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  • Monday, 6 August 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2018 Written Updates "Param Traps Raman-Ishita"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2018 Written Updates

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest Written Updates 

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2018 Written Updates "Param Traps Raman-Ishita"

    Ishita tells Raman that Simmi packed some lunch boxes. But she doesn't know why. Param and Simmi come out of their room. 

    Param shouts loud to sign to Raman and Ishita that they are going to an orphanage. Raman and Ishita knew that they were acting fake and went to follow them. Simmi is excited to serve parathas to Ananya. But she doesn't know that Param has mixed something in them.


    Param and Simmi went near Ananya. Ananya starts crying. Param asks Simmi to feed Ananya. Simmi asks her to calm down and tells her that she brought many clothes for her along with Parade and Raita. Simmi starts feedings Ananya with her hands. Ishita and Raman to arrive there, following Param's car.  But they couldn't see them anywhere so they started searching for them. They asked many people. Raman suspects that Param may know that they are following him that's why he parked the car there and vanished. Ishita thinks if that's so... Maybe he had accomplished his plan... Ishita remembered that she saw the word  "RAT POISON" in the bill that came for Param. And told about it to Raman. They again start searching for them.


    The rest poison added by Param starts showing its effect.  Ananya starts feeling sick and has an extreme stomach ache. Ananya starts crying. Simmi gets worried and offered her water to drink.

     Simmi calls Param for help but he was not there. Simmi asks Ananya to calm down as she will not let anything happen to her. Param arrives there and starts acting innocent. He asks Simmi what happened.. Simmi asks him to look at Ananya. Param shows fake concern. Ananya gets unconscious. Simmi asks Param to take out the car as they must go to the doctor. Simmi and Param rush towards their car. Raman and Ishita saw Simmi with a girl. Simmi gets shocked to see them there. Ishita asks Simmi who is this girl and what happened to her. 


    Simmi didn't answer. Param continues his acting and asks Ishita to stop being innocent as she is responsible for the bad condition of that little girl. Simmi asks Param what is he talking. Param points that Ishita cooked the food for him. That was eaten by Ananya and she felt sick. This shows that she wanted to kill him by hi giving him those poisonous parathas. So something must be mixed in those parathas. Ishita replies that something might be mixed. But by Param Not by her. Param asks Ishita if it's his conspiracy then what they are doing there. Simmi gets trapped into Param's talk and asks Ishita how could she plan to kill Param.

     Param starts adding fuel to fire. Raman asks Param to shut up as he bought Ray poison in the morning. Param asks them if they knew that he had poison and wanted to kill someone then why didn't they call the police??? Ananya's condition became worse.

    Simmi asks Param to do something. Param takes out his pistol and stopped everyone from coming ahead. He asks Simmi to leave for the hospital. Simmi moves ahead. Ishita and Raman try to follow her and help but Param fired in the air to stop them. Keeping his pistol pointed towards Raman and Ishita Param assures if Simmi has gone.  He tells them that they lose this time. The girl Ananya can't be saved. As there is no hospital nearby and he filled less petrol in the car. So there are no chances to save the girl. And when Ananya will having her last breathes... Simmi would be hating them even more. Ishita requests Param to forgive that little girl and let them go. Param tells them that he can't let them go as it will spoil his plan. 
    Simmi is taking Ananya to hospital. She keeps on convincing her that she wouldn't let anything happen to her.

     She remembered her daughter Ananya's death. The car stops. Simmi gets more upset. She Curses her Fate that Car Stopped here and She won't able to Save Ananya.
    Param still points pistol towards Raman and Ishita. Raman distracts him and kicks off the pistol from his hands. They both have a blow job. Raman finally gets successful to get Param on his knees. Param acts of getting unconscious. Ishita asks Raman to hurry up to save the girl's life. Raman and Ishita rushed to save Ananya. As they left Param gets up... calls someone and asks him to trap Raman Bhalla.
    Simmi tries hard to get a lift from any car passing by to take Ananya hospital. But didn't get any help. Raman and Ishita are searching for Simmi and Ananya to save her.

    Precap: Ananya's condition gets worse. Param accuses Raman in front of the police. Police gets Raghav's wife trapped in Raman's car.

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