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  • Friday, 24 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 24th August 2018 "Anika Locked In Safe Shivaay Saves her"

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 24th August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 24th August 2018 "Anika Locked In Safe Shivaay Saves her"

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 24th August 2018  "Anika Locked In Safe Shivaay Saves her"
    Anika feels allergic to Lily flowers. Shivaay orders Khanna to remove all lilies from Oberoi mansion. Khanna replies that these are the special flowers they brought from Paris. And they cost 25 Lakh...

    Shivaay expresses his concern for Anika and says that the flowers may cost 25 Lakhs or 25 crores... Doesn't matter... The thing that hurts Anika should not be in this house. And orders Khanna to throw those flowers. Anika goes near Shivaay smiling. And says..

     it matters this much to you?? I just sneezed..and you threw flowers worth 25 Lakhs. And you say that it doesn't make a difference to you?? Shivaay replies that if instead of her Khanna would be there. He would do the same. Anika asks It means You will not accept that it makes a difference to you?? Shivaay replies that it doesn't and leaves. Anika talks to herself and says that it surely matters to you. But your attitude comes between... I'll surely make you speak it makes a difference to you.

    Ishqbaaz Latest Update 24th August 2018

    Om requests Gauri to show him once. And let him click a picture. Gauri takes out a box to show him her 'Chutku'. As Gauri opens the box.Om clicks the picture of that Chutku. As they see. Anika and Shivaay coming there. Omkara throws Chutku towards Anika... And both Om and Gauri run from there. Anika shouts Shivaay. Shivaay rushes towards Anika and asks her what happened?

    Anika's words tremble because of fear and she shows him the cockroach over her neck. At first, Shivaay acts calm... But later he too gets frightened from the cockroach and starts shouting Khanna for help. Anika jumps onto the dining table and starts bouncing because of fear.  Shivaay takes out his mobile to call Pest control. Anika asks him to remove the cockroach first. Shivaay replies I can't do this. I am afraid of cockroaches and says that I am afraid of dogs. Cats. Lion. Animals. Everything. Anika continues screaming. Gauri and Om reached there. And ask what happened? Shivaay points towards the cockroach as a problem. Om and Gauri also get panicked. Anika requests them to remove the cockroach otherwise she'll get fainted. Gauri and Shivaay rush on the table and takes the cockroach in his hand. But just as Shivaay looks at the cockroach he becomes unconscious.

    Shivaay is unconscious and Anika is requesting him to wake up. She admits that she did this drama to prove that she matters to Shivaay and requests him to forgive her and get up. Om also tries to awake Shivaay. Gauri brings water. As Anika moves her hand to sprinkle water over Shivaay. He holds her hand and opens his eyes.
    Anika. Gauri and Om get surprised. He asks Anika what she thought she'll do any stupid drama to prove something.. And he'll get convinced. And asks them if they thought that he'll be fooled by this skunk fly? Gauri asks if he knew that. Shivaay replies no I am blind and replies that it's Oberoi mansion. And cockroach can only enter here after getting permission. And he heard Om and Gauri talking about Chutku. Shivaay asks Anika that she reached to this level to prove her words. Anika replies So what. I proved it. You took the cockroach in your hands. Even after being frightened. And it shows that he cares for her and she matters to him. Shivaay replies that if it would be someone else at her place. He would do the same...and leaves.

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 24th August 2018

    Priyanka gives some jewellery to Priyanka that she ordered for Anika as a shagun for her Haldi function.  And asks Priyanka to keep them in the safe. Priyanka takes the money. Priyanka receives a call and while she was talking Anika comes there. Priyanka requests Anika to help her and asks her to keep the jewellery in the safe. She tells her the password of safe-7878 and tells her that the room gets locked automatically so she should put the stopper as if it will get locked and she'll get trapped. It may cause trouble. Anika takes the jewellery.

    While Anika is trapped, the scene transitions to Shivaay handing the Australian deal file to his Tej Tej, although telling him to stay. To this, he explains his predicament that although he does not wish to leave his family, empire, or country, but has to as Shakti, Shivaay's father, has brought the Oberoi name to shame and he can't face people's questions anymore. He tells Shivaay he hopes that he doesn't turn out like his father, given that he is his blood which makes Shivaay think about the incident involving his parents' shootout.
    While Anika is still trapped, Gauri inquires about her to Omkara as they are getting late for the haldi rasam. Shivaay then enters the room, preoccupied with the thought of his parents but as soon as he realizes the situation, the search for Anika begins. Then one of the servants tells them he remember her going to the room near the temple. Shivaay then rushes to the room, opens the safe room door and rescues Anika.
    After all this, Anika is laid to rest and regain health. As soon as others leave Shivaay and Anika in the room, he starts scolding her for stupidity and wasting both of their time and that whatever she'll do, won't affect him at all. As Anika leaves, Priyanka enters and takes Anika's side, telling him that it's not her fault and explains to him the reason Anika got locked in the safe room.
    Tia, in her room, angrily smashes and breaks stuff as she is upset about not being able to be with Shivaay, and he married Anika instead. Daksh intervenes but is slapped by her sister. Then he consoles her that she will get what she wants by eliminating Anika from Shivaay's life, and then Shivaay will be her.
    Upon realizing his mistake, Shivaay goes to Anika by the poolside and apologizes for his outburst. He says that he'll do anything to make her happy again to which she starts pulling his leg. Shivaay gets a little-pissed off and leaves.

    Precap For 
    Ishqbaaz Written Update 25th August 2018 :

     Anika thinks of a plot to force Shivaay to apply haldi on her. She deliberately burns her hands so that she is unable to do so, to which the family members say that Shivaay should apply haldi on her.

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