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  • Wednesday, 1 August 2018

    ISHQBAAAZ 1st August 2018 Written Update "Omkara-Gauri Save Anika "

    ISHQBAAZ 1st August 2018 Written Update

    ISHQBAAAZ 1st August 2018 Written Update 

    "Omkara-Gauri Save Anika "

    ISHQBAAAZ 1st August 2018 Written Update "Omkara-Gauri Save Anika.
    The episode begins with Shivaay telling Anika that she shall be known as Shivaay Singh Oberoi's mistress from now on and no one shall respect her and he leaves the temple.

     She runs after him but he leaves in his car. She is left helpless and she cries her heart out. Shivaay goes away but a while later, he looks at her from the window of his car and stops.

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     He thinks of the moments spent with her but later, he remembers how Priyanka's life is spoilt because of her. He remembers how she lied about Payal being pregnant and the negatives Daksh told him about her. He believes all that to be true and starts his car again and goes away.
    In the Oberoi mansion, Tia asks Daksh where Shivaay is and why he left with Anika. Daksh asks her to relax as he is sure that Shivaay now has hatred towards her and he has only taken her along to teach her a lesson.
    Shivaay constantly thinks of Anika and feels guilty but he tells himself that he hasn't done anything wrong and that he is only taking revenge.

    Ishqbaaaz Future Story Omkara to bring Anika at Oberoi mansion

    As Daksh is trying contact Shivaay, Tyaagi calls him up. He tells him that he saw Shivaay and Anika together. Daksh asks him where he saw them and he replies that they were in his car. He adds that he felt it was important for him to know that they were together as if something happens, it is Daksh himself who has to face the consequences.

    Anika returns back home, with absolutely no hopes. She walks lifelessly on the road. Her neighbors and relatives say that she broke her marriage and immediately went away with her lover and that she has no shame. They compare her to her mom and say that it is because of her upbringing that she is growing up to be the same as her mom. Gauri comes out of the house and sees her. She runs towards her and asks her what happened but Anika is not in the state to talk. She does not respond to anyone nor does she speak anything herself. The neighbors continue to shame her but Gauri shouts at them and asks them to stop. She brings her inside the house.

    Shivaay returns back home, to find Omkar and Rudra waiting for him. Omkar asks him where he was for the entire night. He replies that he was busy and walks away but Omkar asks him whether he was busy breaking Anika's marriage. He says that Gauri had come home and she told him what Shivaay had done.
    Back in Anika's house, her chachi asked her with whom she was with the entire night.

     She suddenly spots her sindoor and demands to know where it came from. Anika replies that she got married. Upon asking her whom she got married to, she says that she got married to Shivaay. Her chachi refuses to believe her and says that there are millions of girls waiting to get married to him and he would definitely not get married to a girl like her. She blames her by saying that she has been used by him and to hide her mistake and shame, she is lying that she got married to him. Gauri asks her to stop and takes her to the side to ask her what happened. Her chachi continues to shout and says that she is probably Shivaay's mistress but not his wife. Anika looks at her and remembers how Shivaay had told her the same.
    In the Oberoi mansion, Omkar says that Gauri told him that after breaking Anika's marriage, he forcefully dragged her out. He demands to know what he did to her. Shivaay discards the topic and says that he does not want to talk about it and all that matters to him now is Priyanka. He tells him that the doctor said that Priyanka cannot be healed and hence. he has decided to bring her home. Just then, Omkar receives a call from Khanna and is shocked by what he says.
    In Anika's house, her chachi drags her out of the house and throws her out. She starts shouting and asks her never to return again. When the neighbors ask her why she is ill-treating her, she says that it's better to throw her out, else the girls of the locality might grow up to be like her. She has defamed not just her family but others too. Everyone agrees with her and says that she must be sent out in the most disrespectful way. Gauri shouts, asking everyone to stop and says that no one has the rights to touch her. She picks her sister up to protect her but they pull her away. They push Anika out and just as she is about to fall to the ground, she catches hold of someone in front of her. She is surprised to see Omkar and Rudra there. They say that they were there to take Anika to their house, if not in a grand way, definitely with respect. Her chachi tries to tell them as well about what Anika has done but Omkar stops her. He says that no one has the rights to talk anything about her. Anika asks how she can come to the Oberoi mansion as Shivaay shall not approve of it but they assure her that they shall talk to him.

    Precap: Shivaay's grandma has planned to conduct a pooja for Priyanka's long life and recovery. Omkar tells Rudra to bring Anika to the pooja. Rudra says that their grandma shall not be happy to see Anika in the pooja as she hasn't accepted her as her daughter in law. To this, Omkar replies that he and Rudra have accepted her and hence it is their duty to make everyone else do so

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