trust me. I didn't murder Nancy.

    Bhavya Informs Everyone That Till Investigation You all Need to Available Any Time and She comes to Shivaay and Tells Him Not to go Outside of India Because You are Prime Suspect.
    Mohit Shouts On Inspector Bhavya that He is the Murderer Why Don’t You Arrest Him But Bhavya Tells Him Not to Teach me Law.
    Rudra and Bhavya have Argument Over Prime Suspect Because All the Statement are Pointing this She tells Him Not to go Outside of India and Leaves.
    Shivaay tries to Talk with Mohit But He Leaves.
    Tej Accuses Shivaay That before Your Father Now You Both You are With Other women, Jhanvi Stops Him, Shivaay Tells That He has Nothing to do with Nancy.
    Tej Asks Him Then What was She Doing In Your Bed?

    ishqbaaz latest News Update 14th September 2018

    Omkara tells Tej That We Need to Stand With Shivaay Not Accuse Him But Tej Shouts On Everyone that he won't Support Shivaay because Truth we all Know That He was with Nancy.
    Jhanvi Stops Him Again But He Tells That We Don’t Know That Anika and Shivaay are married or not and Leaves.
    Rudra and Priyanka, Jhanvi and Omkara Console Him He Cries that He Didn’t Kill Nancy Priyanka Hugs Her and Rudra too.
    Anika and Gauri have tears in their Eyes.
    Omkara Tells Shivaay That You Need to Be Strong We all are with You.
    Shivaay Goes to Mohit Who is Sitting On the Floor with nancy’s Thing And When he Sees Shivaay he Tells Him to leave Before He Kills Him.
    Shivaay tries to talk with Mohit But He Jerks Him Away and Tells That How Can I believe You After I Saw all with My Eyes.
    Shivaay Explains That He Was Drunk and Wanted to Talk with Anika So He went to His Room Mohit Asks You Know That Anika was in Gauri’s Room Then How Can You Talked with her?
    Shivaay tells Him That we were Drunk and Out of control Nancy Came and He Stops.
    Mohit tells Him That You were at Fault and Has eye on My Wife  In the Anger He Tells Shivaay that He Knows Difference between Anika and You Even He Knows they Don’t Share a Bed.Mohit Holds Him Via Collar.
    Shivaay asks How Do You Know All this?
    He Tells Him That Nancy Told Him, Shivaay Says that He Never Told This to Nancy.
    Mohit Tells Him That Once You were Prove Criminal then I wont Leave You I am Magician and You Don’t Know what He Can DO When He will Get Angry.

    Precap For ishqbaaz latest News Update 17th September 2018 Written Update :

    Omkara Tells We Need to Prove Shivaay Innocent.They come to Conlusion that Someone Spiked their Drink.

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