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  • Wednesday, 29 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 29th August 2018 "Shivaay's Risky Jump, Saves Anika, Daksh Arrested "

    Ishqbaaz  Latest News

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 29th August 2018 "Shivaay's Risky Jump, Saves Anika, Daksh Arrested "

    Daksh is searching for Annika. She is hidden under a desk but adds she tries to move ahead of her duppata sticks with the desk. Finally..she freed herself from the desk and sneakily moves ahead. Daksh continues searching for her. 
    Shivaay is also trying hard to reach to Annika. He wants hints to find her. Bhavya tracks Annika's location and informs Shivaay that she's somewhere left to the airport but tracking the exact location will take some time. Shivaay asks her to inform him as soon as she gets the exact location. He is reaching there.

    Annika runs to save her life from Daksh but... Daksh cuts her path. He drags Annika hard to wall and says... I said don't angry me. By God ki Kasam. now I'll give you such a death that even spirit of death will shiver. Annika tries hard to free herself from Daksh. She reaches near her mobile and there pushes Daksh away.  Annika picks her mobile and tries to talk to Shivaay but Daksh snatches get mobile and throw it. That disconnect the call. Bhavya calls Shivaay to tell him that the connection of Annika's mobile had broken so they can't track the exact location. Shivaay replies that he don't need problem but solution. Bhavya replies that the solution is only to find Annika ourselves. But it may take much time to find Annika in such a large area. Shivaay asks her to call while police force and start the search operation. He says Shivaay Singh Oberoi will leave no stone unturned to find Annika.

    Ishqbaaz  Latest News

    One side... Daksh continues torturing Annika.  Annika tries hard to escape. On the other side, Shivaay is extremely worried about Annika and tries hard to reach near her as soon as possible. Shivaay prays for a hint to find Annika somehow. Annika is struggling hard to save her life from Daksh.. in this process her dupatta flies from the window of the building and falls over Shivaay's car. Shivaay recognizes the sign given to him by God through Annika's dupatta. Daksh strangles Annika. The reflection of Annika's earrings strikes into Shivaay's eyes. He watches the view through his mobile camera and suspects that in the building someone is trying to strangle someone. Bhavya also follows Shivaay's location with the police force.
    Shivaay enters the building and starts searching for Annika. He shouts "Annika". Daksh and Annika listen to his voice. Daksh gets shocked. Annika pushes Daksh and shouts "Shivaay". Daksh tries to stop her but Annika frees herself from him and finally reaches in front of Shivaay.

    Ishqbaaz Daily Written Update

    But just as they confront each other... Daksh smashes a glass rod into Annika's head and she faints. Shivaay moves towards Daksh in extreme anger but Daksh points the rod towards Annika and forces Shivaay to stop. He threats Shivaay that if he'll take even a step ahead. he'll kill Annika.  Shivaay replies if you'll put even a scratch on my Annika. I'll kill you. Shivaay says you'll get what you want but leave my Annika. Daksh replies I can ask for anything. Shivaay replies that he can even sacrifice his life for Annika.  Daksh puts forward a condition and asks Shivaay to jump from the building if he wants to save Annika. He has to sacrifice his life to save Annika's.

    Shivaay remembers the Time He Spent with his Family, Dancing with Rudra and Omkara, Time Spent with Anika and He Run Towards the Glass and Jumps From the Building But God is with him and he Lands In the Chadar.
    Daksh Smirks That He Doesn’t Know That People Can Give Their Life for Others and He looks at Down and Tells That Now Its Time for Anika to Send to You.
    There Shivaay Gets Concisious and People Help Him to come Out of Chadar and One Old Person tells Shivaay that God is with You, You will Get Success and Shivaay Believes on him.
    There Daksh takes Anika to One Place and Arrange Fire Around Her, Fire is All Around Anika But Not Touching Her.
    Daksh gets Mad and He Tells Anika That You are Dying and Because for You That Shivaay is Dead.
    Shivaay Attacks On Daksh and They have Fight There Fire are Slowing Reaching Anika.
    Shivaay Punches, Kicks Daksh and He Gets Unconscious.
    Shivaay runs to Anika and Covers Her with his Coat. He takes her in his Arms and comes Out There Daksh Gets Chance to Run But Bhavya Points Gun on Him But He Kicks her hand and Runs again But Police Stops Again, Bhavya comes and Arrests Him.
    Shivaay Walks with Anika in his Arms.

    PRECAP  For Ishqbaaz Written Update 30th August 2018 :

    Shivaay Places Anika on Bed and Covers her with Duvet.Gauri is Worried She Asks Shivaay What happened to her. Anika Opens Eyes and Calls Shivaay and Again gets Unconcious.

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