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  • Tuesday, 24 July 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 24th July 2018 Written Update "Kartik-Naira Don't Trust on Each-Other Fight"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 24th July 2018 Written Update 

    "Kartik-Naira Don't Trust on Each-Other Fight"

    As the episode starts Kartik receives a call. He noticed that it's Naira's mobile. He picks up the call. Surekha goes to daadi's room to say sorry to her. She says that maybe she said something extra. Daadi replies that nowadays she often speaks too much. Surekha says that she is concerned about Mansi. Court apologized her for the accident... Singhanias forgot but...the society didn't. They still connect Mansi to that case.
    Kartik goes to Naira and returns her mobile. 

    YRKKH 24th July 2018 Written Update

    Naira is continuously staring at him. Kartik asks if she wants to ask something. Naira says that she told him about Anmol. That he has changed and is serious about Mansi. Kartik asks her what's the point? Naira asks him if he doesn't trust her. She told him about Anmol but still, he got information about him through an agency. This shows he doesn't trust him.  Kartik says that Mansi to s us, sister. He needed to know more about Anmol. What's the issue in this? They both start arguing. Kartik says to Naira she never took him with confidence. He asked a lot of times but still, she didn't tell him. 

    Naira asks what she didn't tell her about. Kartik says about Shubham. Naira felt disappointed. She tries to explain that she is not responsible for Shubham's death. Why don't he trusts him? Kartik says he doesn't and he can't. As she never trusted him. Naira asks when didn't she trust him? Kartik remembered her about the incident of her father's kidnapping in Switzerland. Naira says she didn't know him that time. 

    Next to her mother's accident. Naira accept her mother mistake and asks when did he trust her? Kartik replies he trusted her every time and supported her. Naira says he did but not at the times he should. She told him that not only Shubham died that day . their relation too died. Kartik blames Naira for it.  Naira says now they have only one way. Kartik says Yes! Divorce. And this time they will not need to think before signing the papers. And it's the right decision for them. Naira says yes maybe! Kartik says not maybe he's sure. They both came out with great anger. Storm pushes them towards each other. They went into their cars but the cars stuck. They tried hard and finally went in different ways.

    Kirti says to Naksh that there's still some hope. Naksh asks of what? Kirti tells him that Naira and Kartik signed the wrong columns in the divorce papers. She thinks that they want to avert this matter.Naksh says that he doesn't think so. Kirti asks why he is saying so. Hope is a good thing. Naksh goes near her and wipes the floor on her cheeks and says that he knows but the hope needs to be true too. They will not discuss the matter any more and support them. Kirti believes that the hope is really true. In the last Naira and Kartik will surely come together. Naksh smiles. Kirti offers him kheer and says maybe the patch up taking this much time will be stronger.
    Devyani asks Rukmani not to make preparations for the wedding this soon. Naira arrives there. Rukmani asks Naira that she prepared red Chunari for Mansi. Will she like the color? Naira remains silent. Rukmani says that whatever is going on between her and Kartik should not effect Anmol's life. Naira says that she is right and can do whatever she likes.
    Kartik goes into his room and takes a bottle. He was about to drink but stops himself. He calls advocate Mr. Shama and asks him to send divorce papers at his home. Mansi comes to his room and says that everyone in the family is worried because of her. Kartik says they are not. Mansi says she is not a kid and understands everything. She tells him that if he and Naira were together everything must be fine. Kartik says that everything will be right even now. Don't worry....and sits on the bed. Mansi sat next to him and says if they will help..only then... She says that she will not marry anyone except Anmol. He can understand if we love somebody we can't live without them. She requests Kartik to help her and says Every year on Raksha Bandhan he asked her what gift she wants. This is the gift she wants. Kartik cuts her words and asks her to go to her room. Kartik tells Mansi that he is breaking his relation with both Naira and Anmol. Mansi says she knows that he will not. Kartik tells her that he is signing the divorce papers next day. Mansi gets shocked and went out.
    Naitik and Naksh go to Naira. Naitik tells her that life s not a science experiment. Everything doesn't need to be perfect. We need to try something random too. To get rid of being bored and get a break. Naitik says that they will not discuss the current matter today and try something new. So that she can think on that matter with a fresh mind. Naksh shows Naira the pictures of her childhood. Naira feels better.
    Kartik was drinking coffee. He got the divorce papers and takes out a pen to sign them immediately. Manish asks him to think once more. Not to do it in such haste.
    Kartik signs the papers and says he doesn't have time to think and don't even need to think. Surekha asks to go to meet Anmol's family. Daadi says that only she will go to talk to them. Kartik asks Daadi if he can join them. Suwarna and Daadi try to stop him. But he didn't. Manish thinks about why he is going there if he signed the papers. Suwarna says that he broke his relation by his heart. If Naira will come in front of will not affect him.

    PRECAP :

    Naira Ask Mansi-Anmol what they Did and why they Call her Like this.Mansi Gets Scared to Share with Naira.Naira gets Shock to Hear from Mansi

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