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  • Thursday, 30 August 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 30th August 2018 "Kartik-Naira Want to See Each-Other"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 30th August 2018 "Kartik-Naira Want to See Each-Other.”

    Suwarna is still unconscious. Akhil says Rajshri shouldn't talk all this with her. Manish replies that somebody must say these words hanging for 2 years.
     Akhil replies but she was not in a state of listening all this. After Shubham's death, she faces anxiety attack at every small matter. Manish tells Akhil that blaming a person again and again for someone's mistake is also wrong. Suhasini asks Manish what will be the benefit of proving someone wrong or right? And suggests them to move away from the broken relations. 

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Latest News

    Akhil agrees to Suhasini and says if the same matter had been discussed some months or years before it might make a difference..but now it's useless. We should forget about Kartik and Naira's relation and both the families should stay away.
    Next morning... Naira reaches the jogger's park to see Kartik. On the other side, Kartik reaches outside Naira's house with binoculars for Naira's glimpse. They both have no words to exchange but just want to see each other.
    Suwarna wakes up and asks Manish about Kartik. Manish replies Kartik is here. you may take rest you are not fine. But Suwarna wants to talk to him about Aashi. But Manish asks her to rest first and talk to him later. Suwarna tries to get up from her bed to find Kartik. But Manish doesn't let her do so and asks her to stay there and have rest.

     Suwarna still wants to talk to Kartik first and says my health isn't more important than Kartik. I must clear his misunderstanding. Manish asks her then why she let the misunderstandings grow. Why this situation came? I asked you many times to not to interfere with them and the results are here. But Suwarna still wants to talk to Kartik.
    After not finding each other... Kartik and Naira decide to return. Naira stops at the tea stall on the way. They think about calling each other but can't. Finally, Kartik sees Naira drinking tea at the tea stall. Both Kartik and Naira remember their moments at the stall. Kartik moves ahead towards Naira but hides as Naitik comes there. Naitik asks Naira why she's drinking tea there and asks her if she's alright? He was worried to think where she went early morning. Naira tells him that she came for a morning walk. Naitik asks her where she went for walk? Naira replies with hesitation "Jogger's Park". Kartik gets surprised to listen 'Jogger's park'. Naitik asks Naira to return home if she completed her walk. And they start going back home. Kartik thinks why Naira went so far at Jogger's Park.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Daily Written Updates

    Maybe because she knows that I go there for jogging.

    Devyani talks about monsoon Puja. She says that Bhabimaa said may be small...but Puja must be done. Rukmani puts forth the point that it will be Mansi's last monsoon Puja as she will go to America then. Roshni asks Rajshri about her opinion. Rajshri agrees for the Puja. Rukmani says we will not call any outsiders in this Puja. Rajshri replies they are not outsiders. But it will be better to not to call them. Rukmani asks about Mansi's Shagun of sarees and jewelry. Devyani asks Rukmani to ask them to send Shagun through staff... instead of coming themselves.

    Goenkas agree to send the Shagun through staff. Kartik returns home and sees Surekha sending Shagun to Singhanias. Before he could ask the matter from someone. Suwarna comes there and tries to talk to her. But Kartik simply ignores her and moves ahead. Suwarna feels bad.
    Naksh and Naitik talk about injustice happened with Naira. Naksh puts forth the point that the celebration of this Puja will be a torture for Naira. Naitik replies it will be but she'll tolerate everything for Mansi and Anmol.
    Suwarna gets worried as Kartik didn't talk to her. She wants a chance to express her intention of his happiness behind this decision. As she thinks Kartik will be happy with Aashi. The swings prepared for monsoon Puja remembers Kartik and Naira about each other. It freshens up all the good memories they had together. They wonder where these memories were when they were together.
    Naksh encourages Naira to join the celebration. He gives him some dresses sent by Kirti for her and spends time with her trying to dress her hair. Naksh's attempt makes Naira happy. Naira feels little sad during the celebration. Naitik and Naksh suspect her expressions and move ahead to make her comfortable. They left no stone unturned to entertain Naira during the Puja. When everyone leaves... Naira is left alone. She suspects some sparkling in lights used for decoration. She tries to check it but gets an electric shock that pushes her backward. At the same moment, Kartik reaches there. Naira strikes into him and they both fall together onto the swing.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 31st August 2018 :

    When asked about the reason for coming at Singhania Sadan makes an excuse of shagun. Naksh suggests Kartik to learn to live separately if they are separated.

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