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  • Tuesday, 7 August 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th August 2018 Written Updates"Param's Plan Successful Raman-Ishita are in Trouble"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th August 2018 Written Updates, 7th August 2018 Written Updates

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th August 2018 Written Updates"Param's Plan Successful Raman-Ishita are in Trouble"

    The previous episode continues with Simmi requesting the passers for a lift to take Ananya hospital. She finds a wooden cart there.
    She takes the cart...lays down Ananya on it and starts pulling the cart. She is giving her whole efforts to save Ananya.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th August 2018 Written Updates

    Raman and Ishita are searching for Simmi. Ishita receives a call from Ruhi. Ruhi asks her where she is? Everybody in their home is worried about them. Ishita tells her that they are searching for Simmi to save a girl's life. She will explain her the whole matter later and asks her to inform her if Simmi may call them or come home. Ruhi tells her that maybe she can help them. Ishita asks her how? Ruhi tells her that to help her she added a tracker in Simmi's mobile. So she can get access to her location. 

    YHM 7th August 2018 Written Updates

    Ishita sends her location to Ruhi and asks her how far they are from Simmi?  Ruhi tells them that they are very near to her but before she could provide any further information to them Santoshi arrives there. Ruhi gets panicked and disconnects the call. Ishita asks Raman to keep on moving ahead as they had no other option.
    Ruhi tells the whole matter to Santoshi and Mr.bhalla. And asked them not to inform the police as it can be dangerous. It may lead to a threat to a little girl's life.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News 

    Simmi is still pulling the cart with all her strength. It's getting harder for her to handle the situation. Ananya was about to fall off the cart but Simmi handles her and saves her from falling down.  Simmi listens her fainting heartbeat...The situation is getting worse...but Simmi doesn't give up and keep on trying to save Ananya. A bright light flashes into Simmi's eyes. She saw Ishita and Raman in front of her. She warned them to stay away from Ananya. Ishita tries to convince Simmi that she didn't want to hurry Ananya and didn't add that poison in her food. Param is lying. Simmi is not ready to trust them.  

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Upcoming Story

    Raman tries to explain Simmi that Param is not a good person. He is acting fake. He had put bandages over her eyes. He is trying to inflame her against them. Ishita and Raman requests her to let them help her to save Ananya. Simmi asks them to leave her alone. "She is my Ananya" she exclaimed. She said to Ishita that she killed Ananya once but this time she will not let her do anything to her. Ishita and Raman again try to explain to her that they came to help her and save the girl.
    Ishita swears on Pihu that she doesn't want to kill Ananya. Raman lays Ananya into the car to take her to hospital.
    They arrived at the hospital. Simmi keeps on convincing  Ananya that she wouldn't let anything happen to her. The doctor checks Ananya and tells Simmi that they must pump out the poison from her stomach. The doctor starts her treatment.

    Ishita tries to console Simmi but Simmi still believes that Ishita is the one responsible for the present condition of Ananya. She asks Ishita and Raman not to act fake as they want to help her because she knows their reality. Raman tells her that Param is the real culprit...but she can't understand this as he had filled poison against them in her mind. Param arrives at the hospital with police and accuses Raman and Ishita of poisoning Ananya.

    Raman asks Param to speak the truth. The nurse asks them to go out and solve their matter as they can't create noise inside a hospital. Raman tells the inspector that Param is lying and he is the one responsible for Ananya's such condition as he added rat poison to her food. Some noise of tapping comes from Raman's car. As police open the car trunk they get Raghav's wife trapped inside it. Ishita and Raman get astonished.

     Inspector asks Raman how Raghav's wife came into his car? The lady gets unconscious. Inspector orders to take her inside the hospital. Raman stood there still. Inspector again questions him how Raghav's wife came into his car. Raman replies that he doesn't know how she came there. It must be Param's planning. Param provokes Raman to prove himself innocent in front of police.
    Ruhi tells Bhalla family about Simmi's location to be tracked in hospital. Everyone feels worried and goes to the hospital to see what's going on.
    Raman and Ishita's family arrive at the hospital and asks them if they are fine. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman what happened? Ishita tells them about the whole incident.
    Param goes to Raghav's wife and warned her that until she will keep going on according to him...her daughter will be safe but if she will try to go against him... Anyone can't save her daughter. Santoshi scolds Simmi. She tries to explain to her that Param is a bad person. He is the one responsible for their all sufferings. Shagun asks Santoshi not to waste her energy in explaining anything to Simmi. Simmi asks Shagun not to interfere in their family matter as she is not their family member.

    Santoshi tells Simmi that Shagun is a part of their family..the one who is not their family member is she herself. Nurse and inspector saw Param in the room of Raghav's wife.
    The doctor tells Simmi that Ananya is fine now. Simmi feels relieved to get the news.

    Precap: Simmi blames Ishita for poisoning Ananya in front of Raghav's wife. Inspector asks Ishita and Raman to come police Station with them for some inquiry. Param provokes Simmi to kill Ishita.

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