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  • Monday, 9 July 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 9th July Written Update "Kartik worried for Naira Suwarna at College"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 9th July Written Update "Kartik worried for Naira, Suwarna at College"

    Naira and Kartik talks about the pleasure of living in a joint family.And just as Naira leaves for college Daadi reaches there.She hears Kartik talking to any doctor.When she asks him about it,Kartik replies that he found a surgeon who can treat Naira and fix her injury.

    Meanwhile Suwarna on the way to Mumbai decided to go to Imperial College directly to meet Kartik.

    On other side Luv and kush request Surekha to let them go to meet Naksh n Keerti.

    In college,Tanvi and her friends were talking about Kartik n Naira.Her friends said that Naira is having any connection with kartik.Tanvi asks them to shut their chatter and leaves when Naira reached there.

    Naksh n Keerti felt surprised to see Luv n Kush.

    During lecture Naksh tries to talk to Naira.He texts her but she didn't see the text.Tanvi n other students were noticing them.Later kartik asks Naira to take her test result from him after lecture and leaves the class.

    Suwarna arrives at the college and spotted kartik but as he was busy she decided to wait.

    Naira reached there and asked Kartik what he wanted to talk?Kartik told her that her injury can be fixed and she can dance again.Suwarna couldn't see with whom kartik was talking.
    Meanwhile Suwarna hears some student talking about Kartik and his girlfriend.She was about to ask them but the Principal reaches there and asks Suwarna not to pay attention towards these children and wait for Kartik in his office.

    Naira calls her father n asks him whether she should accept kartik's proposal for treatment.Her father says that it's her decision and request her to tell kartik the cause of her injury.

    Manish calls Suwarna and was shocked to know that she had reached Imperial College to meet Kartik.

    Principal enters the office and asks her to about their yesterday's family gathering on kartik's sister's wedding anniversary.Suwarna was shocked to know all this

    PRECAP :

    How Suwarna will react after knowing about the Family Gathering and How Naira and Kartik will deal with the doubts of the students.

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