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  • Friday, 28 September 2018

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 28th September 2018 Written Update "Anika-Shivaay's Kitchen Romance "

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 28th September 2018 Written Update

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 28th September 2018 Written Update  "Anika-Shivaay's Kitchen Romance "

    Annika leads Bhavya to her room. Bhavya entrees the room. She sees a cute pillow on the bed. She drops her luggage and picks up the pillow. But just as she picks up the pillow she hears a scream. And when she looks around she finds Rudra in the room. By mistake, she threw her bag over Rudra. Rudra tells Bhavya that this is his room that he has to leave because of her. Bhavya says am also not fond of living in your room. Mrs. Oberoi took me here. And tell me if there's any guest room I'll live in that. Rudra tells Bhavya that all the guest room are occupied. That's why I have to sacrifice my room. But listen to one thing carefully. Don't touch my things. Bhavya replies am not interested to touch your things or you.

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 28th September 2018 Written Update

     Rudra says 'Langoor khatte hote hai'. Bhavya corrects him and says it 'Angoor khatte hote hai'. Annoyed from Rudra's chatter Bhavya asks him to leave. Rudra picks up that cute pillow. Bhavya asks where you are taking this? Rudra says it's my pillow and I sleep without it. Bhavya finds it funny.
    The whole family gathers for dinner. Bhavya sits at Shivaay's chair. Rudra says excuse me! This is Shivaay Bhaiya's chair. Bhavya replies and he isn't here now. Tej questions Bhavya about Shivaay's ongoing absconding. Bhavya says we are trying our best. Tej says if you were trying your best. Shivaay must be in prison. Majnu Singh present there feels bad to listen to this. 

    Tej has set his mind for Shivaay as a criminal. Janhvi and Tej objects in his opinion. Majnu Singh tries to cool down the atmosphere and asks everyone to forget Shivaay once and have the food. Mohit asks Bhavya to stop pulling the case and simply catch Shivaay and throw him into prison. Bhavya tells him that this isn't easy. We need to know the intention of this must first. Mohit tries to prove Shivaay guilty and says he did so because he had an evil eye over Nancy. Bhavya tells Mohit that the family and staff's statement is against his claim and points that not Shivaay. But Nancy was after Shivaay.
    Majnu is going ahead to sleep. Annika pulls him aside. Majnu tells Annika that he's not going to talk to Mohit. But to sleep. Annika says it's OK you don't need to give me any explanation. Majnu asks Annika to go to her room and sleep. But Annika doesn't agree and takes him into her room. Mohit sees Annika and Majnu going into the room together.

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 28th September 2018 Written Update

    Next morning. Bhavya sees a newspaper lying on the table with word "Maksad" written on it. She feels it strange and runs her eyes. When she opens her eyes simple newspaper is in front of her eyes and Mohit is standing by her. Mohit says I got Shivaay's objective of killing Nancy. Bhavya asks and what's that? Mohit says Shivaay doesn't love Annika. They had no wife-husband relation. That's why he got attracted by Nancy. And tried to get close to her. But when Nancy refused he murdered her. Bhavya says I myself saw Shivaay was ready to sacrifice his life to save Annika. And Annika also supports Shivaay. Mohit tells Bhavya that Annika loves Majnu Singh Awara. There's something between them. Bhavya thinks Mohit is saying all this because of the shock of Nancy's death. So she just asks him to take rest and leaves. Mohit decides to get evidence to prove himself right in front of Bhavya.

    Shivaay decides to bake a cake for Rudra as he's upset because he has to leave his room. Annika helps him.

    Mohit sees Annika and Majnu Singh in the kitchen getting closer to each other. He rushes to call Bhavya. But when he brings Bhavya Annika and Majnu were just discussing the food for everyone. Bhavya's doubts vanished. Omru watches pictures of the party to get any clue. But those pictures didn't prove to be helpful. Annika suggests finding Nancy to get answers to their questions. Shivaay says he already asked someone to find her and she'll be caught in less time. Nancy calls Mohit and asks him to give her fees soon. Mohit asks her to be patient and let him talk to their boss about it. He asks Nancy to give him time until his show the next day. Annika dances with Majnu Singh Awara. Mohit sees them together and silently tries to click pictures to show bhavya as a proof. When Mohit comes out... Majnu Singh hides.

    Precap For Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 1st October 2018 Written Update : Mohit's questions Annika about being with Majnu there at that time. Annika tries to conceal the fact and says what I'll do here with Majnu. Mohit says come on Annika. I saw you having a romance with that Majnu with my own eyes.

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