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  • Thursday, 30 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 30th August 2018 "Shivaay Risks his Life for Anika Dadi's Anger Burst on Anika"

    Ishqbaaz Latest News

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 30th August 2018 "Shivaay Risks his Life for Anika Dadi's Anger Burst on Anika".

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 30th August 2018 "Shivaay Risks his Life for Anika Dadi's Anger Burst on Anika".

    Annika is still unconscious. Shivaay rubs her hands and tries to wake up.

    He says Annika open your eyes. Wake up Annika.. you can't leave me. Shivaay starts crying and takes Annika in his arms. He says Annika it makes a difference to me. It is making a difference to me. He kisses her on the forehead and hugs her. Annika coughs and gains consciousness. The song Mar Jau Ya Jee lu zara....plays. Shivaay feels relaxed. Annika thanks Shivaay with all she had for saving her. Shivaay thanks God that she's alright. Shivaay hugs Annika again and feels relief.

    Ishqbaaz Latest News

    Bhavya reaches there and asks Shivaay to not to worry as the ambulance is just coming and they arrested Daksh. Shivaay replies Ok and Bhavya leaves. Shivaay picks up Annika in his arms and starts moving ahead. He thanks Bhavya. Bhavya salutes Shivaay for what he did to save his wife. Shivaay moves forward with Annika.
    Priyanka.Gauri. Janhvi and Tej are worried about Shivaay and Annika and waiting for them. Shivaay comes there with Annika. Gauri and Priyanka rush to Shivaay and asks him what has happened to Annika. Gauri continuously asks Shivaay but Shivaay doesn't answer this question. Shivaay lays Annika on the bed and asks Gauri to bring some water. Gauri leaves to bring water.

    Priyanka comes there with a cold bandage and Gauri with water. Annika opens her eyes and says "Shivaay". Stroking Annika's face. Shivaay replies nothing has happened. You are alright. Everybody is here...even Gauri. Annika tries to get up. Shivaay and Gauri support her. But Annika takes a long breathe and falls back into the bed as she has no strength left after this hard struggle. Shivaay asks Tej to call the doctor.
    The doctor comes there and checks Annika. He puts an oxygen mask over her and tells them that her lungs are damaged because of living in smoke for a long time. Smoke jammed in her lungs because of which she can't breathe properly. 

    Shivaay asks a doctor if Annika will be alright. The doctor replies that he's not sure about it but the upcoming 24 hours are very critical for her. Be careful her oxygen supply should not be stopped. Otherwise, her condition may get worse.
    Shivaay wipes his tears and sits beside Annika. He says until Shivaay Singh Oberoi is alive... nothing can happen to you, Annika.
    Shivaay. Gauri. Priyanka and Janhvi are in Annika's room and waiting for her to wake up. Light starts flickering and then disconnects. Gauri remembers Shivaay that doctor told us that oxygen supply shouldn't be stopped. But lights had gone how Annika will get oxygen supply.

    Ishqbaaz Daily Written Update

     It gets hard for Annika to breathe. Shivaay calls the nurse. Gauri gets panicked. Shivaay pulls her and screams Gauri I said..nothing will happen to Annika. And tries to calm her down.

    Shivaay comes out to check. Khanna tells him that maybe the fuse is out that's why light had gone. He called the electrician. Shivaay replies we don't have much time and moves ahead. Annika struggles with breathing. Shivaay checks the fuse box himself and tries to fix the problem.

    There, Anika, is Struggling Nurse is Pumping on Anika’s Chest Shivaay Has No Other Option He Puts his Hand inside the Fuse to Give the Earth-Current and He Is Shaking Because of the Current Flow In His Body.
    Anika Opens The Eyes After Getting Oxygen Gauri and Priyanka Cry, Anika Takes Out Mask and Asks For Shivaay.
    Gauri Assures her that Shivaay is Coming.
    Doctor Checks Shivaay and Tells Tej That He is Lucky that he is alive otherwise You Know What Happened When People do like this.
    Doctor Leaves And Tej Says That He Doesn’t Believe That SHivaay can Risk His Life for Anika.
    Dadi Interrupts that Shivaay is Like This He Can Give His Life Tej takes Her Blessing and Tells her that You Don’t Know What Happened Behind Your Back.
    Dadi Sits Near SHivaay and Curses Anika that Because of Her Shivaay is in This State.
    Jhanvi tries to Correct Her But Dadi is Angry on Anika She Cries That Shivaay is Like This He Can Give His Life for other People But He was atleast Used to Smile But From the time Anika came He Always In Trouble.
    Tej Supports her But Jhanvi takes Anika’s Side But Dadi Says That Some People Are Like This They Seems Like Other and do other things That why Shivaay Doesn’t consider Her His Wife.
    She Gets Angrier and Tells that She won't let Anything Happen in this House Jhanvi tries to Stop her but tej Says Let Her do what She Wanst to do.

    Ishqbaaz Daily Written Update 30th August 2018

    Anika is Sitting on Bed and Asks For Shivaay She tells That She Wants to Meet Shivaay She is Not feeling Good, She Stands Up But Gauri and Priyanka Stop her But Anika Says I will go and See her.
    Dadi Interrupts Her that You Don't Need to go There Anika tries to take her Blessing But Dadi Tells her not to fake this, Anika Tries to Make her Understand But Dadi Blames Anika That Because of Her Shivaay’s Life is in Danger.
    Anika Gets Shocked to Listen to this She Holds Dadi’s Shoulder and asks What are You Saying?
    Priyanka Shouts What Are You Saying What Happened to Shivaay Bhaiya?
    Dadi Shouts On her That You don’t Know what happened to Your Brother Are You Live in this House?
    Priyanka Runs to Shivaay.
    Dadi tells Anika That I Kept You in this House Because of Omkara and Rudra and Because of You Shivaay risked his Life for three-time Now It will be Good for all of us that You Leave this House.
    Anika Cries and Asks For Shivaay Dadi tells Her that You leave This Anika tells I will Do whatever you Say But Let me See Shivaay Once But Dadi Says I won't allow You Shadow Near Shivaay and With that She Left.
    Anika Cries in Gauri’s Arm and There Shivaay is Unconscious.

    Precap For Ishqbaaz Written Update 31th August 2018

    Priyanka tries to Stop Anika But She Says That because of Me Shivaay is in this Condition I Think This Relation have to face more things and with that She walks Out with her bags. 

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