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  • Monday, 30 July 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 30th July 2018 Written Update "Naira Comes to Goenka Mansion Kaira's Tashan "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 30th July 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 30th July 2018 Written Update 

    "Naira Comes to Goenka Mansion Kaira's Tashan "

    In the previous episode... Suhasini asks Naira to stay at Goenka villa and act as their daughter in law until Mansi's farewell to escape from questions rising in people's minds. But Naira says she can't. Today's episode starts with Suhasini saying to Naira to join the wedding from their side otherwise she doesn't need to come. And Suhasini leaves. The last words of Suhasini hurt Naira a lot... She felt bad and starts crying. 

    YRKKH Written Updates 30th July 2018

    Naitik consoles her. Naira asks Naitik if she is being selfish. If the decision taken by her is wrong... doesn't she have any right to take her own decisions. Why nobody understands her... She can't act fake it hurts her. Staying among the same people at a same place with the same memories make it difficult for her to move on. She can't tolerate this pain. And again she asks Naitik if her decision is wrong. Naitik says that she is not wrong. And if it hurts her she doesn't need to act fake at all. And anybody has not right to tell you whether you will join the function or not... And asked her to not think about what Suhasini said.

    Next morning... Kartik is too busy in making preparations for the engagement. Suhasini is too worried for the left work. Kirti arrives there. Everybody felt good to see her. Kirti says that Naira suggested her to join this wedding as a daughter from their side... Suhasini asks and what about Singhania's need of daughter in law.  Kirti replies when the daughter is managing her daughter will manage theirs too. Surekha appreciates Naira's idea to send Kirti there but Suhasini expresses her resentment over Naira's denial to stay with them as their daughter from in law.


    Nandini asks Naira to come with them. But she denied. Anmol, Naksh, and Nandini leave for Goenka villa. Naira receives a video call from Mansi. Mansi is too excited. Mansi saw Naira in casual dress and asked her if she is not coming? Mansi requests Naira to come. Kartik came from behind and saw her requesting to Naira. He says that she may come or don't need to spoil your mood. Naira asks Mansi to enjoy and take care and disconnects.

    Goenkas welcome Singhanias. Suhasini expresses her disappointment as Naira didn't come. Surekha says to Suwarna that it's good for her as Naira didn't come otherwise it may spoil her mood. Kartik saw the box of the ring in Rukmani's hands and thought they changed the rings. Everybody goes inside. Rukmani tells Kartik that these are the rings chosen by him... Naira just spruced up the box.

    Luv and Kush ask Manish to plan something to call Naira. He said that he has no idea to call her to the party. Naitik said that they don't need to do so. Naira arrived Goenka villa. She remembered the words of Kartik and Surekha.. but still gathered courage and move ahead to attend Anmol's engagement.
    Naitik tells to Luv Kush and Manish that Naira is coming. They felt good to listen to the news of her arrival. Naitik tells them that they didn't force her to come... She herself agreed to come as she didn't want to spoil her family's happiness because of her relation. Manish says that they need to try to save her relation too. Naitik says that he too wants this but can't force her for anything. Manish says that they must try and Naira and Kartik will surely realize their mistake. Naitik says he doesn't know and can't understand what to do and what not...
    As Naira enters Goenka villa accidentally she struck Kartik. The lights lighten up and create a magical moment for some seconds. Kartik welcomes her on behalf of the bride. Naira thanks him and move ahead.
    As she enters in... The memories of her wedding flashed in front of her eyes... She felt some good but later she remembered the incident of Shubham's death... That made her sad... Kartik saw her and said if she doesn't have feelings she don't need to express fake one. Naira replies that when she doesn't now the question of expressing her feelings don't arise. She asked Kartik to not to give him any advice and move ahead. She was watching at Shubham's picture and accidentally struck into Suwarna. Suwarna felt shocked to see her.

    Precap: Naira and Kartik come together to give a dance performance on the occasion.

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