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  • Friday, 31 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 31st August 2018 "Shivaay Brings Anika Back to Oberoi Mansion"

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 31st August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 31st August 2018 "Shivaay Brings Anika Back Oberoi Mansion"

    Shivaay is still unconscious. Priyanka tries to convince Dadi that she mistook Annika. But Daadi ignores her and says if Shivaay will not wake up in an hour..

    We 'll take him the hospital. Tej agrees. Janhvi comes there and tells them that Annika is going. Do replies let her go...I asked her to go. Janhvi puts forth her concern about Annika's bad health. But Daadi is still not ready to let her stay there. Janhvi and Priyanka remember Daadi that Shivaay married Annika and she is our daughter in law. But Daadi is not ready to accept their daughter in law or Shivaay wife. She thinks that Shivaay will be better if Annika will leave him.

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 31st August 2018

    Gauri and Annika are leaving Oberoi mansion. While going out Annika stumbles...and at the same moment Shivaay wakes up and shouts Annika. He asks Priyanka if Annika is alright... She woke up?? Priyanka offers him water but he refuses to drink and asks the same question again. Gauri helps weak Annika to handle herself and move ahead. Daadi asks Shivaay to take rest. But he refuses to rest and tries to get up from bed to see Annika. But Daadi stops him again and asks him to take rest. Shivaay replies he can't rest until he sees her condition first. You don't know what she passed through. Daadi asks him to worry about himself instead of Annika.

    Ishqbaaz Latest News and Spoiler :Zain Imam's Entry 

    Shivaay replies I don't care about myself...I care for Annika. Tej also tries to persuade Shivaay to lay on the bed and have rest...But Shivaay still wants to meet Annika. Priyanka tells Shivaay that Annika left the home.
    Annika can't walk. Gauri asks her to wait until she brings a rickshaw. Shivaay gets out of his bed to find Annika even after being stopped by everyone.
    Annika regrets that she couldn't meet Shivaay once before leaving. The rickshaw suddenly stops as a car suddenly comes in front. Shivaay comes out from the car with shaking steps. Annika rushes towards him to support him. Shivaay asks Annika to come home. Annika replies I can't. Shivaay asks why? Doesn't it make a difference to you? Annika stays silent. Shivaay asks her for the reply. Annika requests Shivaay to not to force her. Shivaay again asks Annika if it makes a difference to her? Annika replies it does. Shivaay says then come home. He gets Annika and Gauri into the car and drives to Oberoi mansion.

    Daadi gets upset as Shivaay didn't obey her. He went against her for the first time. He went after Annika even after her refusal..without thinking about his condition.

    Tej points that Shivaay always obeyed her but he has changed since Annika entered in his life. He says that Shivaay is completely under Annika's control. Tej successfully provokes Daadi against Annika. And says that Shivaay will definitely bring Annika back here. Daadi replies Shivaay will not go against her. At the same moment...

    Ishqbaaz Daily Written Updates 

     Shivaay returns Oberoi mansion with Gauri and Annika. Daadi looks at him aggressively. Shivaay sends Annika to her room. Before going Annika joins hands and says sorry to Daadi for going against her decision. Priyanka takes Gauri and Annika into their room.

    Shivaay walks towards Dadi Who tells Him That I didn’t expect This from You Before he tells Anything She Asks Him Who is Standing In front of Me? My Billu or Anika’s Shivaay.
    He Holds Her Shoulder and Tells her that I am Always Your Billu First She Taunts Him That’s why You Did not Respect my words.
    He Makes her Realize that Because Me Anika’s Whole Life Ruined And Because I didn’t Respect Her You didn’t Too But If you come to Know her You will Say That She is Very Good Girl.
    Dadi Cries and Tells him That I Don't Know How Good is She But She is not good for you to go and Tell her to leave, Shivaay Looks Down and Says No I can’t do this.
    Dadi Looks at Him Angrily Tej Support Dadi and Tells Shivaay That are You Forgetting that she is Elder and You are not respecting her.
    Shivaay tells No Bade Papa, Jhanvi Supports Shivaay and Tells Him to go and Take Rest and Give Some Time them.
    He Goes and Jhanvi-Tej-Dadi Look at him.

    Shivika’s Room

    Ishqbaaz Daily Written Updates 

    Shivaay has Trouble In walking Anika goes and Helps Him Walking and Make Him Sit. He Takes His Feets On Her Hand and Scolds Him that You are Wounded Why did You come Behind me You Should rest.
    She About to take Medicine But He Holds her hand and Asks Her Why did You leave?
    She Says What Dadi Told Was True because of me You risked Your Life.
    Shivaay tells Her and What You did For my Sister, You made Daksh Your Enemy and Tries to Kill You because of Me, Anika Says You Saved me over Your Life.
    She Applies Cream on Her Feet. He Tells Her You saved me and I saved You Now can we move Forward.
    Anika tells him that we have Different ways.
    Shivaay takes His His Legs Back and Tells Her to Choose Easy way She Asks Him Did You consider me Your wife Because I consider you My Husband.
    He Looks at her blankly and She Stands up and About to Leave by Saying That I Know You don’t have any answer.
    Shivaay Holds her hand and Tells her that he doesn’t Become what She wants He Doesn’t Believe in Marriage, relationships anything.
    I was Marrying Tia Because of Dadi and I told this to Her He Tells her that You deserve Love in Your Life That I can’t give You.
    He Stands Up and tells her that I don’t want you to Except anything From Me Because I Can Never be In Love with You.
    She Looks at Him and asks Him then on which Right You bring Me Back Why You Care for me?
    He Tells her that Because You are my friend Very Good Friend Anika Says the Only Friend He Says Yes the Only Friend.
    She asks Him You can Give Your Life for me? He Says Anything for you.
    He Tells her that Mujhe Fark Padta Hai But Same Time I don’t want you to expect anything for me.
    She Says Okay Then You Fulfill Your Friendship Duties and I will My Wife Duties. She Puts her Finger on His Heart and Says That This Heart Around You Created Wall I will make my Small Place Near In and One day You will Accept me as a wife.
    He Tries to Stop her and Tells her to Sit I will come with something for you to Eat.

    Precap For Ishqbaaz Written Updates 3rd September 2018  :
    Mandana (Nancy ) and Zain Imam (Don’t Know the Name) Enter in the Oberoi Mansion.

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