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  • Friday, 24 August 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 24th August 2018 "Naira-Kartik Bump to Each-other "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 24th August 2018 "Naira-Kartik Bump to Each-other "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 24th August 2018 "Naira-Kartik Bump to Each-other”
    Naksh suggests Naira get separated from Kartik..not only in the papers but from the depths of her heart also. Naksh leaves.

    Naira talks to herself and says it's not under my control. Wipes her tears and continues... I try hard but can't forget him. But maybe you are right brother... I should try again to move on. And I'll try.
    Rukmani is talking to Guruji. As she cuts the call.. she feels dizzy. Kartik rushes towards her to support her.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Daily Written Update 

     Suhasini asks him to leave her and let her go. Kartik replies that she'll not go anywhere she's not fine. Suhasini asks him why he's worried about her health?? He didn't think while hurting hey before. Kartik replies that she may chide her but this time she needs rest. Suhasini replies that she can take care of herself and asks Kartik to stay away from her... And let her go. Kartik replies that he will stay away from her but first he'll take her to doctor. And he takes Suhasini for a checkup.
    Naitik gets worried to find Naira missing from her room. Kirti tells him that she saw her going out and she was normal. Naksh and Devyani try to convince Naitik that Naira is brave and she'll not take any wrong step. So he needs to rise above his fear.

    Naitik agrees to them and says that from now he instead of worrying he'll pray for Naira that she always stay courageous and fight her problems.
    Naira meets the doctor for her injury's treatment. The doctor tells Naira that she may just need a minor surgery... But they'll try to fix it by physiotherapy before that. And then she can do anything... Even dance. Naira gets excited to listen that she will be able to dance again. And decides to call Kartik and give him the good news. Doctor asks her whose Kartik. Her husband or boyfriend? The question remembered her about their divorce and she cuts the call before getting connected.
    Mansi and Anmol appreciate Kaira and describe them as a perfect couple. Mansi says that she's living a normal life just because of Naira as she forgave her such a big mistake. And asks if her mistake can be forgiven. Why not her?? And they start discussing Kartik and Naira's relation. 

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    Mohit comes there and tells them that Kartik gave up on their relationship because he wanted Naira to understand him and Naira gave up on the relationship because she thought that Kartik takes her wrong. Mansi points out that the truth of their relationship is buried under their misunderstandings.

    The Hospital is decorated for a minister's welcome. Naira asks herself why she called Kartik. Why she chose Kartik when she could see it with anybody. As she moves ahead. Kartik bumps into her.. And she falls over Kartik. The decorated balloons fall over them. They lose themselves for a moment. A while they get up. Naira asks Kartik with worry what he's doing in there? If he's fine? What happened to him? Why he came to the hospital? What did he do? Kartik gets confused by her rapid questions. Naira again asks him to answer. Kartik replies that he's fine and tells her that he came for Suhasini's checkup. Her health is a little bad because of stress. Kartik asks Naira what she's doing there? And asks her if she got hurt? Naira doesn't answer. Kartik again asks her if she's alright? Naira was about to tell Kartik about her meeting with the doctor... But Suhasini comes back from her checkup and gets shocked to see them together.

    Suwarna talks to Kirti to explain her opinion about Kartik and Naira's divorce. She always knew that they'll surely get divorced.  And she thinks that it was the right decision. The pain Kartik suffered for 2 years needs to be ended. And maybe it was the right way to end that. Kirti replies that she may feel bad to listen to her opinion. It happened because. She wanted only divorce nothing else. She always thought that Kartik will be happy with this. But it's not the truth. Suwarna replies that time will tell that. Kirti replies that she's also saying that only time will tell. But this time. She Mari celebrate her victory of Kartik and Naira's divorce. And asked Suwarna to remember that Kartik may live away from Naira. But they don't know what will happen when they'll get separated. And she says At least I can guess this but You don't even want to think about that. She isn't collecting her son's happiness but something else. And warned her that her stubbornness can ruin Karthik's life. And disconnects the call.
    Naira hides from Suhasini. Both Kartik and Naira think what they are afraid of? Why she's hiding? Suhasini asks Kartik to go back but he wants to stay and Naira too wants him to stay. While leaving Suhasini suspects Naira's presence but. She can't find her. Kartik and Naira wanted to stay a little longer and talk... But couldn't.
    Devyani and Rajshri think that the festival of Raksha Bandhan may distract everyone from their grief. 

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 24th August 2018

    Rukmani asks Devyani to prepare for Raksha Bandhan. Devyani replies that they don't need to make any preparations.. sister will tie Rakhi to his brother and Everything will be simple. Rukmani picks up the excuse of Naira's divorce and says that she's also sad for her divorce but they can't stay stuck to this sorrow. They've to move on. Devyani replies that she can move on who stopped her. Mansi and Kirti may celebrate it as they wish. But Naira is still stuck to her will of a unique celebration of Raksha Bandhan. Naira comes there and listens to their arguments over Naira's grief. Naira moves ahead and requests Rajshri to handle the matter. Rajshri moves ahead and says that Mansi and Kirti both will celebrate Raksha Bandhan but will think where to celebrate.

    Precap For 
    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 24th August 2018:

     Kaira disappointed from the incomplete meeting and wishes to meet each other once again.

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