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  • Tuesday, 21 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 21st August 2018 "Shivaay-Anika's Romantic Dance "

    Ishqbaaz Latest Update

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 21st August 2018 "Shivaay-Anika's Romantic Dance "

    Shivaay asks Anika for the divorce papers as he wants to finish the process as soon as possible. Anika stammers and says that she doesn't have the papers as it's lost.

     He says that he has another copy and hands it over. She asks him to sign it first. He in turn says that she must only sign it first. She insists back that she shall do it after him. He agrees and signs the papers and hands it over. She stares at it and hesitates. He asks her to hurry up as the lawyer is waiting. He stares and him as she takes the papers from him. She hesitantly signs it and gives it back. He takes them and leaves. He meets the lawyer and hesitates to give him the papers. Anika looks at them from a distance. As he looks back, she hides behind the walls. He hands over the papers to the lawyer and leaves. Anika starts crying. Gauri sees her and comes up to her to ask her what happened.

    Ishqbaaz Latest Update Anika Denies to Sing Divorce Paper

    Omkar approaches Shivaay and says that he wants to talk about the Australian deal. He ignores and goes inside a room and locks the door. Omkar knocks the door several times but he does not open. He throws away books and a table in anger. He then opens the door and says that he's fine. Anika too tells Gauri that she is totally fine.
    The preparations for the wedding is going on. Omkar asks Khanna to take care of everything. Priyanka comes up to Anika with a catalogue. She says that Shivaay has decided the theme and the dress code shall be green. She says that she may choose any dress that she likes and it shall be ready in a day. Shivaay comes up to them and looks at the dresses. Anika replies that when he has decided everything on his own, he must decide on her dress as well. Shivaay asks why she says so. 

    She replies that she does not like green. Upon asking which colour she likes,  she says red. Priyanka says that Shivaay has a phobia for red colours. He immediately says he isn't scared of any colour and it's just that he doesn't like red. Anika makes fun of him and says that he only wears clothes in dull colours like black, grey and brown.
    Omkar and Priyanka too agree with what Anika has said. He teases her for knowing all the colours of dresses Shivaay has. Gauri says that Anika too has a phobia and it is for water. They both tease each other and defend themselves too.

    Shivaay says that he only has a problem with red and he isn't scared. Anika too says that she has a problem with water and isn't scared. Omkar says that now he shall decide. He asks Shivaay to wear a red dress and Anika must approach the water.

    Shivaay says that he only has a problem with red and he isn't scared. Anika too says that she has a problem with water and isn't scared. Omkar says that now he shall decide. He asks Shivaay to wear a red dress and Anika must approach the water.
    Anika tells them that Shivaay must first do the challenge and then she shall do it next. Shivaay asks why he has to be first all the time. Both of them turn silent, thinking about what happened during the divorce papers. Priyanka and Omkar ask them how many other situations they have encountered where Shivaay was first. They both remain quiet. Anika then says that Shivaay feels that he might win the challenge as he feels Anika won't accept her challenge. If he feels so, he is wrong and Anika is totally ready to get into the water. Shivaay says that he shall not lose.
    A while later, everyone is dressed up. Anika looks gorgeous in a red and pink dress and Nikhil is dressed up in a black suit. Anika asks Omkar where Shivaay is. He replies that he too is looking for him. Suddenly, Gauri drops the glass of juice she is holding, as she sees Shivaay.

    Everyone looks around and Shivaay comes down the stairs in a red suit and pant with a white shirt. Everyone is shocked to see him in a different attire. He comes up to Anika and looks at her. A jolly song is played and he starts dancing. Anika too joins him. Nikhil looks at them and burns with jealousy. Later, Omkar and Gauri to start dancing together. Nikhil's parents too look at Shivaay and Anika dancing and get angry. Shivaay and Anika do not realize anything and continue to dance. A while later, they stop. Anika goes up to Nikhil's parents and brings them to join the dance. A while later, the spotlight is on Anika and Shivaay. They have a romantic dance together on the Song Dil Kho gaya Ho gaya Kisi Ka.

    Precap Ishqbaaz Written Update 22nd August 2018

    Anika and Shivaay are in the rain together. They come closer and look at each other. Suddenly, Anika stops back. Shivaay turns around and sees Tia. She asks him how dare he comes close to Anika but he defends her and goes against her.

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