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  • Tuesday, 3 July 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 3rd July 2018 Episode Written Update"Naira-Kartik Join Hands For Keesh's Anniversary"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 3rd July 2018 Episode Written Update"Naira-Kartik Join Hands For Keesh's Anniversary"

    Episode Starts with Kartik Asks Keerti What is her Agenda to come here She Says You Think I will come to Solve Your Problem Leaving aside my Anniversary Really You didn’t even talk to Anyone.

    Dadi Looks at Keerti Doubtfully. Manish and Naitik to come Secretly and Watchmen Shout on them Naitik Bribes him and he leaves.
    They both Talk that This Plan Should have Work Because Kartik and Naira both are Changed Now They become Stubborn and Don’t Listen to Anyone.

    Naksh-Keerti come down to Meet them and Excited Manish Asks Them How is the Work Going On Naksh Jokes that 4 Kg.
    Keerti Tells Them that They just Started it's So Early to Say Anything Keerti and Naksh leave and Naitik and Naksh pray to God.
    At Naira’s Apartment
    Naira tells Naksh that he Should have Stopped Keerti But Naksh tells She Came to meet you She Feels Guilty that because of me you both won’t enjoy anniversary.

    Naira thinks to Call to Kartik But Not Dial his Number She Sees Cheese is Finished She tells Naksh that She will come from Kittu’s House and Naksh Asks Who Kittu Naira tells She Lives Down Stairs.
    At Kartik’s Apartment, Kartik Decides to Go and Talk to Naira But keerti Stops him he tells he will come to take his Charger.
    Keerti and Naksh Share with Each Other that they go out.
    Manish and Naitik Are Waiting for Naira and Kartik to meet when they See Kartik is coming down they Hide Kartik Dials her Number but Withdraw the Idea Both Get Irritated on Kartik Just then Naira comes and Both Manish and Naitik are Excited they Listen to Kaira’s Talk.

    Naira tells that Naskh and Keerti are apart and their Anniversary Kartik Says I was about to Say Same Naira Suggests that we should Call everyone and Celebrate Somewhere. She also tells that They May be Here because of Us Don’t you think we should do something.
    Kartik Says Want to do so much but Naira Says Want to Discuss with someone He says Yes It will Be Better we discuss before doing anything But Also Says You do Your own Naira looks Surprised She Asks Don’t you do anything for your sister?
    He tells Okay we will do together Naira Says Okay we will divide the things so it will be Easy Kartik taunts her that Who told you Dividation Ease the work.
    Naira Looks at him and Manish and Naitik are Sad to listen to this.
    Naira Leaves and Kartik Sighs and He Sees Naksh and Keerti come from somewhere Naksh and Kartik Greet each Other and Kartik Leaves.
    Naksh Shares with keerti that I am Happy to See Him But Doesn’t Know what to talk Keerti tells him Don’t worry Everything will be fine.

    Morning :

    Bhabhi Maa is Enjoying Vadapav of Mumbai She also tells Devyani to Eat and Enjoy But Devyani Comment on Goenkas and Surekha Starts Arguing Bhabhi Maa tells That we should Respect Manish and Naitik and their Work.
    Manish and Naitik come to them and ask is Everything Okay? Surekha Asks Did you talk with Suwrana? Manish tells that He Thought we shouldn’t hide anything from her.
    Devyani Agrees with Manish.
    Kartik Sends Message to Naira to come down in 15 minutes Naira replies “K” Kartik Fumes over this Short Message that She is so busy that She Has no time to Write Full Okay.
    Naira talks to herself that Only this time I am coming with you otherwise the way you change their Kartik Talks to Himself that I should Stay Away from You.
    Both Get Dressed in Each-Other’s fav Colors.
    Suwarna Prays at Temple She Gets Manish’s Call But Before talking More She tells that She is in Pooja she will talk Later.
    Naitik asks Manish He tell he will talk Later Manish tells Naitik That Suwarna is Good from heart But that Time she was Going Through Bhabhi Maa Assures him everything will be fine.
    Dadi comes and Join Them.

    Kartik and Naira both are So conscious and they Decide to concentrate on Naksh and Keerti But Kartik is worried for Her Injury and Naira is worried for His Drinking Habit.
    Naira comes and sit in the Car both Check Out Each Other But Don’t tell anything.
    Naksh-Keerti Both comedown and Look At Them and They are Arguing Over Chef and Venue and they are happy that both are Fighting that Means Everything is fine.
    Naira tells him that we should Divide otherwise we will fight she about to go down But Kartik drives the Car and Tells her to Wear Seatbelt.
    There Naksh and Keerti are worried For Suwarna too.
    Dadi tells Everyone She Understood yesterday that Something is Cooking She also tell why didn’t anyone did before Devyani taunts her that it's Your house Matter but You Left.
    Akhilesh Jumps and Tells that everyone is Fault Naitik tells we should Forget and Concentrate on Present.
    Dadi tells we should work on Kittu-Naira’s Reunion so we will Talk about them Only.Manish and Naitik ask them that you are seeing them they still love each other or not.Dadi is confused.

    Manish tells that Are You with us we have so many Hopes from you.

    PRECAP :

    Kartik Searches Naira and Finds her at Car's Roof with Liquor Bottle in her hand So Many Peope are watching Naira's Drama and Kartik is Trying to Get Her Down She tells That Drinking is Injuries to Health and Relationships.

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