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  • Tuesday, 14 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 14th August 2018 Shivaay's Surprise to Anika

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 14th August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 14th August 2018 Shivaay's Surprise to Anika

    Shivaay and Anika meet in the temple. He says that he had come to pray for his work. He asks why Anika is here and she says she has just come, randomly. Khanna arrives with the bunch of flowers and asks what he must do with it. Shivaay stammers and says that the flowers are for the god and he takes the flowers and keeps it in front of the idol. Anika then says that she shall leave but he stops her. He says that as a symbol of their friendship, he wants to give her a gift. He tells her to choose a flower from the bouquet. 

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    As she chooses a rose, he stops her and says that the red one is for lovers. She then chooses a yellow one. As she is about to leave, he comes behind her and says that the flower would look good on her hair. He takes the flower from her and puts it on by himself. Just then, Nikhil arrives and witnesses the scene. He shouts at Anika for first spoiling the marriage and then roaming around with her lover. Shivaay is outraged and he is about to start a fight with him. Anika stops him and walks away from there. As Shivaay comes to explain, she says that because of what he has done to her, nothing can be cured and she walks away.

    When she reaches home, Gauri comes running and says that Sahil is very ill and chachi is also not at home. She panics and runs home. Suddenly, the lights turn on and the entire house is decorated. A cake is kept and balloons burst with sparkles. Omkar, Priyanka, and Gauri sing the birthday song for her and Shivaay also joins. Anika is surprised to see all of them. Shivaay says that there is someone else as well who wants to wish her. She looks around and her chachi arrives. She wishes her and also apologizes for all that she has done. She requests her to stay with them from now on. Anika agrees. Her chachi then remembers how Shivaay had come home and asked her to wish Anika and also bring her back home with respect. Sahil celebrates that Anika is coming back home.
      Gauri comes up to Omkar and says that she wants to talk to him, a bit personally. She takes him to the room and says that she has always wanted to ask him something. He asks what it is. 

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 14th August 2018 

    She says that ever since the day she met him, she always wanted to ask him... Which shampoo and conditioner he uses! She praises his hair and says that she always wanted to ask him about this. Priyanka and Sahil come in and start laughing. Omkar leaves, embarrassed.
    Shivaay holds Anika's hand and takes her out. Anika questions him and he says that he is correcting his mistake. He calls every one everyone out. After people gather, he says that she is the same Anika whom they had insulted. He says that from now on, no one is to speak a word about her and everyone must respect her.
    He then brings her to a special place and brings a cake. He tells her to make a wish before cutting the cake. She wishes that she is very happy, though she doesn't know what is happening between her and Shivaay whatever it is, it must remain. He too wishes that she must stay happy forever. She then cuts the cake and they celebrate.

    Shivaay then says that he has a gift for her. She is shocked when he hands over the divorce papers to her. He says that he is now freeing her from this forced relationship.

    Precap for Ishqbaaz Written Updates 15th August 2018 
    Anika and shivaay narrate the incident at their houses and everyone is shocked

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