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  • Friday, 3 August 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd August 2018 Written Updates" Raman-Ishita In Trouble "

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd August 2018 Written Updates

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd August 2018 Written Updates

    " Raman-Ishita In Trouble "

    Simmi gets emotional to know the name of Raghav's daughter being Ananya And Seeing her State she offers her chocolates.

     Param snatches the chocolate from Simmi's hand and asked her not be much friendly with her. They listen to a tap on the door. Param opens the door and a man enters in. Param points towards Ananya and asks the man to take care of her and gives him the money. Simmi asks him what they are going to do with her?  And requests Param to leave her. Simmi convinced Ananya that she would let nothing happen to her.

    YHM 3rd August 2018 Written Updates

    Raman and Ishita are disturbed why Raghav's wife is acting like this now. Raman asks how could she turn. She was ready to help them in the morning. Then what happened to her now. Raman thinks of Param scolded Raghav's wife and that's why she is frightened to help them. Ishita asks him how could he know that they are going to meet Raghav's wife. Raman says that he is too slavish and stays a step ahead than them. And Raman goes out of the room. Ishita asks him where is he going but Raman didn't answer.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd August 2018 Latest News and Written Updates

    Simmi and Param arrive home. Raman went downstairs and saw Simmi somewhat upset from Param. Param takes her into the room. Ishita too reached there and they both looked at them silently.

    Ishita asked Raman if Simmi was crying. And Param seemed to be angry. Param asks Simmi to wipe her tears and not to give any clue to her family. Simmi asks Param what is he going to do with that girl. Param doesn't want to answer her questions. And again starts blaming her for her stupidity. And he told her that he ordered that man that if Raghav's wife or daughter may go against him and try to help Raman... Then he may kill them... Simmi asks him if he will murder them? And tries to explain to him that she is a little girl like her Ananya how can he kill her?  Param comments that she couldn't save her own daughter and not she is trying to save another's.

    Raman and Ishita listen to their conversation sneakily. They heard Simmi saying she didn't do something wrong then why he wants to kill that girl. Simmi again requests Param to leave that girl. And get another way. Param starts laughing to see Simmi crying for the girl. He saw Raman and Ishita at the door and starts acting. And says that he is greedy. Selfish. Sinful. Slavish but not a murderer.

    Ishita and Raman can't listen to their talk properly. Simmi asks Param then what he said? Param says that he was joking. He just wanted to see her reaction to this. And tries to convince her that he is not that bad. And he was acting like this just because he was hungry from the morning.  Simmi asks Param of he was really joking. And requests him to leave the girl and convince her mother instead. Param says that he may think of another idea and asks her to bring something to eat. Simmi comes out from the room. Param talks to himself and says what they thought he wouldn't know that they are listening to them.

    Raman and Ishita suspect that there is someone wrong and somebody's life is surely in danger. Ishita points out that he changed suddenly and it seemed as he was trying to cajole her. Raman thinks whose life might be in danger...?? Ishita suspects of he are going to kill Raghav's wife or someone else. Raman says that they must inform the police. Ishita asks what will they tell to the police??, They don't have any proof. And what if he may kill them earlier being frightened by police. And they planned to keep an eye on Param and Simmi.

    Mihka asks Santoshi to stay near the sleeping baby. As she completed her sentence she receives a call and asked the lady to not to call her again and again as she is busy with the baby. And tells her that she may not come to NGO for some days. Ruhi enters the room. Mihka asks her to speak slowly. Ruhi tells her that she went saloon for spa and there she got informed that Mihka too made an appointment for the spa but didn't reach there and even not informed that she will not be coming. Mihka tells her that she forgot. And she can't go there for some time as she has to take care of the baby. Ruhi and Santoshi appreciate Mishka's concern for little Adi.
    A man reaches Bhalla house with a bill. Ishita tells him that she thinks that it's someone else's bill. Param comes there and pays the bill and asked the man to pay residual payment at the shop. Simmi takes out old dresses of Ananya. Param asks her what's she doing. Simmi tells him that she wants to give these clothes to Raghav's daughter Ananya. And remembered Param that it's Ananya's birthday.
    Param thinks that Simmi has gone mad. and calls her an emotional fool. Simmi again asks Param if he will leave the girl after getting the solution. Param said yes. Manjari enters in with parathas. And asks Simmi to order a cylinder as Neelu didn't let her use hers. And told her that Ishita made this Paratha herself. Simmi asks Param to eat and she will pack some for Ananya. Param asks Simmi to stay as he may give clothes and food to her himself. But Simmi didn't agree to stay at home. Param asks Simmi to bring any lunch box to pack Parathas. Simmi went out. Param added something in the Parathas.

    PRECAP : Param plans to send Ishita and Raman to jail with an accusation of Raghav's daughter Ananya's death... That may make Simmi hate them even more.

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