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  • Wednesday, 12 September 2018

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 12th September 2018 Written Episode "Anika Apologies to Shivaay Shivika Moments"

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 12th September 2018

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 12th September 2018 Written Episode "Anika Apologies to Shivaay Shivika Moments"

    Anika cries and expresses her disappointment when Shivaay gifts gown to Nancy. Shivaay asks Why Anika. Why are you feeling hurt? Anika replies because it makes a difference to me. Shivaay asks Anika what you think? Can I do this? Anika replies you did this. "Shivaay didn't do this"...a voice comes from behind and Taaj enters. He says I am sorry I listened your conversation. But it's better. As now I can clear Anika's misunderstanding. Actually.I brought that dress for Nancy. Not Shivaay. 

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Written Update 

    He continues and says I know whatever Nancy did was wrong but also I shouldn't raise hands over her. And I realized this later. That's why I brought that dress for Nancy and asked Shivaay to keep that in his room... Anika gets surprised at Taaj's upcoming words- " In fact the dress you are wearing now...  was brought by Shivaay for you.. he does..but never expresses" and Taaj leaves. Anika apologizes to Shivaay for the misunderstanding. Shivaay replies it's ok Anika. When we don't know each other.. mistaking each other as wrong is obvious. I agree I never gave you the rank of my wife but I respect you a lot. Anika says your all words are right but still it hurts me. It hurts me because you never express your right over me. rather you never look at me properly. 

    You never notice what I wear.  How am I looking? It doesn't matter to you and it clearly shows that you don't like me. I am not that beautiful... Shivaay cuts Anika and says, Silent Anika. Have you gone mad? Shivaay kisses her on the forehead and says.. listen to one thing... Never compare yourself with anybody else. You are not like others..  you are different from them.. and most special to me. You think you aren't beautiful. I stopped breathing when I saw you for the first time. Shivaay becomes silent and starts going back. Anika hugs him from the back and says am sorry Shivaay... I have at least this right??
    Tej reaches the bar. Rudra doesn't recognize him and asks what you'll like to have? Tej replies water. Rudra recognizes the voice..turns back and asks Papa? Rudra says actually you are at the wrong place. It's a bar and water is inside. Tej says Am you father. Bring water to me. Rudra brings water for Tej.

    Shivaay frees himself from Anika's arms and moves ahead. Anika holds his hand to stop him. Hidden Nancy is watching the scene. Anika and Shivaay hold each other's hand. And they hug each other. Nancy gets jealous to see them getting closer.
    Bhavya warns Rudra to not to drive the car as his license is under her hold. Rudra replies one Bhavya asks what? Rudra stays silent staring at Bhavya. Bhavya asks are you alright? Rudra replies you eyes... Bhavya asks what my eyes? Is there something in my eyes? Rudra replies nothing..go. Bhavya says whatever take the license from me. And leaves. As Bhavya leaves Om comes there and finds Rudra lost somewhere. Rudra says her eyes are just like a lioness. Om asks whose? Rudra replies Bhavya. Om turns and sees Bhavya with Gauri. He takes the punch offered by Rudra.

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 12th September 2018

    Anika expresses her excitement in front of Gauri. Bhavya comes there and says you guys are looking very happy. They enjoy drinks together. On the other side, Omru forces Shivaay to have Rudy's special punch.

    Shivaay drinks Rudra’s punch and Gets Drunk. Rudra Says Shivaay That He has Problem That He Scares from Bhavya’s Eyes and He Asks Him Some Solution.
    Rudra As usual Praises Himself and Shivaay is Noticing Anika and Not to Listen To Rudra, Omkara Starts Laughing and Shivaay Asks What Happened to You.
    He Says Something About Gauri Shivaay Asks What About Her But Omkara Changed the Topic by Asking Him What Were You Saying About Anika.
    Shivaay tells them that he Wants to Say That Thing to Anika which will Change Our Life He Goes to Anika and Omkara tells Rudra he is Going to Say I Love You.
    There Shivaay comes to Anika and About to Tell Her But Mohit comes and Drags Him away with him.
    Shivaay comes back and Tells her He Will Say After the Party.
    Everyone Says To Anika That they are Going to Sleep, Anika About to Start Cleaning But Nancy comes and Stops Her, Bhavya Too leaves.
    Both Anika and Nancy come to Mohit and Shivaay who are Drunk and Singing Friendships Song.
    Nancy tells Mohit to come and Sleep But Both are not in Mood to Listen and Continue Drinking.
    They tell Anika and Nancy to Go Because they will Sit Full Night Here and Drink with Old Friend.
    Anika tells Shivaay That She is Going to Sleep with Gauri and Shivaay makes Her Fun.
    Anika and Nancy leave and Anika comes to Gauri’s Room and Falls Sleep on the Bed in Same Dress.
    There Shivaay Shares that he have to Tell Something to Anika But He won't tell Mohit.
    Mohit tells Him to Bottoms Up The Drink and Both Drink again.
    Shivaay Gets Emotional and Says What Nancy Did was Weird But You believed me Mohit Tells Him That You are Naïve In Girls Matter.
    Shivaay Asks Whom You were Hugging Mohit Says She was Wife,Shivaay Laughs That he is Not that Drunk.
    He Tells Mohit that Its 3 am he Have to tell  Something to Anika and He Gets Up and Leaves.
    Shivaay Collides with Nancy But He Distances Himself She Says That I am trying to help You but Shivaay tells He Doesn’t Need her Help.
    Tej Asks Them What are You doing here at this Time.?

    PRECAP  For Ishqbaaz latest news Update 13th September 2018 Written Episode:

     Shivaay wakesup and Gets Shocked to See His Shirt with Blood Stain and He Looks Back at Bed and Takes the Duvet from the bed.

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