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  • Friday, 3 August 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 3rd August 2018 Written Update "Naira Feels Jealous to See Kartik and Aashi Together

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 3rd August 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 3rd August 2018 Written Update 

    "Naira Feels Jealous to See Kartik and Aashi Together"
    Suwarna feels relieved to see Aashi and Kartik together. Kirti asks her if she called Aashi.

    Suwarna gets worried about the doubt raised at her. And replies that she didn't. And Suwarna asks Kirti to arrange a room for Aashi of she is staying there.
    Next morning... Devyani and Nandini discuss being tired because of engagement function. Naira and Naitik go to park. Naira sees Kartik there and told Naitik that there is her friend. She wants to meet her. Naitik let her go.

    YRKKH 3rd August 2018 WRITTEN UPDATES

    Naira says to Kartik that she needs to talk something. She said that they didn't tell their family about Mansi's pregnancy but... She needs to be checked by a doctor. They must do it themselves... As too much tiredness in the wedding may make her sick. Kartik said this thought didn't come to his mind. Naira tells him that she too realized it just then. And they must check her from any hospital. And Kartik said they may get treatment for her leg from the same. Naira started at him. Kartik just realized he expressed his concern for her.
    Naira said that she may take an appointment and asked him to bring Mansi with him. And if they may go to the same hospital they went for a suggestion for themselves. That moment flashed over Kartik's eyes.


    Naira gives him the time of 3 o'clock and leaves.
    Naira goes back to Naitik. He asked her about her friend and she lied that she was a school friend of her. Kartik was continuously staring at him. As Naira looks at him back... Aashi suddenly jumps in from of Kartik. And asked him why didn't he tell her and came alone.
    "That's why I didn't... Because I wanted to jog not to laugh." Replies Kartik. Aashi asks him to go for lunch. But Kartik denies and says that he has an urgent work. But as Aashi forces him... Kartik says that they may go for a dinner as he had no time for lunch.

    Bhabimaa and Nandini get to know that Aashi is a stand-up comedian. Naira listens to their discussion and guessed that she might be Aashi.
    Naira said to Anmol that she needs to talk something to him. Anmol asks her what happened? Naira tells him that they need to take Mansi to doctor. Amol asks if she is fine? Naira replies that she is... But they must go to the doctor for a checkup and medication.
    On the other hand... Kartik too tells asks Mansi for a checkup from a doctor.
     Mansi said that she doesn't want to visit any doctor as she is afraid of them and she hates doctors.

    Kartik tells her that she must go to the doctor in this situation... For her and the baby's health.
    Anmol asks Naira if Mansi is going for checkup why he needs to accompany them? Naira tells him because she will be more comfortable with him. And nowadays doctors prescribe a couple to come to together. Not only mothers. But as Anmol tries to make excuse  Naira explains to him that at these times a lady needs her partner. As the love and care, he gives to her..... And remembered how Kartik took care of her.
    Kartik tells Mansi that this time they need to be together so that they can handle the situation and the change together... And Kartik remembers about Naira. He told Mansi that appointment timing is 3 o'clock. He will go earlier and she may come to a while later as if they both may go together they might need to answer many questions.
    Naira asks Anmol to not to come with her and reach at the time. Anmol and Naira found Rukmani standing near them and felt worried if she listened to their conversation.

    She asks Naira for a topic for standup comedy.

    Naira and Kartik arrive at the hospital and wait for Mansi and Anmol. Naira asks him that she made an appointment with her name so what she should write in the register? Kartik says they can't write man Mansi's name there. Naira gives her name in the register as "Mrs. Naira Kartik Goenka". Naira asks Kartik if Aashi had come? And how's she? Kartik replies she is good. Naira and if she will stay till the wedding. Kartik replies he doesn't know. Naira asks him if she had any show... How she came suddenly??? Kartik feels strange about Naira's questions.
    The doctor who did Naira's surgery came there and recognized Naira and Kartik. Kartik asks Naira if she got only this hospital in the whole city. Naira replies that she asked him earlier.. he may deny that time.
    Suhasini gets to know that Kartik and Naira went to blue clock clinic. Suhasini asks the driver to go towards the blue clock clinic. Naira and Kartik remember their memories related to that nursing home.
    Naira and Kartik are waiting for Anmol and Mansi. Suhasini arrives at the clinic. Naira gets informed that they are late as Rukmani made then stay for a Puja. Kartik says that he can't wait anymore and the decision to go back. As they left the clinic Suhasini reaches reception and sees "Mrs. Naira Kartik Goenka" in the appointment register. The doctor comes there and nurses about Mr. and Mrs. Goenka. She told him that they just left. Suhasini suspects of she are going to be a grandmother...And Naira is pregnant???
    Kartik and Naira went to their advocates and asked why the called them urgently. Mr. Sharma tells them that their meeting with divorce counselor is fixed for the next day and asked them to act as they both can't tolerate each other for even one minute. If they want relief from each other. Kartik and Naira agreed. Mr. Sharma asks them for some rehearsal.
    Suhasini arrives home. She is confused about Naira's pregnancy. Suhasini asks her if she is fine. And asked if she may help her.. Suhasini asks her to do her work and she needs to rest.
    Suhasini again prays to prevent Kartik and Naira's divorce.

    Precap: Devyani tells Kartik that how her leg got injured while waiting for him and also she is not responsible for Shubham's death.

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