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  • Saturday, 1 September 2018

    Zoya Slaps Arshad For Blaming Aditya Bepannaah Latest News 1st September 2018 Segment Video Written Update

    Bepannaah Latest News

    Zoya Slaps Arshad For Blaming Aditya  Bepannaah Latest News 1st September 2018  Segment Video Written Update.

    We have Updated How Aditya and Arshad Participated in Dahi-Handi Competition Where When Arshad Broke the Dahi-Handi Pot So Many Glasses Fell On His Face And He Got wounded and fell On the Ground and Lost the Competition But He Accused Aditya Of that.
    Segment Start with Arshad Blames Aditya That He Put Glasses Inside the Dahi-Handi Pot and Because of Those Glasses He got wounded.

    Bepannaah Latest News :Zoya Slaps Arshad

    Arshad Even Beat Aditya Zoya Who Sees All This Gets Furious and Slaps Arshad Hard.
    Both Aditya and Arshad are Shocked to See Zoya Like This.
    Arshad Tries to Say Something But Zoya Tells Him That She won’t Listen to Anything Like this Against Her Best friend and She Leaves with Aditya.
    On the Other hand, Colors Realised New Promo Where Arshad Tells Zoya About Aditya’s Plan to Hurt Him.
    Zoya Goes to Aditya and Asks Him a Same question and Aditya Confesses that Because He Loves Her.

    Furious Zoya Slaps him and Asks Arshad To Marry Him and With hand In His Hand She Leaves But Aditya Shouts That One Day You will Confess Your Love for Me.
    Harsh and Aditya’s Interview: Harsh Says That We are Having Fun You will See Dance, Fun And Everything and After that Blast Tooo . Both harsh and Aditya Laugh.

    SO Guys What do You Think Is Color Promo is Fake As Segment is Different Where Zoya Slaps Arshad and In Promo She Slaps Aditya.
    What Will Happen? Stay Tuned Into for Bepannaah Latest news and Spoilers.

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