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  • Monday, 27 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 27th August 2018 "Anika-Shivaay's Haldi Shivaay Sleeps In Anika's Lap "

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 27th August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 27th August 2018 "Anika-Shivaay's Haldi Shivaay Sleeps In Anika's Lap "

    Anika, being adamant that it must be Shivaay, who puts Haldi on her deliberately burns her hands in the kitchen. Shivaay rushes to help her, where she declares her predicament that who'll put haldi on her. To add fire to the fuel, all family members nag Shivaay to put haldi on her, until he gives up and applies the holy turmeric paste on her hands. Soon, other members follow suit.

    Anika later teases Shivaay about her victory and asks him to admit that he cares about her, which he refuses to do so and says that he won't admit it as he actually doesn't care. Anika accidentally trips, but Shivaay catches her, due to which some of Anika's turmeric smears on Shivaay's face and clothes, to which Anika says that he may not say it now, but his actions show that he cares a lot, and one day he'll admit it out loud.

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 21st August 2018

    When Jhanvi finds out that Anika is not sleeping in her own room, with Shivaay, she takes her to her room and interrogates Shivaay. Before Shivaay could say anything, Anika intervenes, saying that he is angry due to her carelessness, and hence scolded her, and that's the reason, she went to Gauri's room to sleep. To all of this, Jhanvi says that all couples fight because they love each other too and it is their responsibility to sort it out. 

    These two again resort to pulling each other's legs.

    Anika, in presence of Jhanvi, starts caressing Shivaay’s hair saying that his hair has turned dry and she should put oil on them, to show love. As soon as Jhanvi leaves, both starts quarreling again. Anika says that it’s Shivaay’s fault that he decided to marry Anika with Nikhil, that too from his own house, lest Tej and Janhvi should come to know of it, thus, he should put oil on his head.
    Then they both start quarreling regarding who will sleep on the bed and who on the sofa, to which Shivaay says that being a man, it's against his principles that a woman should sleep on the couch while he himself sleeps on the bed. To this, Anika argues that it's against her principles that she should take someone's bed and make that person sleep on the couch and reminds him that since he doesn’t care about her, it shouldn’t bother him where she sleeps. They both continue to argue until Shivaay grabs a pillow and lays down on the floor. Anika too, follows him down, saying that it won’t look good if the husband is sleeping down on the floor while his wife sleeps on the couch, to which Shivaay says that she can do whatever she wishes to since he doesn't care. As sleep eludes the two, they both stare at each other and once again breaks into a friendly argument. Anika, all of a sudden, starts singing a lullaby to Shivaay just to annoy him, to which he shushes her and goes back to sleep. Suddenly, Shivaay starts having a nightmare regarding his parent's shootout. He wakes up panicking, screaming and extremely perpetrated. Anika consoles him, saying that it was a bad dream about those memories of the past that still haunts him and won’t go away. She tries to make him share about this with her, but he says that he's OK and doesn't want to talk about them. Anika agrees and says that she won't ever talk to him about this until he himself decides to do so. She begs him to not put himself through this stupid ordeal and sleep on the bed. Shivaay says that it doesn't bother him if he sleeps on the floor or the couch or the bed and lays down. Anika breaks down into tears and says that it may not bother him, but it does to her very much. She says that she can't bear seeing him troubled and once again consoles him and helps him back to sleep.

    Precap for Ishqbaaz Written Update 28th August 2018 :
    Shivaay, seemingly stressed out, enters the house, looking for Anika. He inquires Priyanka about her, and when she says no, says that he'll go looking for her into his room. Meanwhile, Anika is seen on a call with Nikhil whom she tells that it's over between them. Nikhil says that he needs to tell her something which might affect her relationship with Shivaay. Shivaay asks Janhvi too about Anika and keeps on a lookout for her.

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