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  • Friday, 13 July 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 13th July 2018"Kartik Sings On Divorce Papers"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 13th July 2018"Kartik Sings On Divorce Papers"

    Naira talks to herself and says that she is taking this step just because it's the only way to save Suwarna and Kartik's relation.She gathers courage and moves out to handle the divorce papers to Kartik.

    But as she can't do it herself she thought to leave these paper near somebody else. The papers went into Kirti's hands.And she feels shocked to see them and requests naira that it's not the perfect step she must change her decision.

    Making an end is surely not a good step."Papers agar emotions change Kar sakte to..." Says Kirti
    "Emotions change ho chuke hai bhabhi" replies Naira and tries to explain her decision by saying that there is nothing left between her and Kartik and divorce is the only way left to bring Suwarna and Kartik together.Its the best way to move ahead.

    Kartik was listening this conversation and was left shocked to listen the word Divorce from Naira.He went near her and took the papers.He stared at him with a lot of questions in his eyes.As Kirti leaves Kartik asks "Kuch nhi bcha hamare beech"
    "Kuch bacha hai kya"questions Naira.
    Kartik is highly disappointed and takes out his pen to sign the papers.But as destiny doesn't wants them to be apart his pen stops working.He hurt his hands while trying to make the pen work.Naira stood ther sobbing.As he signs the papers he remembered whatever they promised to each other during their marriage.

    Kartik hands the papers to Naira and moves towards the door.Both of them were dragging towards each other but somehow they supress their emotions.
    Daadi feels disappointed at Naira's decision.She says that she thought that she would unite the whole family together but she simply gave up.She broke her hope. That she got at Family reunion.
    As Naira went home Naitik asks her about the papers.She remains silent.So Naitik raises his voice.Naksh tries to help Naira but Kirti asks him to stop and let Naitik handle the situation.Naitik again asks Naira about the papers.He felt shocked to see that both of them signed the papers. He tries to burn the papers but Naira stops him.He tries to explain her that it's not the perfect decision.She doesn't tolerated the pain for 2 years to end up in this way.But Naira says that how can she live with the people who hates her that much.Naitik says that just because Suwarna hates her she can't get away from Kartik as they both can't live without each other.And says that he wouldn't let it happen.
    But Naira says that she can take her own decisions and this statement of her made Naitik sad.He says sorry and leaves.Naksh tries to calm Naira as she was just crying.

    PRECAP :

    Precap:Naira feels scruple over her decision.and is highly concerned whether it's the right step or not.

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