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  • Monday, 24 September 2018

    Ishq Subhan Allah Latest News Update"Zara-Kabeer's Romance in Cupboard " 24th September Video WU

    Ishq Subhan Allah Latest News Update"Kabeer Scolds Ruksar Zara-Kabee's Romantic Scene 24th September Video WU.

    Segment Strat with Jail where Lady Police takes ruksar to Room for her golden Night with Kabeer.
    She is In Dulhan attire and Excited that Finally She is Married to Kabeer.
    Police Suggests Her Something and Leaves from there, Ruksar Sits on the Bed and Lost In Thought She Arranges the Rose Petals On The Bed and Waiting for Kabeer to come.

    Ishq Subhan Allah Latest News Update

    She Sees Dream where Kabeer comes and takes Out her Veil But Dream Break When
    Kabeer comes after some time and He Sits Near Her.
    She about to Say Something But Kabeer Shouts On Her that Why did she Kill Hamdaan.
    She Gets Panicks and Tells Him That He Was Abusing her and Etc Etc.
    She tries to come Near to Her But He Tells her that He Married to Her to Save Her Life.

    He Tells her that He can’t give Place which he has Given to Zara, With this He Leaves her there.
    Ruksar’s Dreams Shattered But In Her Interview She Tells That She is Happy That At least They Married and Said Qabool Hai to Each-other.
    There At India Zara who was Lost In Kabeer’s Thoughts Opens her Cupboard and Finds Kabeer is Sitting There.
    She leans on His Shoulder and He too takes her in his arms and They Lost In Each-Other.

    Zara tells in her interview that It’s a Cute But Emotional Scene Where They are So Connected to Each-Other That They are Feeling Their Pain from Long Distance too.
    Stay Tuned into Ishq Subhan Allah Latest News Update and Spoiler.



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