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  • Monday, 24 September 2018

    Ishqbaaz latest News Update 24th September 2018 Written Update "Shivaay Finds a Clue Shivika Moments"

    Ishqbaaz latest News Update 24th September 2018

    Ishqbaaz latest News Update 24th September 2018 Written Update "Shivaay Finds a Clue Shivika Moments".

    Majnu Singh cooks food for Oberoi family. He asks Daadi to have something. But Daadi says I am not in the moo.

    She's upset whether Shivaay had eaten something or not. Majnu Singh until you will not eat.. How Billu will? And he starts encouraging everyone to eat the food. He claims that you all will remember Shivaay's food by tasting the food I made. He serves the food and says to Daadi. Eat also have to take the medicines for your knee pain. 

    Ishqbaaz latest News Update 24th September 2018

    Om doubts and asks Majnu Singh how you bought Daadi had knee pain. Shivaay realizes he made a mistake but he corrects it instantly by saying I told you that Shivaay told me everything about you. Everything. Majnu's cooked recipes are exactly similar to what Shivaay used to make. Janhvi says you cook like Shivaay..with healthy combinations. Majnu says but I don't copy anyone... Who taught cooking to your Shivaay? I did. Tej says if you finished your comedy show shall we start eating? And they start eating the food. After watching Daadi's expressions Majnu asks did you felt it much spicy? Priyanka says no it's perfect. Just as Shivaay used to cook. Om asks how the taste of two people's hands can be the same? Rudra says this food is just like the way Shivaay makes. Annika says and the parathas are also the same.

     Majnu starts laughing. Rudra says and your height also assimilates to that of Shivaay bhaiya. Looking from behind anyone can't differentiate. Tej says and after a while, you'll say He's just Shivaay bhaiya. Mohit gets sorted disturbed by the continuous discussion about Shivaay. He says he ran away after murdering my wife and you all miss him the way he ran after doing something great? I know you'll try to save him but listen carefully. Anybody can't save Shivaay. And he leaves the dining table. Tej expresses his agreement with Shivaay and says the discussion about Shivaay never ends at this home. At least don't mention Shivaay in front of him. Majnu determines to find the real murderer to clear the bitterness in Mohit's heart regarding him.

    Ishqbaaz latest News Update 24th September 2018

    Majnu Singh (Shivaay) goes to his own room to collect clues. He allocates the scene shown in the footage in the room and starts looking here and there for any proof. Shivaay finds a button on the waistcoat he was wearing at the party night. But when he checks the coat. It has it all buttons stick to it. There is no missing button. This shows that it's not the button of Shivaay's coat.

     The clues that the button isn't of Shivaay's coat and the footage wasn't clear points that somebody who wore clothes like him must've murdered Nancy. Buy Shivaay thinks Nancy didn't know anyone here then who could be her enemy.  He thinks that a person can be Mohit's enemy.

    Annika calls Gauri and informs her that they can't get any update about Shivaay. She disconnects the call by asking her to focus on her studies. Annika misses Shivaay and remembers that he wanted to tell her something that night. She starts crying in the current circumstances. And starts praying for Shivaay to come back. Majnu Singh comes there and sits by Annika. Annika cries and expresses her concern for Shivaay. But Majnu Singh still can't tell his reality to her. To vanish Annika disappointment Majnu asks her to close her eyes. Annika closes her eyes. Majnu says listen from your heart and you'll surely listen to my voice. Surprises Annika opens her eyes. 

    Ishqbaaz latest News Update 24th September 2018

    She thinks from where Shivaay's voice came? Majnu Singh says if you'll listen from your heart you'll surely listen to his voice. Majnu Singh ensures Annika that Ganpatiji will fix everything. Annika prays to Lord  Ganesha to support her and Majnu prays for Annika's prayers to be accepted.

    Majnu Singh listens to Tej talking on mobile and saying " Shivaay is still missing. He'll try best at his level to know the truth. And he is still here" Majnu Singh finds the conversation a bit strange. Tej sees Majnu listening to his conversation and gets angry. He tries to get Majnu Singh out of their house. But the family takes a stand for him. And Tej couldn't get Majnu Singh out of the house.
    Shivaay thinks to solve the mystery of the button. He thinks to talk to Mohit to know about any possible suspect. Majnu Singh goes to Mohit's room. But he finds the room empty.
    Majnu Singh is called someone using Annika's mobile to get information about Nancy. Annika enters the room with a lightened lamp. Shivaay hides. His phone rings. Shivaay throws the phone on the bed. Annika moved to check the mobile. Majnu tries to get out of the room. But Annika sees him.

    Precap For Ishqbaaz latest News Update 25th September 2018

    Bhavya comes to inquire from the new chef at Oberoi mansion. She also asks Annika about the calls made from her mobile to Morroco. Majnu Singh is in danger of his real identity is revealed

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