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  • Wednesday, 11 July 2018

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 11th July Written Update "Naira Consoles Kartik Suwarna is Angry on Kartik"

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 11th July Written Update "Naira Consoles Kartik Suwarna is Angry on Kartik".

    Yesterday we saw that Suwarna met an accident and somehow Naira reaches there.She feels extremely worried after watching Suwarna injured and calls Kartik.

    But before she does so....Kartik calls Suwarna. Naira picks up the call and tells him that Suwarna has met an accident.
    Naira calls Manish too and tell him about the accident.Kartik reaches there post haste.
    Akhil calls Surekha and tells her about the accident and that they are going to Mumbai.Akhil asks her not to speak about the accident with anyone there but Naksh and Keerti listens their conversation.Keerti gets upset and starts crying.Naksh asks her to be courageous.Naksh and Keerti says that they will accompany them for Mumbai and Luv and Kush will stay here.

    Kartik and Naira reaches the hospital with Suwarna.Kartik is deeply concerned for his mother.Kartik is getting more anxious and talking to himself.Naira handles him with care and asks him to stay relax.
    Doctor comes there and asks one of them to move with him for some formalities.Kartik went with him
    Naitik Daadi and Kartik were sitting at the hospital.Kartik was nervous and thinking that may be Suwarna saw him with Naira and it's the reason of her accident.

    Manish Surekha Akhil Naksh and Keerti reaches there.
    Manish asks from Kartik if Surekha had seen him with Naira.Kartik replies "May be"

    Surekha saw Kartik entering her room but Naira came,Hold his hand and took him away from her.She screams "kartik" and realized that it was just her imagination.
    Kartik stagnates as he listens his name but the nurse doesn't allowed him to enter inside.

    Doctor comes there and tell that it's panic attack again.He asks from Suwarna if she wants to meet Kartik.Bit she denies and said that she doesn't want to meet anyone.
    Kartik asks doctor to let him meet Suwarna but he denies and tells that she is somewhat upset and don't want to meet anyone even Kartik.
    Kartik feels sad after listening this statement.

    Naira feels bad for him and went near him.She asks him to stay calm as doctor might have misunderstood what Suwarna said.

    Surekha blames Naira for the accident and Suwarna's resentment too.She says that Suwarna loves Kartik very much and now she is upset because of her.She asks her to not to come in front of her or she will get the panic attack again.
    Meanwhile Naitik reaches there and asks Surekha not to blame Naira for this.She is not responsible for all this.He asks Naira to go with him as he doesn't expect anything from them as they are unable to do anything since last two years.
    Suwarna was crying.Kartik went to her room but she turns her face.Kartik asks her to talk to him but she ignores him.
    Kartik requests her to talk to him but Suwarna starts crying more and asks kartik why he betrayed him.


    Watching Suwarna upset Kartik says that Naira is no one for her and she will never be.Naira feels sad to hear Kartik's statement.

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