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  • Monday, 13 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 13th August 2018 Shivaay-Anika Become Friends

     Ishqbaaz Latest News Written Updates  13th August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates  13th August 2018 "Shivaay-Anika Become Friends.
    Anika sees Shivaay getting wet in the rain outside. She hesitates to eat her dinner as she has sympathy for him on one hand.

    Gauri too convinces her to bring him in as he might fall ill by getting wet in the rain. Anika finally gets up and comes out with an umbrella. Anika asks Shivaay why he's doing all this. Shivaay replies that he wants her to forgive him. Anika says that she has forgiven him and he must leave now. When he doesn't go, she asks him why he's still there. He replies that she hasn't forgiven him with all her heart. She requests him to leave and he finally goes away.
    The next day, Anika looks out of her window to see if Shivaay is still there. Gauri observes her and asks her why she is waiting for him when she asked him to leave the previous day. 

     Ishqbaaz Latest News Written Updates  13th August 2018

    She discards the topic and goes out of the door. She is shocked to see Shivaay sitting outside. He stands up when he looks at her but collapses due to his poor health condition. Just then, Omkar and Priyanka come and catch hold of him. They bring him inside and lay him down. They give him water and medicines and he wakes up. Omkar asks him why he's troubling himself even though he is a heart patient.

    He says that he was only to earn an apology. Anika says that she has forgiven him, that too with all her heart. He then asks her to come home. She refuses. She says that she isn't his wife and the relationship doesn't mean anything as he doesn't believe in this marriage. Shivaay asks how she shall live alone. She replies that she is used to it. Shivaay says that he cares for her. Upon asking why he extends his hand and asks if she will be his friend. She hesitates and gives her hand and accepts to be his friend. She says that she will only be his friend and he agrees. Omkar, Shivaay and Priyanka then go home.

     Ishqbaaz Latest News ishqbaaaz Spoilers

    In the Oberoi mansion, Shivaay arranges his meetings. He asks Khanna how Anika is as she lives in his locality. He replies that she just has a cold. He panics and immediately Khanna arrives at Anika's house and gives her blankets, medicines, books and also gives her the number of a doctor. Upon asking, he says that Shivaay did all this for her as he got to know that she has cold. He also gives her soup and tells her Shivaay made it with his own hands.

     Gauri finds it very sweet and Anika thanks him for everything. She keeps the soup on the table and goes. Khanna reports to Shivaay that she kept it on the table and hasn't eaten it yet. He gets angry as he wanted her to taste the soup made by him. He secretly goes to her house and peeps in from the window. He puts his hand in tries to reach out to the soup box but he drops it by mistake. He hides and Anika comes into the hall. She says that Shivaay had made it with so much of love but it's all gone for a waste. She then says that probably the soup would also taste as bad as him. 

    He listens to all this secretly. Gauri asks her where she is leaving for. Anika replies that she is going to the temple as it is her birthday. Gauri would have completely forgotten about it. Shivaay gets to know that it's her birthday and immediately calls up Priyanka and Omkar. He asks them if he should wish her or not and how he should do so. Omkar says that Shivaay had a meeting with the Chinese delegates and asks him if he actually cancelled the meeting just for his "friend".
     He stammers and says that he hasn't cancelled it. They tell him not to give her something too big as a gift. He looks at the huge bunch of flowers he has bought.
    He finally goes to the temple where she is. She sees him and is surprised. He also pretends to be surprised.

    Precap For  Ishqbaaz  Written Updates  14th August 2018 :

    Shivaay has planned a surprise party for Anika along with Omkar and Priyanka. They all wish her and he says that there is someone else as well who wants to wish her.

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