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  • Wednesday, 8 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz 8th August 2018 Written Updates "Shivaay Apologies To Anika Daksh Exposed"

    Ishqbaaz latest News 8th August 2018 Written Updates

    Ishqbaaz 8th August 2018 Latest News Written Updates

    Ishqbaaz 8th August 2018 Written Updates "Shivaay Apologies To Anika Daksh Exposed"
    Shivaay arranges everything for the marriage. Daksh comes in and gives Shivaay a hug, expressing how happy he is that Priyanka is alright.

     Shivaay says that she had to get alright as it wasn't her fault and the person who is at fault shall be punished. Anika comes in and tells him again that he is committing a mistake by getting his sister married to Daksh. Daksh defends himself but Shivaay says that he knows what the truth is and he must not worry. Shivaay asks him to get ready for the press conference. Upon asking what it is about, he reveals that he shall give Daksh all the property that belongs to Priyanka and she too wants the same. Daksh is overjoyed by it. 

    Ishqbaaz Today Written Updates 

    He says that Priyanka matters more to him than her wealth. Shivaay says that he knows what matters to him but Priyanka has insisted that he must get all her property. Daksh, in his mind, tells himself that he never thought all this would happen so soon. Shivaay says the hat he shall announce the same at the press conference too and they both leave.
    Anika too gets ready for the press conference. As she is putting on her jewels, her mangal Sutra slips down but Shivaay catches it before it can fall down. He Looks at Anika and Anika Turns to Him.

    ISHQBAAZ Serial Daily written Update 

     Anika tells him that it is the same mangal Sutra which he had broken. Upon asking why he saved it from falling, he just replies that Priyanka is calling her.
    Priyanka approaches Shivaay along with Anika and shouts at him, asking him why hid such a big truth from her. She makes Anika stand beside him and asks him if they got married. She says that she is overwhelmed by his decision and is very happy. She also asks when their love story began and when it reached marriage as well. She assures him that Anika is the perfect girl for him, though she does feel bad for Tia. Shivaay tries to explain what has happened but Priyanka interrupts and says that she does not need an explanation as she is already very happy. Shivaay leaves for the press conference a while later. Priyanka tells Anika that Shivaay shall take good care of her. He is a bit short-tempered and stubborn but after all, he is good at heart. Anika too assures Priyanka that Shivaay shall do anything for the betterment of his family and especially anything for Priyanka.

    Ishqbaaz Star Plus latest Episode Written Update

    At the press conference, the news reporters ask him why he has held the conference.
     Shivaay says that he has called them to show everyone that Shivaay Singh Oberoi does what he says. He had promised everyone that he shall bring back Daksh and now, he has done so. Daksh comes in. He tells everyone that he had left the marriage in the middle a few days ago. He justifies by saying that he was ill. He apologizes to Shivaay for all that has happened. He also apologizes to Priyanka. Shivaay says that whatever happens, happens for good. Reporters ask Shivaay if he had called them to witness Daksh apologize to him. Just as Daksh tries to tell them the matter, Shivaay interrupts him and says that he wants to reveal the matter. Daksh eagerly waits for the announcement. Shivaay tells him that he knows what Daksh is thinking. He says that at times, the exact opposite of what we think happens. He tells Daksh he has a surprise for him but before that, he needs to show something to the press. He calls Anika and she enters in. Daksh is shocked to see her. She comes up on stage and Shivaay says that she has a gift for him. She stands in front of him and gives him a slap!

     Daksh shouts at her for her misbehavior. Shivaay states that this isn't misbehavior but the consequence for what he has done. After her, Priyanka steps forward and slaps him too. Everyone stares at them with shock. As Daksh falls to the ground, Shivaay says that there's still more to it. Payal enters in and she too slaps him hard. The reporters ask Shivaay in shock about what is happening. He says that the three girls shall speak for themselves. Payal reveals that Daksh has promised to get married to her but in order to get married to Priyanka, he kidnapped her. Priyanka says that he only wanted to get married to her for her property. Anika too reveals how he had forced himself upon her. Shivaay tells them that each time something like this happens, it always the girl who is blamed. If a marriage is broken, the girl is labeled as characterless. He says that he held the press conference to reveal the true character of Daksh. He also says that he too has committed a sin by calling Anika characterless. He comes to In front of Anika and With Moist Eyes He Looks at her apologizes in front of everyone to Anika.

    Precap for Ishqbaaz Written Update 9th August 2018 :

    Shivaay tells Anika that he should have believed her long ago. She replies that he should have done so but now, it's too late. She walks away but he stops her. She asks what he wants from her and he says that he wants her to be with him.

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