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  • Friday, 20 July 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 20th July 2018 Written Update "Naita-Kartik Left Divorce Papers At Court "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 20th July 2018 Written Update

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 20th July 2018 Written Update "Naita-Kartik Left Divorce Papers At Court "

    As the episode starts both Kartik and Naira end their conversation and went to their ways. On the way back to home.. both of them remembered their past.. 

    The time they spend with each other...Those happy moments when they were together and everything was alright. But they felt disappointed to remember that time had passed it will never come back again. As now they are going to part their ways.
    Mansi cries and says that she will marry only Anmol as she loves him. Surekha asks her to stop crying. Anmol too tries to explain to his family that he really loves Mansi and wants to marry her.

    YRKKH 20th July 2018 Written Update

    Kartik reaches Mansi requests him to support her. As he also had a love marriage and he is the only one who can understand her. But Kartik stays silent. This made Mansi more upset and she left by saying that nobody here cares for her everybody here wants to sustain their ego. On the other side, Anmol too requests Naira and said that she knows what love is. But as she stays silent he went inside.

    When asked why they were so late...Kartik and Naira gave told their respective families that they received a call from the lawyer they need to meet them in the evening.
    Manish and Naitik gave same told to Kartik and Naira that they have grown up and can take their own decisions now. And they are talking too. But still, they are standing on such a twist that they need to think before moving ahead. The matter was different when steps were still but now as they have to move. They need to decide the direction carefully.

    Both the advocates were discussing Kartik and Naira being late. They said that it's a common problem. Couples file case for divorce and then starts thinking about it.

    It's raining outside. Kartik reaches there. But his umbrella flew. Meanwhile, he found another umbrella over him and found that is was Naira. With shelter of her umbrella over him. They both looked at each other and started moving together. But Naira slips. And Kartik saves her. Then she handles herself and stands. Their lawyers came there and took both of them inside.

    Naira is feeling cold so Kartik switches the AC off. As the advocates looked at them. He said that he is feeling cold. Peon enters with coffee for Naira and tea for Kartik but... Naira remembers that Kartik drinks coffee in evening. So she moves aside her coffee towards Kartik and kept the tea towards her. The advocates told them that a procedure needs to be followed for the filing of a case. They ask them if they are sure about the divorce? They looked at each other and say yes. They ask them the reason of divorce. If there's any case against anyone or its mutual. They told them that it's mutual. The matter is clean and they want it to be kept clean. Then the advocates told them that the judge will accord the case only if he will find nothing left in their relation otherwise he will keep the case on hold. So they are advised to behave like that. They offer them some papers to sign for the filing of the case.

    YRKKH Latest News Upcoming Story

     Kartik took the papers and pen. He was about to sign but he again remembered their past when Naira fought with him... Naira was staring at him. Both of them receives a call. They got a shocking news and ran from the court.
    Manish and Naitik felt happy to see them coming out. They thought they both gave up on their divorce. Kartik and Naira went in the car. Akhil and Naksh receive a call and they told Manish and Naitik that Anmol and Mansi ran from their house.
    Surekha and Suwarna blame Anmol for the incident and Nandini blame Mansi to drive away Anmol with him. Both families are worried. Naira is trying to call Anmol but all in vain. Kartik gave his mobile to her and asks her to message Mansi. Naira felt astonished to see Kartik's pic with her on the wallpaper. Naira asks from Mansi and Anmol's friends but didn't get any information.
    They saw Anmol and Mansi in a taxi. They followed them and reached a hotel. They asked the manager about them but he says that he can't give any information to them. Kartik and Naira hold his collar and warned him if he will not tell their names he will make him forget his. The manager was frightened and he told them that boy's name is Anmol and he doesn't know about the girl. He told them that they are in Room no. 104 on the first floor. Naira and Kartik rushed to search them. Meanwhile, police reach there. They caught the manager. Cut off the landline wire and starts checking the hotel.
    Kartik and Naira are worried about Anmol and Mansi and searching them. They decided not to say anything to them there and discuss the matter at home. 

    PRECAP :

    Naira and Kartik Found Mansi-Anmol at Hotel Room They Get Shocked to See Police's Raid In Same Hotel.

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