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  • Tuesday, 25 September 2018

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 25th September 2018 Written Update "Shivaay's Identity Reveals In front of Anika"

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 25th September 2018 Written Update "Shivaay's Identity Reveals In front of Anika".

    Majnu Singh tries to sneak out from Annika's room but Annika catches him at the door. Majnu Singh makes an excuse that I came to ask you what to cook for the dinner. Annika decides to go to the kitchen with Majnu Singh to help her. She's standing by the mirror. Her duppata catches fire from the lightened lamp kept at the dressing table. Majnu Singh shouts "Annika" and rushes to her. He takes her away and extinguishes the fire. Astonished Annika stares Majnu Singh continuously with her mouth open. 

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 25th September 2018 Written Update

    Majnu Singh says sorry and asks if she's alright? Annika recognized the voice and says "Shivaay". Majnu Singh says not Shivaay it's Majnu Singh Awara. Annika says not Majnu its Shivaay. Majnu Singh isn't still ready to reveal his real identity. He tries to convince Annika that he's not Shivaay. But Annika is sure now that he's Shivaay. She says I couldn't recognize you. But as you touched me I realized that you are my Shivaay. Majnu Singh again tries to prove Annika wrong. He says let me bring lassi for you and moves to the door. Annika overtakes him and shuts the door. She says until I finish my words you'll not go out Shivaay. Majnu says don't joke with me. Annika replies am not joking Shivaay. Annika takes Majnu's hand over her head and asks him to swear on her that he's not Shivaay.

     Majnu refuses to swear. Annika gets assured that he's Shivaay and hugs him. Annika says how mad I was you were in front of near to me but I couldn't recognize you. She asks are you alright? And hugs him again. Her eyes are filled with tears of happiness. Annika asks Shivaay until when this will go on? Shivaay replies until I prove my innocence. And I'll need your help with this. You've to promise me that you won't let anyone know who's Majnu Singh Awara. Annika says but you can tell our family. Shivaay says I can but I don't want police to disturb our family. Annika says it's ok. I'll support you in your every decision. Shivaay hears someone's footsteps and rushes to hide behind the curtains. Tej reaches the rooms for. He asks Annika for keys of Shivaay's file cabinet. Annika gives him the keys. And Tej leaves. Shivaay comes out. Annika asks why Tej asked for the keys to your cabinet. Shivaay says he may need some document. To prevent himself from any doubts Shivaay goes out of the room.

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update Shivika Moments

    Omru misses Shivaay together in the kitchen. Majnu Singh reaches there. He hears them praying for him. He moves ahead to light their faces and enters the kitchen singing a song. Rudra asks Majnu Singh to stop singing. Majnu asks why? Rudra says because you sing very hoarse like Shivaay. Majnu Singh asks what? Shivaay sings badly?  Om says no he sings very badly. Majnu says then what none can be perfect everyone has a deficiency. Rudra says not just one we have a list of his lacks. And he starts counting Shivaay's drawbacks in front of him. Doing this Rudra misses Shivaay. Some words slipped from Majnu's tongue in his real voice but he manages to divert the topic. He asks Omru what you are doing here in the kitchen. They say we used to help Shivaay in cooking. Majnu Singh asks them to help him then. And they have an awesome time together in the kitchen.

    Mohit gets angry to see them Omru enjoying with Majnu Singh in the kitchen. As Mohit leaves Annika enters the kitchen and gestures Majnu Singh to come out. Majnu goes out. Annika tells him that a call came for him from Morroco. Shivaay calls back and gets to know that Nancy is from a poor family. He tells Annika the matter and asks then how Nancy could have such an enemy. Annika says it could be Mohit's opponent who tried to take revenge by killing Nancy. Shivaay decides to talk to Mohit as being Shivaay and ask him if he had any such enemy. He removes his beard and mustache and moves ahead to talk to Mohit as Shivaay. But as they reach in the hall they find Bhavya there. Bhavya came to inquire about the calls made from Annika's mobile to Morroco and to know about their new chef Majnu Singh Awara. Shivaay hides and tries to disguise himself again as Majnu Singh before Bhavya may see him. Meanwhile, Annika keeps Bhavya distracted. Bhavya asks Annika about the calls made from her phone to Morroco. Annika refuses to tell her anything. When Shivaay successfully returns to Majnu's look. He goes to confront Bhavya.

    Precap For Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 26th September 2018 Written Update  :

    Annika and Shivaay spend time together. Shivaay asks Annika to go to her room And sleep. Annika refuses to go.

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