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  • Wednesday, 19 September 2018

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 19th September 2018 Written Update"Shivaay is In Trouble "

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 19th September 2018 Written Update

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 19th September 2018 Written Update"Shivaay is In Trouble "

    Bhavya open car's trunk. She hoped Shivaay to be inside. But as she opens she finds only Shivaay's mobile phone inside. Shivaay left his phone on the car to mislead them and ran away himself.
    Annika is worried about Shivaay. She wants to call him and ask if he's alright but can't. It's dark now. Shivaay tired of roaming here and there sits on a bench. He hopes everybody at his home to be fine. He wants to call home but can't. Both are missing each other. Annika closes her eyes and says 'Shivaay'. Shivaay hears Annika's voice in his mind. Annika feels Shivaay be with her wiping her tears. He's finally in front of her. Annika is surprised. 

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 19th September 2018 Written Update

    The song.Main yaaha Hoon.. plays. Shivaay hugs Annika. She feels relieved to find him in front of her eyes. But realizing the reality of Shivaay's absence disappoints her.
    Next morning. Oberois listens to the news about Shivaay on TV that says Popular industrialist Shivaay Singh Oberoi..accused of the murder of magician Taaj's wife is still an absconder. The cause of murder isn't sure but Mr. Mohit Malhotra claims that Shivaay killed his wife in anger because his wife refused to accept Shivaay's illegitimate proposal. Tej asks Omru.. you listened to this? Today because of Shivaay our name our reputation is all destroyed. Associates..investors.. friends are calling us. I can't answer their calls. And only because of Shivaay our company's shares also crashed. Annika says Shivaay is innocent. 

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update

    He's more worried than us. Tej asks them why he ran away. Om asks what you want to say? Shivaay murdered Nancy? Tej says the world is saying. Janhvi says the world doesn't know Shivaay that well we all know. How you can think that Shivaay can murder someone? Tej asks why he can't? Rudra says he's innocent. He did nothing. We need to support him not to go against him. Tej says you have any idea? How much loss we faced because of Shivaay. Om says business..stocks.. loss and gain. Papa, there's also a life ahead all these. Tej says don't forget you are saying this because you got this whole empire already created. Ask me who worked so hard to create this empire. Om says you always did everything for yourself and this empire only. But my brother always did for this family. Rudra says what Oberoi empire.. the wealth of this whole world is nothing in front of our brother. Tej remembers Omru that Shivaay didn't even tell them before running away. 

    Om says because he doesn't need. He knows his brothers are always with him. If you didn't even consider this family's reputation you wouldn't even apply for the bail. Tej shouts 'Omkara'. At the same moment, media enters Oberoi mansion and starts questioning about Shivaay's murder case. Om chides them and says mind your tongue. Answering your questions isn't necessary for us. But a reporter says we know you'll try to save him with your money power. Taaj comes there and says nobody can save Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Shivaay will be punished for his crime but for that, I'll need your help. I appeal the citizens of our country to help police to catch Shivaay. Taaj announces prize money of Rs 20 Lakh to the person giving any information regarding Shivaay's whereabouts.

    Ishqbaaz Latest News Update Daily Written Update

    Hiding himself Shivaay reaches a building. In the washroom, while washing his face he hears people talking about him. One says I can't believe Shivaay Singh Oberoi such a great businessman will murder someone. Other say there's a prize of 20 Lakh over him. He'll surely be caught. And goes ahead. The first person watches Shivaay's face in the mirror. Shivaay tries to hide his face. Shivaay covers his face with soap and successfully bamboozles the person.

    Shivaay sits in the hall of the hotel hiding his face beside a newspaper. There he listens to the conversation of two people talking about Taaj's show. He gets to know that Taaj booked a room for his wife who was coming for his show. But Shivaay finds it strange as his wife came with him on the first day and stayed at Oberoi mansion with them. Then why he asked to book a room for Nancy. Shivaay comes in eyes of police because of some mistake. He acts as there is a bomb in the hotel. This creates a situation of panic in the hotel.  He takes advantage of the situation and checks the previous booking at the reception. He gets to know that Taaj booked a room for Nancy on the day of the party. Inspector Bhavya reaches there. Shivaay takes the keys of room booked by Taaj and rushes towards the room. Bhavya follows him. Shivaay reaches the Room no.777 but before he could enter the room Bhavya comes there. He hides.
    Taaj tries to perform his magic tricks but he can't concentrate on them without Nancy. Annika tries to console Mohit and convince him about Shivaay's innocence.. but Mohit continues blaming Shivaay. He asks Annika to accept the truth that Shivaay was attracted towards Nancy and when Nancy refused to get close to him. He murdered her. But still, Mohit can break Annika's trust over Shivaay.

    Precap For Ishqbaaz Latest News Update 20th September 2018 Written Update  :

    Tej decides to remove Shivaay from his company because of continuous loss. Shivaay gets arrested.

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