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  • Friday, 27 July 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 27th July 2018 Written Update "Kartik Tells Naira Not to come in Engagement"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 27th July 2018 Written Update 

    "Kartik Tells Naira Not to come in Engagement".

    Kartik shows Singhanias the couple rings he bought for Mansi and Anmol.

    They were left frozen to see the rings. But Rukmani's eyes show her greed for the ring. Naira told Kartik we can buy a ring for Mansi ourselves. Kartik replied I didn't say you can't. I liked the rings so I bought them. Didn't even told at my home. decided to tell if ye may like it. I am not forcing you. Naira asks him what else is this if he is not forcing them. 

    YRKKH 27th July 2018 Written Update 

    Kartik says in anger that means you have objection on my every word. When the whole family will come to our house for engagement tomorrow we will treat them in a good way...and even then you will have an objection.
    Mohit interferes in their arguments and asked Kartik to take the rings back as they can buy a ring for Mansi themselves. Kartik keeps the rings on the table and requests them to not to deny. Rukmani agreed to keep the rings.

     Kartik said to Naira it's my sister's wedding and I will celebrate each function with much pomp for her happiness, her future, and her family. You may assume it as show off or my love for her. And in anger, Kartik asked her to not to join the wedding.

    These words of Kartik hurts Naira and shocked the whole family. Devyani and Nandini said how could Kartik behave with Naira like this.? Doesn't he have any relation with Naira? Naira asks them to let it go. And prepare for the engagement.
    Surekha asks Suwarna if she is thinking that Naira will also come tomorrow with Singhanias. And requests her to not to create any obstacle in Mansi's wedding and leaves. Kartik arrived there. 

    Suwarna asks him if Rukmani liked the rings? And puts forward her will to hold the function at any place other than Goenka villa. Kartik says he will try and asks her to see Naira, not as her relative but Mansi's in-laws...It may hurt her less. Surekha asks him what if she may not come. Kartik says if she doesn't matter to him.
    Naitik asks Naira to let him ask a question from her. But Naira denied and went from there. Kirti says she may ask Manish to change the venue of engagement. Naksh replies that it may not create any difference. People may remain the same. Naksh asks Naitik to not to force Naira to join function next day as it's her decision and they must support her.


    Rukmani asks Kartik to make the engagement as wonderful as she saw on TV. Kartik says he may try and asks her if the rings are the same he brought. Rukmani assures him that Mansi and Anmol will definitely put on the rings bought by him. Kartik is concerned how can he create a unique engagement function so soon.
    Rukmani goes to Naira and drops the ring sneakily in her room by an excuse of giving her the box of the rings to decorate.

    Kartik is trying hard to make the engagement function successful. Both Naira and Kartik went to the market for some work. Naira was parking her car but because of a sudden wave by other had a narrow escape from an accident. She went to the car's driver and chided him. But was astonished to discover Kartik coming out the car. His bitter words again echo in her mind.

    PRECAP :

    Singhanias at Party Dadi tells That Naira didn't come,Naira at Goenka Villa's Entrance.

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