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  • Wednesday, 15 August 2018

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 15th August 2018"Shivaay-Anika Feel for Each-Other"

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 15th August 2018 Latest News

    Ishqbaaz Written Update 15th August 2018"Shivaay-Anika Feel for Each-Other"

    Shivaay hands over the divorce papers to Anika. She is shocked and is speechless. She tries to say something but she can't do so.
    He says that he wants to free her from this forced relationship. He says that he forcefully got married to her and now he has realized his mistake. He leaves and goes home. Anika stands there, staring at him. He goes home and opens the fridge. He takes out vegetables and starts cooking. 

    Ishqbaaz Written Update Latest News

    Omkar and Priyanka enter the kitchen and are shocked to see him. They ask him what he's doing but he doesn't reply and continues with his cooking. Omkar and Priyanka suspect that something has happened to Shivaay.

    Back in Anika's house, she narrates the incident to Gauri. She is shocked to hear that he gave her the divorce papers. In Shivaay's house, he too narrates the incident. Omkar and Priyanka are shocked by his decision. They ask him what was Anika's reaction. He stays quiet. Anika at her house, says that she couldn't react at all. Gauri too wonders why he did so. 

    Anika assures Gauri that he is a very good person at heart and he does not mean anything wrong by the papers.Both Anika and Shivaay Go to Terrace of their House and Stares the Moon to Feel the Strangeness in their Heart.

    Shivaay in his house says that this is the right decision for both of them. Anika too decides, that now that the relationship has ended, that too with the divorce, she shall not meet him ever again and shall not think about it too. 

    The next day, Shivaay is at his work place. A candidate is to come for an interview. He asks khanna if the candidate is ready. He says yes. The candidate enters and he is none other than Nikhil! He is shocked to see Shivaay. Shivaay looks at his profile and says that he didn't know that he was coming for the interview. Nikhil firmly tells him that he must keep his personal and professional perspective towards him, separately. 

    He says that his decision on his work but not depend upon his personal enmity on him. Shivaay throws the file back at Nikhil. Shivaay says that it was first of all wrong on his part to apply to his company after all that has happened and Nikhil leaves. In the Oberoi mansion, Omkar is desperately waiting for Gauri. He tells Priyanka that she is to arrive but she still hasn't come. Priyanka notices his tension and says that she must be stuck in traffic and she shall come any time soon. He says that he should have picked her up himself. Just as he is waiting, she arrives. Omkar stares at her, mesmerized as though he is seeing her for the first time. He immediately enquires if everything is alright and whether she had any problem in coming. She is surprised by his sudden care and concern. She replies that she is totally fine. Priyanka smirks at Omkar's behavior.

    Ishqbaaaz latest news and Written Updates

    Omkara then tells Gauri that he feels that Shivaay and Anika are in love with each other. She agrees to that. He says that now, they must help them come back together. When Gauri ask how he narrates his plan. All three of them listen and discuss it. Then, Gauri calls up Anika and asks her to come to the Oberoi mansion immediately. She asks what has happened but she does not reveal anything. Shivaay too is called and asked to come immediately. Both of them arrive a while later. Gauri says that something has to be discussed and talked about. Shivaay asks what the matter is. Omkara says that he does not have anything to say but he wants Shivaay and Anika to talk. Omkara, Priyanka, and Gauri leave them alone and go away. There is awkwardness between Shivaay and Anika. Anika talks about the divorce papers and Shivaay interrupting her, says that he has signed them. He tells her that she too can sign it and then they can take the matter to the court and settle it. She stops him and says that she did not want to talk about the divorce.

    She starts up the topic about their marriage but Shivaay says that he does not want to talk anything about it. He says that he, in fact, wants her to meet someone. He brings Nikhil into the hall! Anika is shocked to see him. The conversation between Shivaay and Nikhil is shown. Shivaay tells him that whatever he told about Anika on that day was a lie. He says that daksh had blackmailed him to do so. He convinces him that Anika is a very good person at heart.
    In the Oberoi mansion, Nikhil comes up to her and says that he is very sorry for all that has happened. He apologizes and asks her if they could start everything again in a fresh manner. She agrees and says that they must forget the past and move on. Just then, Nikhil's mom arrives. She says that she does not accept all this. They have already gone through a lot because of Anika and they are not ready to bear more shame. Shivaay stops her and says that Anika is not at fault. He convinces them that it was his mistake and he is very ashamed of it as well. He says that it is right for them to be together now.

    Precap For Ishqbaaaz  Written Updates 16th August 2018 : Anika tells Shivaay that she has a question for him. She says that he convinced Nikhil for all this and convinced his mom too. Now he must also tell her what to do. She asks him if she must get married to Nikhil or not.

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