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  • Thursday, 9 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 9th August 2018"Shivaay-Anika Together Expose Daksh"

    Ishqbaaz  9th August 2018 Written Update

     Ishqbaaz 9th August 2018 Episode Full Written Update 

     Ishqbaaz Written Update 9th August 2018"Shivaay-Anika Together Expose Daksh".

    Shivaay apologizes to Anika for all that he has done. The reporters ask Anika what mistake Shivaay has committed. She thinks of how her marriage broke because of him and how he forced her to get married.

    She tells the media that whatever has happened between them is personal and shall remain between them. Daksh runs away from there but Shivaay catches hold of him. He tells him that he's leaving without apologizing but he still runs away. Shivaay asks Khanna to put him out of the house. Daksh warns them that he shall come back and take revenge.

    ISHQBAAZ Serial Latest Written Update 

    Granny consoles Priyanka and says that Daksh shall be punished by God. Priyanka says that she already knew the truth about Daksh. Everyone ask her and Shivaay about all that has happened. Shivaay tells them that Anika and Shivaay planned to expose Daksh. He narrates the incident where he found his cufflinks among Anika's stuff and tells everyone how he got to know that Anika was indeed speaking the truth and Daksh is guilty. He regrets that he could not find the right guy for his sister and he has failed to do his duty as a brother. He then tells everyone about how he got to know about Daksh.

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 

    He tells everyone that he asked Khanna for all the CCTV footage where Daksh is present. He witnesses how he forced himself upon Anika. He says that he then went up to Anika and asked her about the cufflink.
     She says that when she had gone to Payal's house to bring Priyanka's dress, the cufflink got stuck to her sandal. Shivaay says that he too had lost it the same day. Anika asks if he was the one who had switched on the light that day. When Shivaay agrees, she says that had he not switched on the light, Daksh would have taken a step further in misbehaving with her. Shivaay tells Anika how he should have believed her that day. She tells him that it's too late now. Upon asking what he wants now, he says that he wants her to be by his side. He corrects himself and says that he wants her to help him expose Daksh. She agrees and says that she is doing so only for Priyanka. He tells to tell Priyanka about the truth. Priyanka is shocked to listen to the truth about him. Shivaay says that this is indeed the bitter truth. Anika consoles Priyanka and says that Daksh does not deserve her.

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    Priyanka agrees and decides to be strong. Shivaay says that she has to help him expose Daksh. She agrees.
    Back in the hall, Rudra asks how Payal agreed to all this.

    Shivaay tells how he told Payal as well, the truth about Daksh. Anika had told her that it's better not to give her child a father like Daksh. Shivaay tells her that it's better to raise her kid by herself and that he knows it's difficult to be a single mother. He assures her that all of them are there by her side. Payal apologizes to Anika for breaking her trust and says that she took Daksh's side only because he had promised her that he shall get married to her. She then thanks Shivaay for his support and agrees to expose Daksh during the press conference.
    Omkar says that so much has taken place and no one knew about it. Shivaay continues and tells them how Anika and Shivaay pretended to fight in front of Daksh to cheat him into the belief that Shivaay was on his side. His grandma asks him why Tia too isn't present. Shivaay replies that she too was with Daksh in his cruel plans. Omkar says that because of all this, the best thing that has happened is that Shivaay got married to Anika and not Tia. Priyanka too agrees. Shivaay regrets all that he has done to Anika. Omkar says that the best he can do now is apologize to him. His grandma too agrees but then suddenly looks around but Anika is not present. They all panic and search for Anika but she is nowhere to be seen. Shivaay goes up to the room but only her Mangal Sutra is on the dressing table. He looks at it and remembers how she had promised him that she shall make him tie the Mangal Sutra back to her, that too with the utmost respect. He regrets that he ill-treated her and he couldn't see her pain. He regrets how his fire of anger burnt down all her happiness. He holds the Mangal Sutra in his hands and stands with tears.

    Precap For Ishqbaaz 10th August 2018 Written Update: Shivaay, with a bandage tied to his head, wakes up and panics. He says that he has to apologize to Anika at any cost. They all console him and Rudra says that for a mistake so big, an apology doesn't come by that easily. Omkar tells Shivaay that he has only been demanding an apology but it is something that should be earned and not asked for.

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