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  • Wednesday, 1 August 2018

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st August 2018 Written Update "Raman-Ishita Cry for Adi and Baby"

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st August 2018 Written Update 

    "Raman-Ishita Cry for Adi and Baby".

    Ishita requests Raman not to blame himself is not his mistake that Roshni left the baby alone.

    Bala asks Raman to see the gift Roshni left for him before blaming himself. Raman gets a letter that states that he must not feel guilty after her departure. Because of her, the family tolerated much. She wants to apologize with her hands joined. He is a good father in law and she felt good to see the love for Alia in his heart. Alia is lucky to get a father in law like you. She is leaving a Music Box. 

    YHM Written Updates 1st August 2018

    Whenever Adi may cry recite this music to him and he will calm down. Raman can't read anymore and handed the letter to Ishita. Ishita read it ahead. The letter said that she didn't want to tell them where she is going but... She is going far away from there at a new place where she wants to make a fresh start of her life. But if they will stay sad because of her... She can't live happy there. She requests for a promise that nobody will be sad. Everyone will stay happy and fill Adi's life with happiness too. She asks Raman for a promise for her and Adi. Raman takes the letter and brings out the Music Box.
    Ishita asked everyone to fulfill Roshni's wish and fill Adi's life with happiness.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest Written Updates

     It's hard for everyone to deal with the situation especially Raman.
    Simmi feels worried about the silence in the house. She asks Param if she may go and check what is happening there. Param asks her to calm down as nobody came at the naming ceremony. Simmi agreed. Param asks her to make a drink for him. Simmi asks to bring ice. But Param didn't let her go out.
    Ishita couldn't control her emotions anymore and starts crying. She talks in her mind and apologizes from Roshni that she couldn't stop her. She knows how hard it is to leave a little baby alone and can understand her pain. She wished that somehow she may stop her but respects her will. And wherever she may live... She should stay happy.

    Ishita wiped her tears and went near the baby slept aside Mihka. Raman too entered there with the letter and the Music Box. Raman finds it hard to face the baby. Ishita encourages him and said that he's our baby..our Adi. Reminded him that Adi's mother handed him in their hands and she believed that we will take care of him. Raman says in a painful voice that he is always there for him but he needs more time.

    He handed the music Box to Ishita and left.

    Ishita keeps the music Box aside little Adi. Mihka wakes up. Ishita requests her to go to her room and take rest as she must be tired. She is there for the baby. Alia entered in and told them that she is there for the baby and both of them may go and take rest. Mihka and Ishita agreed and went out of the room. Alia sat beside the baby and remembered when she threat Roshni about snatching the baby from her.

    Ishita enters her room and saw Raman sitting with Adi's photo in his hands. She sat by him to console him. They fell asleep. Ishita heard little Adi crying and woke up. She goes to him and found Alia, Mihka, and Ruhi trying to calm him. Everyone wake up to stop the baby from crying. They try their best but all in vain. Simmi and Param ask them to call Roshni to calm the baby. Mr.bhalla asks them to sleep. Pihu said that maybe baby Adi is crying because he is missing his mother. You may call his mother and ask her to come. Param asked if she left the crying baby alone to let them handle. Raman felt angry and warned Param to not to speak anything about the baby. if they are silent it doesn't mean they will tolerate it. And told them that they know that Tanya's death was a murder. And points towards Param and Simmi to be the suspects.  Simmi asks Raman for proof for blaming them for Tanya's murder. She said they don't know any Raghav but accidentally the words that "they don't know in which corner of Balrampuri he lives" slipped from her tongue. Param tries to divert Raman's attention but. Raman slapped him hard and asked him to consider how he will save himself now.
    Raman and Ishita now know that Simmi and Param hired Raghav otherwise they wouldn't know from where Raghav belong. Raman asks Ishita to gather more proofs against Param to prove that he did everything as he doesn't want his sister's life to be spoiled. Raman leaves to collect proof against Param. On the other hand, Param is worried that Raman got proof against them because of Simmi's stupidity and thinks how he can save himself.

    Next morning.Raman visits Raghav's house and asked his wife about Tanya's death. He showed her Simmi and Param's picture and asked if she saw them? But she denied. Raman convinced her to help him to solve the mystery of Tanya's murder. Param saw him there and got worried.

    Precap: Raman tries to expose Param and Simmi. Param kidnaps Raghav's daughter to keep his wife's mouth shut and prevent Raman from getting any clue against them.

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