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  • Friday, 10 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 10th August 2018 "Shivaay Seeks Anika's Forgiveness "

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 10th August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 10th August 2018 "Shivaay Seeks Anika's Forgiveness "

    Shivaay comes in search of Anika to her house. Gauri opens the door and is surprised to see him. He looks around the entire house and calls out for Anika. Gauri tells him that Anika isn't at home. She, in turn, asks him where she is and he replies that he doesn't know and walks away. 

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    Gauri stops him. She asks him what he means as she was his responsibility and he had to take care of her. He confesses that he misunderstood her and has committed a very big mistake. Gauri tells him that she isn't bothered about him and all she wants is her sister. Her chachi arrives and is also surprised to see Shivaay. She starts insulting Anika and says that she had warned him beforehand. He stops her and says that she must not utter a word about her. He promises Gauri that he shall bring back Anika, safe and sound.

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    Anika walks on the road, alone. A few guys eve tease her and ask her to come along. They go ahead and label her as Shivaay's mistress. Just then, Shivaay, being nearby, overhears them and goes towards them. Before the guys can lay their hands on her, he stops them and bashes them up. Anika stands there, shocked as he fights with each and every one of them. She then stops him after a while. He shouts at them and asks them how dare they point a bad a finger at Anika's character. She tells Shivaay that he was the one who started all this. He must, in fact, be happy that things were going the way he wanted. He wanted everyone to call Anika his mistress and that was precisely what was happening.

     He says that he was wrong and now, she may even punish him for his mistake. She replies that it isn't easy to forget the shame that she had to bear and now, he must leave her alone and go away. As she walks away, he asks the guys whom he had just fought with, to beat him up. He forces them to do so and they beat him black and blue. Anika stares in shock and tears. Shivaay is beaten up and he falls to the ground. She shoos away everyone and picks up Shivaay, in panic. He suddenly sees the Mangal Sutra in his palm. She immediately calls Omkar and asks him to come.

    Ishqbaaz Written Updates 10th August 2018

    Shivaay is brought back home. He wakes up a while later and calls out for Anika. Priyanka stops him and says that he must not get up as the doctor has advised him bed rest. He still struggles to get up to meet Anika. Onkar tells him that Anika does not want to meet him. Shivaay asks how he can apologize to her then. Rudra says that for a mistake so big, an apology isn't given that easily. Omkar too tells him that Shivaay was demanding an apology. He tells him that an apology isn't demanded but earned. Omkar tells him to try with all his heart.
    Anika starts living in her house. Gauri comes and asks her why she is living separately when she has a house of her own. She replies that it is Chachi's house and it is the same house from which she was thrown out. She tells Gauri that she's getting late for her interview. Gauri wishes her luck and leaves. As she is about to leave for her interview, her slippers break. She also gets a call from her company, asking her to come on time for the interview. Shivaay witnesses all this in his car. He steps out and removes his shoes for her. She sees him and asks him what he's doing there. He tries to explain that he has come to apologize. She asks him to go away and not create a scene. He says that he shall not move an inch from there until she forgives him. She goes away, ignoring him.
    Later, in the night, Gauri arrives at her house and sees Shivaay standing there. Just then, Anika too comes back from work. Gauri tells her that she has come to give her food and asks her what Shivaay is doing in front of her house. Anika tells her to ignore him and takes her inside. She sets the table for dinner after a while. She looks at the clock and then looks out of the window. Shivaay is still standing there, waiting for her. She chooses to ignore him and starts her dinner with Gauri. Gauri keeps asking her what the matter is but she refuses to say anything. The curtain flies with the wind and Anika sees Shivaay outside. On one hand, she has sympathy for him and on the other hand, she chooses to ignore him.

    Precap For Ishqbaaz Written Updates 13th August 2018 :

    It starts raining heavily and Shivaay is still waiting for Anika, outside her house. Gauri tells her that it's better to call him in as getting wet in the rain can make him fall ill. Anika stares at Shivaay who is desperately waiting for forgiveness.

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