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  • Wednesday, 26 September 2018

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 26th September 2018 Written Update "Shivaay-Anika's Romantic Moments Shivomru United again"

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 26th September 2018 Written Update

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 26th September 2018 Written Update "Shivaay-Anika's Romantic Moments Shivomru United again".

    Majnu Singh comes to confront ACP Bhavya. He introduces himself to Bhavya and says I listened you came for stone enquiry.. So ask what you want. Just don't ask me the recipe of 'Sarso ka saag'. A cook never shares his best recipe. Open behaviour of the doubted cook  removes Bhavya's doubts and she leaves without any investigation.
    Majnu Singh goes to talk to Mohit. But he's not in his room. Majnu thinks maybe he isn't home. Majnu gets a moulded paper fallen in the floor. He picks the paper and it's a paid parking ticket. 

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 26th September 2018 Written Update

    The ticket is dated on the party night and timed as 3:30 am. Majnu thinks where has gone that night? But why will Mohit go? What could be so urgent that Mohit has to 3:30 am when he was so drunk. He thinks he must've to talk to Mohit to solve the matter and decides to wait for him to return home.
    Shivaay arranges his bed on the floor. Annika asks you talked to Mohit. Shivaay says he isn't home. I am worried about him. Don't know where he goes. What he does. Whom does he meet? He needs a support in this situation but he'll not talk to anyone.

     Shivaay asks Annika to talk to Shivaay about this matter. Annika agrees to help him. Shivaay says on go and sleep. Annika asks to go?? Means?  Shivaay says it's very late you should sleep. Annika says and where you'll sleep. Shivaay points to the bed arranged on the floor and says here. Annika asks how you can sleep on the floor? Shivaay lies down and says like this. Annika lies beside Shivaay and says ok like this? Shivaay asks what are you doing Annika? Annika replies What I should do.  What you think my husband will sleep on the floor and the wife will sleep in bed easily? Shivaay says am not Shivaay this time. Am Majnu. If someone will see us together like this then. Annika says nobody will see. All are sleeping. Shivaay asks why to aren't understanding? Annika says of am not understanding why you are trying to explain?

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 26th September 2018 Written Update

     Shivaay says you'll sleep here with me whole night? Annika says yes. Shivaay asks and what you'll do? Count the stars? Annika says Good idea. Let's count stars. Now Shivaay has no option left. He has to agree with Annika.
    Annika points towards a star and says that star.. The cute one.. Is mine. Shivaay asks stars are also cute? Annika says yes they are cute. And especially this one. This is cute and also very special. Shivaay asks special..why?  Annika looks into Shivaay's eyes and says because now this is ours. Shivaay Annika spend romantic moments together and the night passes.
    Next morning.. Shivaay wakes up and says Annika you should go to your room now and I'll go to talk to Mohit about Nancy's murder. Annika says I know Shivaay you'll win.

    Tej organizes a press conference at Oberoi mansion. He says I invited this press conference to make an important announcement. He calls Omru on the stage. Tej announces from today... Me and my son's have no relation or deals with Shivaay. Whole family gets shocked. Tej further says I and our board of directors have decided that from now the national and international wings of Oberoi empire will be headed by me instead of Shivaay. And my sons will support me. And let me tell neither our family nor business has any space for a murderer. Shivaay feels hurt.

    To escape from the rising questions Tej makes an excuse by offering refreshments to the reporters. He asks Majnu Singh to arrange refreshment for them. Annika feels bad that Shivaay has to work as a servant in his own house. Annika starts crying. Omru asks her what happened? Annika looks at Majnu Singh holding tray in his hands. Her eyes are filled with tears again. Omru remembers the occasions where Majnu behaved like Shivaay. And finally, they realize that Majnu Singh is just Shivaay. They feel happy that Shivaay is with them and safe but feel bad to see his struggle that he has to work as e servant. They move ahead to support Shivaay. And say it's not your work 'Bhaiya'. Your job is to give the order not to take orders. They take Shivaay with them upstairs. They hug him hard.. their eyes are filled with tears of happiness to get their brother back. Omru asks why didn't you tell us? Shivaay says I didn't want to trouble you. Shivaay asks them to keep his reality sacred until he gets to know about Nancy's murderer. Om asks you got any information? Shivaay says got some clues..need to talk to Mohit to sort out the matter. Omru says but remembers you don't need to do anything alone..we are with you.

    Precap For Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 27th September 2018 Written Update :

     Mohit talks to a person and says I don't know why you are taking this much time. Until now my wife's property should be under me. The person replies it's not that easy it's a large amount worth 200 crores. Majnu Singh remembers that he got information that Nancy is from a poor family. Shivaay follows Mohit to get a helpful clue.

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