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  • Monday, 20 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 20th August 2018 "Shivaay Apologies to Anika Shivika Moments "

    shqbaaz Written Updates Latest News 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 20th August 2018 "Shivaay Apologies to Anika Shivika Moments "

    Nikhil’s mom questions Anika about the sindoor on her head. Anika replies that it is a mark of belief.

    Omkar tells Priyanka and Gauri that both Anika and Shivaay aren’t happy with the marriage but still they’re lying and aren’t doing anything about it. He says that he shall tell the truth to Nikhil’s mom himself but Guari and Priyanka stop him. They say that when Anika and Shivaay themselves have left everything to fate, nothing can be done from their side.

    Just then, Nikhkil receives a video on his phone. He opens it and he looks at it with shock. It is the video of Anika and Shivaay’s marriage. He immediately shouts at Anika and says that he wants to talk to her and drags her out. Her chachi asks him where he is taking her, that too in the middle of the mehendi function. He replies that the function might not even be needed anymore. He drags her out and shows her the video. He asks her what it is. Anika says that she wanted to tell him about it. Nikhil asks her if she had planned to tell him about this after marriage. Just then, Shivaay comes in and tells him that he must talk to him and not to her. Nikhil argues that he initially broke his marriage with Anika and then tried to fix it back.

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 20th August 2018

    Now he gets to know that they both are already married. Shivaay justifies by saying that he must watch the video again, to realize that nowhere was Anika ready for the marriage and she was just forced to get married to him and it was Shivaay, himself who forced her to get married. He says that he was trying to take revenge and none among the two of them believed in that marriage. Nikhil argues back by saying that he is bearing the consequences of Shivaay’s mistake. Shivaay replies that they have already started the process for the divorce. Anika stops Shivaay. She comes up to Nikhil and says that there isn’t any meaning to a relationship when there isn’t trust. A similar thing had happened last time too and Nikhil did not trust her, so she firmly asks him if he believes her or not. Nikhil agrees and says that he has faith in her. He requests not to reveal this matter to his family and Anika and Shivaay agree to it. Shivaay then asks him who sent the video. Nikhil hands over the phone and Shivaay is shocked as he gets to know that the sender is Tyagi.

    He meets him up and asks him where he got the footage from. He says that being a journalist, it isn’t difficult for him to do such stuff. Shivaay shouts at him and just as he about to get violent, he threatens him that he shall release the video. Shivaay asks him to name his fees. He demands 1 crore. Shivaay throws a check at his face.

    Back in the Oberoi mansion, Shivaay apologizes to Anika as she had to face the consequences for his mistake. Anika stops him and asks him to forget about it. She asks him what he really wants in life. He replies that he wants Anika to be happy and he believes that it is possible if she and Nikhil are update in progress visit in 10 minutes.

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 20th August 2018

    Tyagi looks at the check at his place and hands it over, saying that the work is completed. Someone takes it and the person is none other than Daksh! He says that now both of them shall make Shivaay’s life hell. Suddenly, someone comes in and says that not two of them but all three of them shall do it. The person is none other than Nikhil. All three of them join hands together.
    In Anika’s house, her chachi says that it’s very weird of Anika as she has chosen the mangal sutra on her own as it is usually the bridegroom’s family who brings it. Gauri says that it does not matter. She goes to Shivaay and hands it over to him, asking him to get the pooja for it done. Minutes after handing it over to the pandit, he realizes that it is the same mangal sutra which he had tied to Anika. He assumes that Gauri brought it by mistake. He asks Khanna to buy another one. As soon as it arrives, he asks the pandit to perform the pooja for it. Anika arrives and says that the pooja for her mangal sutra was already done during their marriage. Shivaay comes to her and asks why she still has the mangal sutra with her. She argues back saying that she gets to decide which mangal sutra she wants to wear for her marriage.
    Nikhil asks when he shall get his share of the money. Daksh replies that he shall get it after he gets married to Anika as his plans shall work only after Anika is out of Shivaay’s life. Just in case they get back together by fate again, he shall change their fate.
    Anika stands in front of the mirror and looks at herself with the ‘ghungat’ on her head. Shivaay comes in and looks at her. Anika asks if he wanted something. He says that he wants the divorce papers from her.

    PRECAP For Ishqbaaz Written Updates 21st August 2018 :

    Shivaay Gives Anika Divorce paper for Sign.

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