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  • Friday, 20 July 2018

    YEH HAI MOHABBTEIN 20th July 2018 Written Update "Raman Thanks Ishita,Police Arrested Raman"

    YEH HAI MOHABBTEIN 20th July 2018 Written Update

    YEH HAI MOHABBTEIN 20th July 2018 Written Update "Raman Thanks Ishita,Police Arrested Raman"

    Ishita tries to stop Romi. She said that he is leaving whole affinity, care, and love in this house. 

    Then what has he packed? He packed nothing and how can he settle new home without these things. Raman asks Ishita if she had gone mad. He says that it's useless to explain something to him... He remembered Romi the older times... And an incident when Romi came home drunk and he slapped him. That time he didn't mind. If he had any complaint he could tell him that day. If I had an elder brother and he would beat me I would have been happy as my brother is trying to improve me... But he is so stupid that he is leaving the house. Raman says to Romi that he will not stop him but he wants a last hug from him with which he can spend his whole life. 

    YHM  20th July 2018 Written Update

    Romi and Raman hug each other. Romi cries and apologizes for his mistake. He hugs Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla and said sorry. I forgot I can't live without you all. Mr. Bhalla asks him to remove the thought that they don't love him.
    Raman says that he is such an idiot. He doesn't know the person who scolds the most...loves the most... He deserves a punishment. He wanted to leave the house so he will have to leave... Might for some days. 

    Mihka will stay at home and Romi will alone go to Rome. Romi asks why Rome? Raman told them that his new project has been approved and he has to send his best candidate to Rome. Everyone felt happy.
    Raman says to Ishita that he wants to talk something. Ishita asks what? Did he thank her? Ishita asks why? Thanks for what? Raman told her that she saved him in his office and stopped Romi from leaving the house. He is thankful for her... Raman. receives a call and told d, everyone, that they need to visit Tanya's house.

    They went to her house and were shocked to discover her hanged hanging. They saw police officers investigating there. They went out and stopped their other family members from going inside. Shagun reaches there. Ishita asks her what is this?  Why Tanya suddenly committed suicide. Shagun says that she didn't know anything. Someone called in NGO and told that Tanya has committed suicide. She may go inside and ask the inspector about it.
    Simmi and Param entered their house. Both of them were a little stressed. They were looking where everyone had gone. Simmi says that maybe nobody is at home or everybody went to their room. Param asks her not to say anything there as it's not safe. He says that maybe they have received the information about Tanya from NGO and went there. They both went to their room

    Shagun went inside. She told the inspector that she is from the NGO that received the information about Tanya's suicide. Shagun asks the inspector if they got any relevant information. But he says that he is not sure they will know it after postmortem report. Shagun says that it seems as she committed suicide but the inspector says that he too feels so but is not sure.

    The police got a piece of paper and handed it to the inspector. The inspector goes near Raman and says he saw him on TV.. NGO ladies went to him to darken his face. He says he wishes instead of going to his office the ladies may come to police. Ishita asks him what he wants to say.?  The inspector replies that Raman is responsible for Tanya's death. Tanya has written on her suicide letter that she is committing suicide because of Raman Bhalla. Ishita says that's wrong. Raman is being trapped. He is innocent. Inspector says that he has to take him with them. Ishita says that they can't arrest Raman without a warrant. Inspector replies that he can as he got evidence against him.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News and Upcoming Story

    Param asks Simmi to act as she was sleeping the whole night. And don't know anything.
    Inspector again asks Raman to come with him to the police station for interrogation. Ishita tries to stop him. But Shagun says that let him go they will apply for his bail. Ishita says that she wants to talk to Raman for 2 minutes. She told him that she will release him. She remembers him that he did nothing wrong and he is innocent. She will not let anybody to harm him. She requests Raman to keep the faith. Raman is worried and stays silent. Police took Raman. Ishita cries. Shagun requests her to stay strong as she is Raman's strength.
    Pihu, mihka, and Alia were waiting. Everybody return home. Ishita sends Pihu to sleep and told everything to Mihka and Alia.
    Simmi comes out because of her curiosity. She asks Santoshi what happened and where is Raman. Santoshi asks her to celebrate her winning. Simmi tries to act innocent. Ishita asks her not to be fake. Everybody knows that she is responsible for their problem. She gave Raman's phone to Tanya and asked her to trap Raman. As Ishita told her about Tanya's death. Simmi acts to be shocked. Ishita says that she knows everything so don't need to act. She asks her to go and celebrate and not to disturb them.

    PRECAP :

    Mani informs Ishita that Because of Court is Closed Raman have to Stay Inside the locker for 1 night.Raman tells Ishita That i know She will Take Him Out Its Only for one Night.
    Media Reach there and Ask question to Ishita and Raman.

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