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  • Tuesday, 28 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 28th August 2018 "Shivaay Ignores Anika Daksh Strikes Again"

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 28th August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 28th August 2018 "Shivaay Ignores Anika Daksh Strikes Again"

    Shivaay gets up and remembers about the previous night.When he had a nightmare..and how Annika comforted him. He wonders how he could be so weak in front of Annika... What she will think about him. And he leaves the room. Annika gets up and calls him. But he doesn't answer and goes out. Annika thinks what happened to him? Didn't he listen or didn't answer her willfully.
    Nikhil is packing his bags. Daksh goes to meet Nikhil and asks him why he didn't answer his call and after watching his bag asks where he's going. Nikhil replies that he's going for stonework. Daksh asks Nikhil about his and Annika's marriage. Nikhil tells him that Annika broke it. Daksh asks him what it means? 

    Nikhil replies that he doesn't have time to explain to him anything. He's getting late for his flight. Daksh stops him and says that he thinks that he's going but he's getting away. And opens his bag. He finds the bag filled with money. Nikhil tells him that Shivaay has him this for wedding expenditure. And now the marriage is canceled. Daksh says that's why he's going away so that Shivaay can't take the cash back from him. Nikhil replies yes.. as he's no more interested in marrying Annika as his work is done. Daksh pulls Nikhil onto a chair and says your work is done not mine. I can't take my revenge until Annika will get out from Shivaay's life. I want Annika. Nikhil gets up and says You can do whatever you want but let me go. And he moves ahead with his bag. Daksh rushes towards him and pushes him hard towards the wall... That hurts Nikhil on his head and he faints.

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 28th August 2018

    Annika goes to the breakfast table to talk to Shivaay. But he's embarrassed from the incident of the previous night and watching Janhvi shouts that I am going office and send Om there after breakfast. Janhvi asks Shivaay to have breakfast first. Shivaay makes an excuse of getting late....avoids Annika and leaves. Annika feels it strange that Shivaay isn't talking to her.
    As Nikhil wakes up Daksh screams Hurray! Nikhil gains consciousness. Nikhil asks Daksh to take his revenge on Shivaay and Annika. Do whatever he wants... But let him go. Daksh puts forward a condition to let him go that he'll do his task. And asks Nikhil to call Annika. Nikhil takes out his phone and calls Annika. Annika picks up the call. Nikhil asks Annika to meet him as he wants to talk to her.  Annika replies tamari everything among them finished so why he wants to meet her? Nikhil makes an excuse that he has to tell something important to her they may change her relation with Shivaay. And asks her to reach at the address he is sending.

    Annika thinks what can be the matter and decides to talk to Shivaay. But Shivaay again ignores her and leaves. Annika also calls Shivaay but he doesn't answer the call too. He thinks if he'll not behave rudely with Annika... She can't take any decision and will be forced to accept this forced marriage for her whole lifetime.

    Annika decides to meet Nikhil. Shivaay can't get over Annika's upset face. He can't leave her upset so decides to talk to her. But he gets late to return Annika has left to meet Nikhil. Shivaay enters Oberoi mansion and starts searching Annika. He asks Priyanka if she saw Annika. Priyanka replies she didn't. And suggests Shivaay call her. But Annika's number is unreachable. Shivaay checks for Annika in his room also but she's not present there. Shivaay asks Janhvi if she saw Annika. Janhvi replies that she left as he went. Shivaay asks where? Janhvi replies that I just saw her going. And asks Shivaay if there's any problem. Shivaay replies that he just wanted to talk to her. Shivaay is worried where she has gone. Annika reaches at the address given by Nikhil and thinks why Nikhil called her so far...near the airport.

    Ishqbaaz  Daily Written Update

    There Anika Reaches the Room and Calls Nikhil’s Name But No Response She Gets Scared From the Height and About to Leave But She gets Shocked to See Daksh is Sitting on the Chair She Asks Him what is He Doing Here.

    He makes her Fun that You Are Thinking That Nikhil Should be Here But You Know Nikhil is my Card and He Was Working with me and You are not Seems Happy .You Don’t Remember I told I will be Back Now See I am Back to take My Revenge and he Hits On the Chair and Says You troubled Me So Much By God Ki Kasam You Were Left Safe Last Time But Not This Time.

    Anika gets Scared And She Runs Daksh Runs Behind her.

    Ishqbaaz  Daily Written Update 

    Shivaay who comes to Room Calling her name Sees Mangalsutra and Remember he Told her he won't be Effected if She Gone. He Gets Worried That She is not there and he thinks that he is getting Effected that She is not there He Thinks that She May is In Trouble.

    Ishqbaaz  Latest News and Spoiler
    Daksh Catches Anika and tells her that he will Kill her She Pushes Him and Runs To Stairs Daksh falls But Follows her.

    She Gets Shivaay’s Call While Running She Collides with Pillar And Phone Fall But Is On Call With Shivaay He Hears Plan’s Voice and Then Anika Runs and Shivaay hears Daksh’s Voice.

    He gets Shocked But tells Himself that he won’t let him do anything to her.I am coming To You.

    Anika runs to Another Room Which has computers and tables She Hides Below the table Shivaay Runs to Car and Drives Harsly.

    He tells Himself all the way that he won't let Anything Happen to her.

    Daksh Comes to Same Room and Locks the Door He Shouts That Anika You are Hiding and Wasting My and Your Time Too.

    Anika Hides From One Desk to Another Daksh Threatens her that come Out Otherwise I will Kill You Painfully.

    Shivaay  Calls commissioner and He Appoints ACP BHAVYA  For the Case and Shivaay tells him That I Heard Plane’s Voice That means Place is Near the Airport.

    There Daksh is Banging On Desk and Searching her But Anika Keeps her Hands on her Mouth and She Gets Chance to Leave from One Desk But her Clothe Stuck in Desk and She tries to take Out There Shivaay tells Himself that Anika I am coming to You.

    PRECAP  For Ishqbaaz Written Update 29th August 2018

    Daksh Pulls Anika By hairs and tells that Shivaay Can’t do anything Now. Bhavya Calls Shivaay and tells That We Traced Anika’s Phone But We Need to  Search her. Shivaay tells her to Start Search Operation. He Promises Himself that He won’t Let Anything Happen to His Anika.

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